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  1. I like the thought of pulling the left shoulder back because it would seem to limit people's tendency to lean forward when they try to throw a straight punch with power. I have to respectfully disagree with "pivoting" the right foot as the assumption has to be that your opponent is already close enough for you to reach out and strike him. If you plan on moving when you fight, you're going to have to step on your cross.

  2. The rear straight is a leading punch …

    The cross is a counter punch to the jab, and sometimes the lead hook. It's a combination of an inside slip (in a closed guard matchup) and a straight/hook over/around the jab.

  3. Strange how people have different definitions of the same thing, straight goes straight between the guard, cross may cross your opponents arm very faintly hooks lets say to the opponents forehead, doesn't snap so can continue further unlike a jab don't you think?

  4. no sorry incorrect the right cross is a bent arm punch what the hook is to the left the cross is to the right
    there is a reason the are termed jab hook straight and cross the only punch identified by hand when called would be the lead upper cut as opposed to just uppercut in truth it is redundent to say left jab left hook straight right etc etc etc

  5. which means that a straight punch is for a closer contact and the shoulder, hips and foot does not really turn; while a cross is for farther contact and the shoulder, hips and foot turns for torque. all i thought, as i practice it hitting a basketball filled with water and air, is a "cross" is delivered with a little bend of the straight line it travels of which the knuckles of the middle, ring and little fingers will contact the target; while a "straight" will travel straight to the target with the knuckles of the fore and middle fingers making the contact to the target.

  6. the difference between a Stright Right vs a Right cross …SR shoots straight out……RC very similar to the SR ,but, the RC slightly crosses your body and across your opponent's head or body.

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