Think Like a Boxer

It kills you Going three straight rounds, it absolutely murders you. You’ve gotta have your mind ready, you can’t be thinking “tired” You’ve gotta be thinking as a boxer. If you’re willing to finish the next round If you’re willing to finish your workout That’s really what it comes down to Hands up, elbows in, chin down Protect yourself at all times It’s a lot of cardio Gotta push it, you gotta push it! We also focus a lot on technique I don’t want to see you all in his face, “Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang”, we’re learning It’s a lot of work But it’s definitely worth it I chose UConn because it’s a great school It’s got great academics as well as a great sports collective It gives me a lot of opportunities both here and after college The rewards that you get for working hard That inspires me to work harder If you’ve got the dedication to train, you’ve got the dedication to come to the gym every day This is your program

4 thoughts on “Think Like a Boxer

  1. IDE like to thank all who support the video and watched it !! Job well done by Matt Hodgkins with his work ! UCONN Boxing Club is on the rise .

  2. I wanna be a boxer now, but since i am stuck with judo, no boxing for me xD but would really like to try boxing tho…

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