The Villain Mask – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Hey Patlu, gardening gives me great pleasure, I’ll do it daily from now on. Haha!! Thank you Motu, you have freed me today. You have done me a great favor. Now, you can wear me and destroy the world, you can rule over everybody. Motu, this seems like a dangerous mask, it’s talking of destroying the wold. Why? Why like that? We can do good also? Destroy!! Because I am a villain mask! I am not a hero mask that I will do good for anyone. Brother, you go away from here. But I cannot go without repaying my debt to Motu, I will not go. Motu, I will not let you go, wherever you run to, I will find you. If you don’t put me on your face I will come and stick to it myself!! Motu, you don’t run from me, this villain mask is requesting you. You can rule the world if you wear me!! This villain mask is so is so strong. Motu, where are you? Come and wear me. Motu is a foolish man but John is not. I will wear this mask and rule the world! Hey, my lovely, beautiful mask, come to my face, then we both will rule the world. Who are you? I am the Don, I am John the Don. Robbing, thieving, looting is a one hand play for me. If you are a villain mask then I am the villain Don. Hey, you thief John, I am not going to be taken in by your sweet talks. You are a cheat, you will probably sell me too. Brother mask, you were fantastic! You taught John a good lesson. Motu, you did a good thing by coming up to me yourself, thank you. Patlu help, take this mask away from me. Motu, take off the mask. Quick, take of the mask. Who are you? Go away from here. I will burn everything, I will destroy everything. I will burn you too, I will burn everything to ashes. Chingam sir, something horrible has happened. An evil mask has gone and stuck itself on Motu’s face. And now Motu has become evil and is burning everything down. Chingam sir, come quick, I am very scared. Oh my god! Motu has become evil? Don’t worry!! Why fear when Chingam is here. Bad evils run from Chingam, wait, I’ll come right away. Oh my god!! Dr Jhatka, do something or Motu’s mask will destroy the whole town. He will ruin it, he has become evil. Patlu, my friend, don’t worry, I have a solution. I will destroy this mask. But first we have to get it off Motu’s face. Idea! Why don’t we make a duplicate Motu and confuse the mask? It will get off the real Motu’s face. Patlu, what a fantastic idea!! I’ll quickly make a duplicate Motu. Motu, what are you doing? Aren’t you ashamed of destroying Furfuri town? Should I punch you? Hey, I had said, should I give you one punch.But you are giving me one and then one more and then one more. Enough!! No!! Motu, thank you!! It is a good thing that you were saved from the mask; It is now fixed on your lookalike’s face forever. Let us leave this town and go away now. I’ll pay back your debts, it sad, haha!! Tell me who is the real Motu? What is all this? What is happening here? Bye bye villain mask, bye bye!! Hey villain mask, I’m not Motu, I’m Doctor Jhatka, the one who gave you a shock. I was tricked!!! Take this. Villain mask never loses, haha!! There goes the mask. I’m going to teach this devilish mask a lesson. Motu, don’t go there, come back inside. Mask, I swear you to the law, let Motu be and run away. Chingam sir, don’t fire here. Fire at the mask. Today I got to know that in a fight between the hero and the villain, the villain always loses. Yeah!! The mask is gone!!

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