26 thoughts on “The Unified Theory of Fighting – 5 Basic Principles | Effective Martial Arts

  1. Well done. Your grasp of  theory, your framework and the style in which It is explained are excellent! Thanks for taking the time to share and keep up the great work!

  2. What's this fixation to just wrestle when someones on their back and you have the dominant position and you could just stomp the groin and even drop knee it and go for a arm braking technique, or finger, wrist braking techniques, but people want to wrestle first and mount their opponents instead of taking the easy damaging target like stopping the head and groin. I guess i was instructed different then this new self defense that is now being taught. It's not like it's a secret technique or something.

    Girl next time just stomp the hell out of his testicles and then stomp his head and if he's stupid enough to keep coming brake his hands and fingers and if he still keeps coming brake his ankle, then put him to sleep, because if she misses his groin, she has to grapple with him anyway, unless when she's got the mount, she could just grab his testicles and just twist and pull, nasty, but effective.

  3. I think a conceptual understanding of fighting allows you to change the techniques you learn according to the situation and still be effective. I also thinks it helps by serving as a languague to explain to oneself or others why something works or doesn't, and how it can be improved. Therefore I find the conceptual understanding very important to be able to adapt and improve. Great video : )

  4. Another video I found with a conceptual understanding. There arent many about it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AumRTx91IHk

  5. Cool martial arts instructor VERY COOL! For more than a year just less than 5,000 views. People are missing the important aspects of fighting!

  6. I love how realistic and sensible the entire lesson is, I came to learn this because of a book I'm writing, each of the five principles just made directing my fight scenes easier. Each fight had a purpose but failed to express that purpose but now I can look at it from an individual perspective and honestly I'm impressed on how easier it became. Thanks a lot

  7. This is one of the most important videos for people to learn from. It's an absolute tragedy this video has a shocking low view count of 5800. This video needs to be seen by every one. I wish I could get this video broadcasted to the masses. Thank you so much for such an informative video. Wish there were many more videos on youtube like this.

  8. Terrific video! This is the first video I liked so much about the martial arts & theory of fighting! I subscribed to the channel. The explanation is also straight forward , to the point, without any time-wasting talk. Thanks Mr Patrick. Really professional style of teaching!

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