The Truth Behind Traditional Chinese KungFu

hi welcome John censored I’m your host Chris Chappell so what’s one of the first things people think about when they hear China kung-fu I know certainly my early experience with Chinese culture was watching Jackie Chan movies when I was a little kid unfortunately he turned out to be well a little crazy but so a lot of people are interested in traditional Chinese martial arts but there really isn’t all that much information out there about it before I created China uncensored I was working as a scriptwriter for a show called journey to the east upon the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West in one episode we interviewed a master of seven star praying mantis kung fu along Fei Yan now during today’s ended up being scrapped before a season was completed so I decided to dig out that episode and show to you here I hope you enjoy traditional Chinese martial arts as a history as old as China much of its deeper meaning was suppressed during Mao’s Cultural Revolution but a few dedicated masters have carried on its legacy keeping it alive long seyoung is one of them but mastering kung-fu and understanding its principles takes much more than what meets the eye deep-ando where are you going with your not if I were single I owe it all to yogi Oh yo Paula Anderson Emma what does a general trying to change in them a condo here to enjoy a chalet me tea tangelo can’t an agreement is a talent agency tell general wouldn’t know July Natasha casual fishing guide to polish Alisha Teagen centuries of the meal vamos a magician Kubla collective Miyoko lenses vulnerable to me gusta epic with central issues : : stealthy way over the years long fail his grandfather’s instruction booklet practicing different forms of external martial arts which focused on physical techniques like kicks and punches but in 1996 long phase father introduced him to a family friend named mr. Lee mr. Lee was a master of a fighting style that in addition to strenuous physical training also focuses on meditation soft movements and breathing exercises long Fei was not very impressed in the beginning well can’t I will consider then the ocean come for the article Sehun Cheung Kong roti I do but early Oh too bad economy simply : that are I can’t release insulin honey Champa Nicole Emma you’re from an ocean – who was another session that’s a quadrant or fire water change show which and wrote underneath that’s a violent palace – Rubio ha I’m quite new table G holder Johnny can you can’t you’re saying you can you so that you can your hands and that’s a question wrong or Fallon multi-vendor wallet a little harsher hug target out you or you later real hot amber if so it’s usually you fighting the power was a water polo AHG mutual of I don’t know whole of what our well then here transitory gentle words on a table saw yoga gentlemen sewage shortage in Hotlanta so long fare Tony and the wipeout well horrified yeah Orson – your hot dog pooping come to shorten stuff and tell you to another zero hog fat government don’t torture or whatever Church would it was sort of how you to attention they say Yoli despite long phase physical advantage masterly had won the fight easily hardly using any force instead of relying on physical strength to attack and defend himself mr. Lee merely followed along with and quickly redirected longface movements to his own advantage this technique is practiced in something called internal martial arts mr. Lee is a master of seven star praying mantis kungfu a style of traditional martial arts with a history of over 350 years in China internal martial arts ornega emphasizes soft and slow movements together with mental training practitioner learns to control the flow of chi or energy through the body with mind intent specific movements and meditation shortly after the fight long Fei became a student of mr. Lee after years of practicing external martial arts were why JA he gradually learned to relax and control the flow of Chi through his body Wong Fei remembers the training with his teacher as a Quattro Yoshida nature Oh hiya Michelle you get other language teachers union later for the all that’s holy whom particular P for the completely the PMOI Dorinda another button battery of Bhutan modulo n from from samsara but you turned on your tongue so we are laying in South Shore Douglass understood well your aunt Sookie Josh Jana quadrant on the drum here I wasn’t in at the Royale da this uncool name no show our table usual notation since Ascension changing me paddle can college India more lenses you needn’t me the Cinzia signing a second daughter don’t we quickly go after years of training with mr. Lee long Fae mastered the system and started to think about how to help spread the benefits of the practice to others mellow allied Omega e medomak watch your honor oh yeah sylveon yo cheese a yo-yo yo-yo yo-yo yo-yo yo-yo ma Virgil Thomson relationship Alan Turner and Tommy children Shinhwa man yeah Liam done and someone now the occasion should I was out of work until it’s a nice even and Antonio’s away from each other and the wagons at Yahoo shop although education vampa where culture mandaleet sauna – Ciao Bella Michael debarry is a practicing doctor in New York and as one of longface older students he uses the martial arts training as a way to relax from the hectic city life but learning internal martial arts was not easy for Michael in the beginning I’ve never done anything like that so when I start started I could I could barely do two minutes I eventually got the five minutes and then with long fake current constantly pushing me to do it you know against my will I I know I learned to love it so it’s tough in the beginning but then what happens is when you get used to it your body gets used to doing it you the feeling is like a very warmed up feeling in your body or your body becomes very loose and more efficient feels like you’re deep breathing you’re breathing to a certain part of your abdomen you feel more mental clarity and just stronger Savannah Georgia little high tea 1960 official UFC MMA our city items away our number ontology Central Hong Kong hawa which it’ll prove she’s young you should have collagen Xia here in America you may go into a place that they do martial arts and you go right off the bat you’ll learn how to punch and kick whereas in China or even with this martial arts you start slowly with breathing and then you learn some basic movement so they put a heavy emphasis on learning the basic components of the martial art and and you only progress when you master those and so that could take years I’ve been doing this for six years and you might even say I’m I’m running to me I’m only an intermediate or advanced beginner the initial exercises of traditional martial arts might seem simple and mundane at first but the genius of it hides beneath the surface mr. Cooper took his first Chinese martial arts lesson in 1968 and has been practicing since he says like an ABC thing that if you just stand and do nothing but standing once you get what the standing does then if you start to move then you add B but you no longer have to think about a so once you’ve learned how to do a and B then you go to C but you no longer really have to think too much about doing a and B they’re just hard to get they’re natural they’re not a big deal so you can really study C and not worry about oh now I got to do a and B and C together because you’ve learned how to do no sure she I had Josh and this plan and I intend to name that nice in the church uncial live at home called a boy drama she she she chances it the Honduran Yaya what well especially Washington on pension policy dear Allah Jalla WA Jalla imagine eternal Tai Chi master another certificate Shaitaan toship without censorship a doubt Shu David still attending after the student has gone through a long period of training his posture stance breathing focus and balance an exercise called pushing hands is introduced in the practice Oh survey say cotton Dona cilenti Khan ha ha hey ho chi chi chi gong knocking haughtily Allah – I found an 18 items will appear ha Ceylon 18 fatigue urging wanna go fermionic on mingi pushing hands originally came from Tai Chi which describes it as giving up oneself to follow another when students practice together it’s like a form of question-and-answer the student doing the pushing is asking the question and the student receiving should answer by being soft and slow moving without resistance one of the things unique things about the amount is form that Leung Fei teaches is that um because a lot of mantis forms can be very external but on his lineage and his school it was one where the internal martial arts were kind of fused into the Mantis so there’s a lot of Shing II and Tai Chi and ba gua movements within the Mantis so to me it’s a very kind of accessible version of the Mantis while other ones that are more external I probably would not be very interested in learning long Fei also teaches Tai Chi which he learned from his own grandfather at an early age in China Taichi is also an internal form of martial arts despite different outward appearances Taichi and seven star praying mantis are actually quite similar the main difference is that Taichi started as an internal cultivation practice and later became a type of martial arts while mantis started as a form of combat but later incorporated internal and mental exercises into the training I come home from a day’s work and I’m exhausted and stressed out I do the internal training it’s like for 20-30 minutes like I recharge my battery santiago prick yo Johnny yo leading Australian sushi yeah I’m Shiva Sri jaw and oh hi opens oh I mean I can widen she and her face were fried incisions are sure they’re horizontal whatever Junction from you not socially you see Kwame okay bein a sham wanna function mayor Nenshi yoga and I shall go to another cell quick pellicle de la liberté who voted that down item sent inception I get didn’t see he’s on me and they Quinlan has some question what should a teach that’s a quarter long journey ocean hogwash the answer is virtually I showed in Russian he wears a little function – $100 freakout India tree some quality from Oceania will show you don’t only under the kitchen in the other hole we are Tamiya jelly which were sure for now why don’t you mad I’ll make all see though I’d suggest Union sitting in Taiwan which other know what’s your special time the are sure sure for those what did a real but I can animal Junction yeah she was a quote on drum beats in city energy inch Yun family audio john watham other reported innocent Perryman synonymy compact and return uncle should have come home but he found me in the work session weather it’s a quote from John Zack go away now if I sin Chi Chuan got a functional you know why were in politics we live action cause my Caesar William Tom Brady hunter your friend your initial option that I don’t mean you don’t go to your garden to general jungle chef you got some tension Lee you can assure your chewy so high out you’re the Cairo and I said okay sure see okay all right okay all right yeah so we would start at 7:00 in the morning and we would finish sometimes at 6:00 at night and we would do that for seven days on a row and so I would say like the most I got out of my time there was being kind of mentored by these masters and overseen by nastily he would periodically take everybody aside and everybody would stop what they’re doing and we would follow him and he would teach us how to do the movements and critique us and then we would go back to training separately with the other men and also occasionally he would do some of his techniques and show his prowess as far as writing skill on us especially me beware chickadee fallujah Veronica doesn’t know everything would say okay you know you want to do do this or do whatever you think you need to know to kind of get at me and I would do that and then I was very sorry that I did that very quickly because he was moving so effortlessly around me and I felt myself being hit and all the right area then I was nothing I can do about it yeah yeah and so he uh he was quick and strong I was one of the first things I noticed was how fast he was and how powerful he was but you know he’s an older gentleman but you would never know it there’s a lot of knowledge that’s been gained over the years a lot of people have done this there for a very long time and kind of figured out you know the best movements the different things that are work and and you kind of don’t want to lose that you kinda wanna pass that lon seguramente revolution quad coyote 2000 family drama Yente en vez de cinta no JJ go show Haru 27 wanna fetch on the Palio 420 elementary and or in San Diego confront us here as a family the research went on the one part the Union patroonship I feel like what I know from the internal in this training is more like a secret but the secret you have to pay a price for it you actually have to go through some pain in order to understand how really important it is sweet Jenna Trent Oh Shona cun-cun solid tensioner sure you’re a stripper joshing Cortina she all had other nice since she had my Shirley mmm sighs I just remain in the hunt whatever it was sure to search harness yourself though traditional martial arts have become rare they once played an important role in Chinese culture and history influenced by the practices of Buddhism Taoism and Confucianism in Chinese society martial arts developed deeper moral and spiritual values in the world of combat in the use of weapons many martial artists went beyond its mere practical use elevating it into an artistic expression a practitioner would use his weapon as an extension of his own body how the weapon was used depended on the style of martial arts in mantis kung fu one uses narrow circular hand movements to mimic the movements of a praying mantis when a practitioner of mantis kung fu uses a sword it too will move in the same narrow circular motions studying traditional Chinese martial arts includes demanding physical as well as mental training but parading its culture from ancient times up until today is the concept of wudu which means martial morality or virtue Luisa stanza Honduran ma usual peter turander Protestant Aliyah Pinero Yeshua leave a PCIe be more agile seinem be able to the challenge of changing the Jaguar what’s its intensity to you know emotional 200 election Nami induration wrangle narottama soldiers are you to assume how your suit soon all entiendo Jonah Iligan passionate a yoga teacher tiene un hoyo dubinina dr. Sharon and isolate Russia to mention papaya eager changing the changing who you were either trans-am a change on the tiene que empezar Nashawn Araceli syndrome is shin dongyeop journey of dodging horses in town Dosher non goat island needs a Eurasian politician you

100 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Traditional Chinese KungFu

  1. i don't think they're keeping the art alive unless they are actively using it which is what was happening in the past. At best they have some watered down version or at worst, something that only looks somewhat similar.

  2. The main thing the East teaches we aren't listening to is that the mind is everything. When we feel pain, we have to only focus on the mind. The pain is proof we are alive, but it is only temporary. The more we focus on pain with emotion, the more intense it becomes. When we only keep to our mind, we will not feel it. This is why during Vietnam, Buddhist monks so easily immolated themselves and sat unfeeling as they burned away.

    Martial arts are this way. When you have too much of a set kata, all these techniques and skills, you don't have any way to feel what an opponent might be thinking. If you can't feel what your opponent is thinking, you will wind up like most jujitsu or other martial arts practitioners who wind up trying to use nothing but brute force. You should not use energy you dont need to. That's why martial arts has never had meaning to be a way to enact violence- rather it has always been the art of fluidly using strength or skill to defend oneself. The rest is the exercise itself.

  3. "Martial arts has a higher realm"

    Bullshit. Martial Art = Art of Mars, the god of war.

    If it isn't about being a champion then it isn't martial arts. It's something else entirely.

  4. In hubris, I speculate that animal styles were created by monks who believed religiously in non-violence as a way to explore the self and pacify those forcing them to teach martial play.
    The underlying statement being, humans do not fight, but can regress to animal nature.

  5. For one, 7 star mantis is northern Shaolin kung-fu which is not southern China martial arts. No matter how much they think they are generating 'chi' it is impossible unless they are doing PaQua kuntao style or know both original forms of tai chi chuan, the 1st is 'kings style' and the 2nd in 'Jung style'. Otherwise it is fake tai chi. But Bruce Lee started all these clowns saying they are martial artists when they are merely Practitioners.

  6. The reasons for kung fu's popularity in the West stem both from Bruce Li ( who mostly shunned traditional ling fu) and the Revolution. Particularly during and after the Cultural Revolution, nearly all of China's respected teachers and authors left. Hong Kong received many and many of the early martial arts film greats were actual martial artists. Many traditional arts were preserved in Hong Kong. But the diaspora went to Chinese overseas communities as well. Many teachers came to Canada and the U.S. However, much like TKD, many do kung fu as meditation or physical conditioning. There are both internal and external styles contained in hundreds of different schools. There are also Northern and Southern sryles.Wushu is not Kungfu.

  7. What an amazing documentary! Its similar to Pushing Hands- the Ang Lee film from 92. Changed the way I viewed Tai Chi.

  8. Kung fu was made by bodhidharma aka DAMO in Chinese he was south Indian price who became monk and travel all across east Asia there is movie on YouTube you can check it out or just Google it.

  9. Kung Fu has already been exposed as being completely ineffective in real world modern combat. I'll bet this Mr. Li hasn't even been in a real fight his entire life. Throw him in a ring against a real fighter, and not one of his sycophantic students, and he would get utterly wrecked.

  10. That was a absolutely dishonorable statement by the narrator. ''A lot of Kung-Fu's deeper meaning was suppressed by Mao during the cultural revolution.'' Let us be honest. The CCCP under Mao. And Mao's followers. Murdered tens of thousands of people who were the ones still holding centuries long Martial Arts lineage. Fifty or maybe a hundred thousand people who were known teachers, or who had been caught practicing Kuo Shu/ Wu Shu/Kung-Fu.
    Whatever you want to call it. Several styles of martial arts are now extinct. A great deal of humanities legacy, through China is now lost forever. But due to a few deeply dedicated teachers. Like Yang Jwing-Ming, and Wong Her-Yue. Have since arriving in Taiwan, Europe, and the United States made concerted effort to save and preserve what remains. We came very close to losing these invaluable arts forever. Those of us who deeply care have spent our lifetimes spreading the Chinese Martial Arts Systems. And increasing our skills. But we still need your help. Please practice. Get certified through your teachers school. And improve your skill sets. Then write about kung fu. And teach as many people as you can. Keep kung-fu alive.
    Overcome the darkness. Return the Light.
    Lao-shr 60 Ching Yi Kung Fu Association


  12. In my opinion, modern kung fu is more developed and powerful than ancient Chinese techniques. I mean unarmed combat. Medieval master of fistfight would be easy defeated by modern sanshou champion.

  13. More like the lies that people tell about martial arts :V
    Martial = war, martial arts are no more than the combination of all ways of combat.

  14. I journeyed to the East to find a master to train me in the ancient arts. I travelled through India and arrived on foot in Nepal. I discovered an old Bbuddhist monk who told me to climb the Hymallayas and meditate.
    I sat for hours until i couldnt feel my body. I discovered fuck all and ended up with frost bite and a huge credit card bill.
    I now sell dope to kids and play video games all day.
    What a collasal waste of time!

  15. Historically, I would have liked so see this going back past china into India and eventually Eritrea, the southern tip of Africa. The medical doctor complained about a lack of stamina in relation to breathing when he first started. That was the same trouble the shaolin monks had prior to Bodhidharma's arrival and addressed their issue with the medicinal art of " moving detox", one facet of the internal arts. Thats a fancy way of saying those monks were suffering from inflammation created by an acidic environment in the colon courtesy of toxemia in the bloodstream. Being sedentary and eating devitalized foods do that over time. Your western martial arts grandmasters now pay taxes on vanity and trophies with arthritis, high blood, heart disease, and obesity for ignoring the internal virtues and values. Health always came before technique just as virtue is always before competition.

  16. I have difficulty in further improving my Chinese calligraphy, maybe Kunfu is the answer, brush is also the extension of body.

  17. I'm from China,have been searching for Wu Guan for some time. There were many Kungfu schools, one my brother also went with the dream of training muscle and mind, only found out that's a place for students with difficulty for study, we paid a lot, and lost important family time together, when graduated, he is not the happy and positive boy anymore. Another I went myself recently, a small place for teaching kids in the YingChun branch, but not as what I know and believe of Kungfu at all. They teach the techniques of fight and defense, I know that happened to be a primary school. There are even a longer list of Wu guans in Foshan, which I could go and check one by one… But where can I find the place for the Kungfu of both body and spirit. Mount Wudang, or Cangzhou ..? Are those old names of Kungfu County still valid today?

  18. Big hole in the storyline..he taught taichi because he learned it from his grandfather but only practice hard martial arts along the way up to the point where he got his ass
    kicked by internal preying mantis style…

  19. He should fight Xu Xiaodong or spar with your friends. You guys need to prepare yourselves properly. Swordsmanship Kung Fu is damn good though. But that's about it.

  20. Best wishes for this sufu , I have always had a fondness and love for the traditional systems. And mantis being a shaolin style , does reflect the essence of tai chi being the shaolin foundation. Its truly a gift to get instructions from someone like master Lee. When he was a child there must have been some fantastic things going on in the marital arts world in China especially in those systems that were traditional.
    7 star mantis like long fist are
    Incredible styles and were popular in master Lee's day.
    Wishing the young master the best with his school.

  21. A huge issue with traditional forms and modern MMA is a lack of good kickboxing etiquette. The issue isn't that there Isn't a way to crossover traditional martial arts with full contact fighting, It's that full contact fighting and many martial art forms are in essence more are less focus on developing an awareness of the body that is limited to the rules and are structure of tradition. MMA seeks to utilize the whole body but even MMA's approach is a bit flawed considering that many MMA only want to go with the rest of the heard and follow the sheep. I.e. they are afraid of change but good martial artist understand that anything works with the right mindset and conditioning.

  22. Yeah, yeah….
    It's all pretty movements and stuff. But ineffective in a real fight. That Chinese MMA guy who challenges all these masters has easily demonstrated how ineffective Kung fu can be.
    If all you do is practice flowing techniques versus explosive techniques, that's all you'll be able to do. You basically get good at what you're practicing. If you're practicing soft martial arts, you will be soft. You get good at something by doing it. The MMA guy trains every day, soars in the ring, dodges, gets hit etc. He's in there getting good at fighting. This why he's beating every one of those pretentious masters.
    Now you may think – wow what a disrespectful thing to do. But is it? He's showing everyone hundreds of holes in their fighting style, and that is a great service to martial arts!

  23. He doesn't look like the matrix he tries to act like the matrix. I am guessing another out of work wannabe actor. What does one do can't make it as an actor can't cut it as a real reporter. You get this..

  24. Go challenge and fight them.. put your money where your mouth is.. Jackie Chan has accomplished more than your entire family. That's fact

  25. This channel is based solely on putting a country down. Somebody should start a channel solely on putting this guy and his family down.

  26. Kung Fo-Gong Fu implies Great Achievement in Skill of any type. Martial Arts literally is Wu Shu in Mandarin or Mou Seut in Cantonese.

  27. For those who have doubt about Chinese Martial arts and are mesmerised by the TOUGH Apperence of Japanese Arts ,just  see these clips in youtube : " Tai chi vs Greco Roman wrestling " ;"Tai chi vs Judo "; "Tai chi vs Muay Tai " . there are other clips showing a fight between a Shaolin Monk and Kyukushin Karate ; see it by yourself in this same YOUTUBE !

  28. Taichi started as "loose boxing", a extremely violent boxing style based on dim mak, and was ruined later into the double weighted gymnastic they show here…

  29. When I hear china the first thing I think of actually is Cheng Pei-pei. The attractive woman who played Jade Fox in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. The next thing is broken dishes. Kung Fu or Wu shu is a bit farther down the list. (I've dropped lots of china and know the sound well)

  30. Jackie Chan was Peking Opera trained. Which according to tradition is where the last followers of Bodidharma escaped to. I may have spelled his name wrong, but he's the monk who founded the temple Shao Lin

  31. This is a call to populair Youtube channels on the subject of Martial Arts. I'm looking to sell my documentary about Dschero Khan (the Prince of Mongolia) about his long history in the Martial Arts. The content is very high quality, cinematic, unique and for a wide audience. Feel free to contact me through the Youtube channel.

  32. My first experience with Kung Fu movies were (and this DOES date me), the old Shaw Brothers movies with bad overdubbing. "The 36th Chamber of Shaolin". "The Five Deadly Venoms". etc. I would like to see one set in one of those kingdoms that were long gone, like the Kingdom of Lo Lun, or Bactria, or Sogdiana. Maybe one about a group of merchants or Nestorians fleeing the invaders of the time, to the city of Dunhuang. Why not? Safeguarding religious treasures from said invaders is the reason why a lot of the Mugao Grottoes were made to beign with.

  33. Chinese Communist party killed off all the real practitioners, they thought it was dangerous to the party. The rest of this is crap

  34. I am still waiting for Chris Chappel to come in and make a smart remark………….
    Awesome video of sharing the Chinese culture!!

  35. So this channel is purely to trash China but happy to learn about its culture seems very conflicting? Typical western mind, always taking and never giving back…

  36. im not a fighter nor having an experience about martial arts. but all i can says is this chinese martial arts are BULSHIDO!

  37. Great video. TMA has always elevated itself over MMA because it teaches the how, but instills the depth so practioners can ask the why. MMA teaches the how without any attempt to instill the why. Practicality allows a martial art to be potent but for it to be an art it needs the internal depth. Over time Chinese martial arts lost its potency and became only philosophy while the west developed MMA as only potency with zero philosophy. The true path lies somewhere in the middle.

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