The Thrill of the Fight: VR boxing game for HTC Vive – Gameplay and overview

hi everyone welcome to thrill of the
fight so this is a boxing game for HTC vive it’s pretty self-explanatory you got
your controllers which are your boxing gloves and you punch your opponent, try to get past
their guard and then you gotta dodge their attacks too or block them so let’s go, gonna fight my first real opponent here, all I’ve done is the tutorial so far so you start off with the little fist pound oh no my gloves broke so when your gloves are spectral like this you can’t hit them this game is fun ok, cmon oh, gloves broke ooh ooh yeah, eat it oh he’s still in this I’m tired already free hits uh oh this might be the new king workout game on the vive oh you want more you want more oh no hah he got me ok all right i’ll give you that one oooh yeah stay down alright one guy down, so it looks like that guy’s
the only opponent other than your trainer i need some water i’ve been playing too much elite dangerous, sitting on my ass all day i need to play more active vr games okay woops, i accidently went to the weigh-in screen here, so it takes a picture of you to determine your height so you’re up against a competent opponent this game just came out I believe it’s early access which is why
there is only one opponent right now I mean technically you’ve got this guy,
you got the boxing lessons which is like your your tutorial, and you got ugly
Joe the main event the trainer is a beast, he just stands here just inflicting a little abuse on my
trainer before i go into another match gotta catch my breath you know haha yeah okay ugly Joe, I’m coming back
for you I’m gonna go for more face shots this time alright buddy uppercut yeah nice block oooh uh oh, gloves are breaking probably not using the proper fighting stance here, or throwing proper punches I’ve never boxed before, never been in a fight in my life so I don’t know what the hell I’m doing, uh oh, can’t hit him right now he can’t hit me though, too slow oh nevermind woo so the farther back you pull your punches
the more damage you do looks kinda silly to pull them really far back though woah, guess we’re starting oh he got me now, you can apparently block, so I will try to do that oh yeah start yeah it worked backhand haha get up I’m not done with you what’s his name? ugly joe? ooh going for those face shots aww, I’m a noob ooh pow you gonna come back? gonna come back? woah oh man that freaked me out oh no, no no no ok, I thought I was going back into the fight ok everyone, that was Thrill of the Fight as you can tell, I’m kinda out of shape I’m kinda tired after two fights so I’m not gonna do
anymore but it’s a fun game, I’m definitely gonna be playing it more and try to get my vr stamina back up and yeah, I hope you enjoyed this video, check out
this game on steam for sure it’s one of the funnest games to come out a
while and have a great day, and goodbye hah so this guy can shoot over me yeah yes yes moving in oh no, I have no ammo hahaha damnit

13 thoughts on “The Thrill of the Fight: VR boxing game for HTC Vive – Gameplay and overview

  1. Good video Bumble! So you got your replacement Vive back. Hope it lasts longer this time, don't get hit in the face 🙂

  2. I'm jealous of your cord lol this game looks awesome though I did get a 970 today super clocked super excited my graphics are so much better now an now I'm going to save up an get the 1070 keep up the great work I'm so happy you got your vive back we watch your videos over an over ha enjoy your vive an have a great night!!!

  3. I Htc must have a problem with hdmi cords, I just got mine replaced, had to go through hell but they eventually sent me a new 3in1 cord.

  4. Hey Bumble, I'm scheduled to receive my vive tomorrow and I wanted to ask you for some tips and tricks that you've grown fond of lately.

  5. hahha great idea, you have moves huh. would love to see a pro dev company to take this idea up and make it super polished.

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