TITLE Boxing Club Seattle: Champions Zipwhip Texting

Greg Follaca I’m the club manager here
at TITLE boxing club with Zipwhip its adding a text feature to our land line
which I think is really really helpful the way we’re using Zipwhip is to
correspond with prospective members and members themselves to just keep the
communication lines open with people and it’s very quick and to the point which
you know in today’s consumer world is the way to do it that makes things easy
for them as well as for us to the value that I have seen by being able to brand
ourselves with calling or texting is that it gives our prospective members
a couple different options to reach us so if they can give you with one for
sure they can get ahold of this with the other one great feature that we
kind of stumbled upon is it you know when we are having a class it’s very
loud when we see on our caller ID that a call comes in we actually get on Zipwhip and tell ’em “hey you know we’ve got a class going on and we can’t pick up the
phone please feel free to text us with any questions” and it’s worked awesome I would definitely recommend it with two
other title boxing clubs it’s a great way to get in the immediate
response when it is really needed

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