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♪ My name is Shatekaienthokwen
Vandommelen I’m Bear Clan from
the Mohawk Nation. I am ten years old
and I love to box. I want to be a professional boxer when I grow up. Just like Adonis Stevenson. So what do you think about your
nickname? That everyone
calls you Tugar? I don’t like that at all. Oh yeah. What does Herby call you? One gar. They call me Shatekaienthokwen
Vandommele] now sometimes. What about the nickname
Rocky?How do you like that? I like it. But I don’t want to be as old as
him. Saturday. Big fight coming up. -Right?
-Yeah. – You ready to knock
– Yeah? You really ready? How many times
already have you fought? -Three times.
– What happened the last time. -I lost.
-You lost. This time, what
are we going to do?” Win. Going to win how? Um… This time we’re
going out there, we’re going to beat him. We’re going to beat him good. You know he just
comes at you, right? Yeah. -So what are we going to do?
-Win. We’re going to win how? Jab and come for a jab.
That’s it. Faster!
That’s it come on. Catch him when he comes
in from the other side. How bad do you want it?
How bad do you want it? You’re going to lose right here! Again!
Stop. I train him just like
my other boxers, sometimes
it’s tough love. I’d rather actually not have the
parents here when I train them because they really don’t
like seeing the roughness of it. But at the end of the day they
all want their child to win. But how you lose and how you
perform is a lot more important than actually just
getting the win. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ I can’t do that! Yes, you can! What do you mean
you can’t do that. Let’s go. Okay. Actually, it’s
like Mohawk dances. You know that? If you touch my
shoulder it’s one point. Remember that. More head movement, just like in
Cuba. I don’t remember that. What about the food there? It sucks. sucks, huh? When I found out I
was invited to Cuba, I was very excited. I got to train
with Mario Kindelan. A two time gold medalist. It’s really fun to train there. Awesome, awesome work. You got it?
Breathe in you nose out your
mouth. I’ll bring him to the weigh at 2
then, the doctor Maybe we’ll pick up
some sponsors over there. Wouldn’t that be awesome. -What you want, Nike, Reebok,
Adidas Stevenson. Are you looking forward
to fighting Gianni again? Yeah. [Music-Crowd Noise] [Music-Crowd Noise] ♪ ♪ [Dramatic music stop] Bob Miller is a family friend
and he got my dad into boxing. And he got me into boxing. When I heard that Bob Miller got
into a car accident it made me real sad. And this is the
way we can help him. You going to win? You going to win this fight? All right. Good boy. There’s the star. You’ll have to
look him up on YouTube, man. He knocked out Tommy Hearns. The only man to beat him twice. I did something that Sugar
Leonard couldn’t do. Bob Miller is a legend. He taught children, even Mike
Tyson when he was fifteen years old. And look at Mike Tyson. He became a champion. Thank you, Bob Miller! [applause] Team Canada is here. Let’s hear it for the Canadians. Enjoy the show and thank you
for your support for Bob Miller. [more applause] Solid punches.
Solid punches How’re feeling? Good. No nerves? You kissed my nose. Don’t worry about
who’s out there. You fight for what
you love and for whom. You’re fighting for Bob. You’re here to
fight for him, right? Time to get serious, you’re here
to bring the fight to him. Ladies and gentlemen, put
your hands together for Tugar!! [cheers &
applause] How you feeling? Okay?
You got it. Busy, Tugar.
Busy, busy, busy. That’s it, Tugar!
Hard, Tugar! That’s it, Tugar!
That’s right, Tugar! That’s right! Big one! That’s it! Take down!
Take down! Yeah! One, two, one, two…one, two
don’t give him a chance to take you. Okay? Bop bop bop, Turn. That’s right! That’s it, turn. Watch the turn, Tugar! That’s it! Reverse! That’s it! Two times, two times! That’s it! [Bell ring] It was a good fight. We knew it was going
to be a tough one. I wish he could read my mind
what I would do while watching him fight. I’m disappointed for him. I feel bad for his loss. But not so really bad
because he’s a young athlete. At the end of the day performing
well and going and doing your best is what you’ve got
to go out there and do. -Tough fight but you’re
-You have all your stuff? Every punch you throw has to be
intense. Tugar could turn out
to be a great boxer, a great athlete. He already has the heart and the
mental aspect of older than a ten year old. And the desire and the
passion he has for boxing is outstanding. So in ten years, if
he continues like that, for sure he would be
definitely a very good
professional athlete. I’m training for the Silver
Gloves and Nationals. My next stop is Puerto Rico. Just because I lost
doesn’t mean it’s over. I’m going to work
harder in the gym. [music] End Credits

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