Tips untuk Guild Instance/Guild Mount Tai (Age of Wushu Dynasty – AOWD)

Hi guys, first time i will explain how to finish guild instance Nah, guys I’m with my friend Yona and Moon, so first step you just do STUN ALTERNATELY So, guys, of you don’t want to get death quickly Your stun must be alternately So you have a perfect timing USING TAI CHI FIST/IMMORTAL TOUCH For your guys always death, im suggested to using this 2 skill Nah, guys, you must always parry, for prevent easily died Have any thing you must attention When your friend bring stunned You guys must stun the monster, for your friend prevent being died We quickly ya guys TIPS FOR ROUND 2 Nah, i Will give you some tips for round 2 So, how to evade bring silence from boss When the boss do like that, then you must parry For tips the boss will casting ultimate skill is 10 second, guys Don’t forget to refill your Rage gaugage for round 3 TIPS FOR ROUND 3 For round 3 You guys enough to rage your sacred flame and keep in middle When you health goes low, you can use tau chi fist or immortal touch After that you gan use sacred flame rage again Are this tips are useful, if useful Please press button Like & Subscribe And comment below for Increase quality of this channel

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