100 thoughts on “Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics | What We Know Right Now ★ ONLY in JAPAN

  1. Can Japan really afford to do it? Olympics is pretty expensive. I kind of feel they doing this because China, their arch-rival had the Olympics in the last few times.

  2. I can wish one of these days, a Olympic city fail to hold it or fakes it. Meaning they holding the event, but fake most of the hotels and all. I think they should do it. Put shell hotels with just the basic one bathroom to share. Olympics is 1% Ceaser events – meaning the 1% make the money and use the rest to do it.

  3. AKIRA THEMED OLYMPICS THO, CAN IT BE A REALITY?? It would be AWESOME if the opening ceremony has the Kaneda theme

  4. One false fact here is that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics logo is a resemblance of the Sky Tree from a birds-eye point of view

  5. Does any1 know how to get tickets to the 2020 Olympics from the USA is it lottery do I register with website. What website do I buy them off of?? I need the Olympics in Tokyo once in a lifetime experience experience 🤗🤗

  6. Konichiwah Icagadeska!!! Can't wait to see the 2020 Olympics in Japan. Such wonderful hosts!!! I have friends who participated in the '64 Olympics and said that it was amazing. So clean and the people were so hospitable!!! Btw I hope I got the spelling right in my greeting. Love to Japan from Canada!!! All the best in 2020!!! Oh also I've been watching a lot of Koki Niwa lately on YT. Wow, I think many people will be surprised at how incredible he is at table-tennis. Go Koki!!!

  7. Hey talking about Japan where is Naruto , Goku shinchan, doreamon, ash n Pikachu, Tyson ,luffy, baruto, Saitama, lelouch,shinichi etc 😁😁😁😁
    Hope you know them,coz 4 Japan Anime is need

  8. We cannot wait for the Olympics 2020. But I thought they already decided the two mascots for the Olympics. I cannot wait to get one of them when we are there exploring Japan. We love your channel and some of the other Youtubers that show the culture of Japan. Please show us more in the near months leading up to the Olympics.

  9. The Budokan was also the same place where the Aikatsu! Music Festa 2018 took place, which marks the last concert for STAR ANIS and AIKATSU STARS! groups.

  10. Can you tell me when and where can we buy tickets for opening ceremony? Can we buy them online? I live in Europe so I guess I will have to buy ticket online.

  11. It's already estimated that the costs of hosting in 2020 will be roughly $25 billion (USD). Just a heads up: the Olympics largely impacts host cities in a detrimental way–and not just financially.

  12. tqvm john for a great video n informations. japan is the most peacefully, safety country in the world.. most of the japanese were very ftiendly n helpful esp to the tourists.. ❤❤❤ japan.
    i'm very, very eager to watch jpn women's v/ball nat. team live..
    start saving money now.. 😊😊😊

  13. It can get very expensive during the 2020 summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. I wish I could afford to go summer olympics but it is outrageous of the ticket prices for the ceremonies and the sporting events. 🎌🇯🇵⛩🌺

  14. lets hope a boy with powers and another boy in a red outfit with a laser bazooka dont destroy it and tokyo


  15. Amazing quality. Japan has great taste in aesthetics. The best philosophy of design in my opinion. So natural and intuitive. Elegant, small

  16. I wish I'm already married by 2020 and celebrate my Honeymoon in Japan by watching live the Olympics ……

  17. Indian Government preparation– Olympic 2020 .

    Almost every Olympic & Asian Games our neighbour Country China won the most Medals. Why not we Indians ?.

    Even though India has produced many famous personalities at National and International levels, from them India is getting more and more recognisation in the World, such like Sachin Tendulkar, Mohammed Azharuddin, Sania Mirza, Amitabh Bachchan, Sharuk Khan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, etc etc.

    Our Indians famous personalities have Millions of fan following inside and outside India.

    But our Government School Students have not been getting any help or benefits from our Stars, but our Political parties getting such privilege only for own political Vote bank business.

    Why not our elected Government introduce a network direct interaction (Government School Students & our Hero’s) across the India to get the help from such famous personalities to learn their skills and experience to our Students from Government Schools.

    The Gap should be less between our Stars, Sportsmen and Famous Personalities from all walk of Life and Government School Student to learn their Skills and experience

  18. Tokyo Olympic Stadium where Flamengo Gremio Nacional Independiente Juventus River plate Porto Milan Red Star Sao Paulo FC Velez Sarsfield Ajax Borussia Dortmund Real Madrid Manchester United Boca Jrs and Bayern Munich were World Champions

  19. Right now it’s 2019, so we have about 11 more months until the Tokyo, 2020 Summer Games begin. That means we have to wait next Summer.

  20. The no smoking ordinance in restaurants and buildings n Tokyo is simply a big JOKE ! When the Japanese gov makes a law, its literally just an "advice" and, very rarely people would pay attention to it. Almost all restaurants in Tokyo still offer smoking area separated only by some glass that are only half way to the ceiling or just a curtain and, no doors. Which literally means the air in the smoking area and the non-smoking area are exactly the same. Its actually an insult to every diners intellectual capacity. So, if you're going to Japan for the Olympic games, make sure you are aware of this. I repeat, there is NO non-smoking restaurants in Japan, especially in Tokyo. Unless you think its worth it to have some lung disease after the games..

  21. With the international attention here. I think you should visit a US military base during open base festivities. Being inside the gates without ID to see the facilities and suburbia style lawned homes. I don't see any of your videos of it.

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