Timing and precision – Hand-Eye Coordination for martial arts

Guys, if you want to know why my boys strike so precisely, why they always hit the point, why their strokes hit where they want it, then just watch this clip here! Oh, that was awesome! Basically, there are three areas that restrict our freedom of movement: that’s stamina, flexibility and of coursecoordination. And the big difference between coordination and the other two is that coordination skills last longer. That is, if I do no stamina and flexibility trainingfor two or three months, then
the whole thing I’ve been working on is lost. Coordination skills remain, however, and that is the great advantage for long-term training plans: that you can train
coordination skills before, or long before a fight and the direct combat training thereby becomes more efficiently. On the one hand, juggling is about training peripheral vision. On the other hand, the tension in my upper arm muscle tells me exactly where my hand moves. This is the orientation capability. Without looking or focussing on my hand, I know where the hand is positioned. Extra for juggling: New balls!3x 7 kilos – Exciting, doing these exercixes with the weight. Of course, this training makes a bit more sense for boxing and so on. But also for ground fighting, you should train your brain, interconnect the two hemispheres and make yourself a little smarter in general, so to strengthen this athletic IQ. The training that the guys are doing here is actually an addition to their other training, to the whole strength and conditioning and striking, ground fighting and so on. And it’s good that it gives them a break from training routine, as well as the time to deal with other things. I think that completes the profile of a fighter. It’s not only about training hand-eye coordination, but also about improving the entire spectrum of an athlete. And instead of a 32 kilo kettlebell, let’s for once take a small tennis ball.

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