The Teenage Women Changing the Face of Boxing

(twangy country music) – [Narrator] Throughout history, we’ve looked at men as the
stars of the boxing world. (rapid thumping) But these days, some of the
sport’s most promising boxers come from a special place in California, and they’re all teenage girls. I’m Zoe Saldana from Bese, and I’m teaming up with Great Big Story to shine a light on
American Latinx excellence around the country. While boxing has long been a tradition in the Central Valley of California, it wasn’t until a few years ago that girls were allowed
to compete professionally. But once the sport was opened up to them, not only did girls start competing, they started winning a lot. In 2017, four girls
from the Central Valley finished first or second
at the Junior Olympics. – Once you’re in that ring,
it’s just and your opponent. That’s it. – I keep all my aggressiveness
inside the ring. I’m a beast inside the ring. (grunting and indistinct yelling) – [Sandra] To be the number one spot, it takes a lot of hard
work and dedication, but it’s all worth it in the end. – [Narrator] The one leading
the pack is Sandra Tovar, who at only 17 is ranked
number one in the nation in her weight class. She started boxing when
she was only 8 years old with her father, who remains
her coach to this day. – I train six days a week,
three trainings a day. (energetic funk music) I wake up in the morning,
and I go to school. I do my homework on the way to boxing, and I do it on the way back home. My biggest goal right now
is to make it to Olympics and get a gold medal. For me to make that goal possible, every single tournament that is coming up, I have to win it and
gather up all my points for my weight class and just keep pushing hard. – Keep that jab pumping. Relax. I’ve been coaching since 1992, and I’ve trained a lot of champions and Sandra stands out. I remember when the sport
of boxing was just boys, but I believe this new generation of girls is gonna change it. – [Narrator] Competing
professionally is expensive, and it’s become a major obstacle for many boxers in the Central Valley. But thanks to the
community banding together to raise funds to send these girls to compete at the national level, the Central Valley has contributed to the changing face of boxing. – I believe it’s because
of the way they’re raised. They don’t have much, and they’re willing to do
whatever it takes to move up. It makes them hungrier. Makes them stronger-willed to reach what they wanna get out of life. Don’t worry about those posts. They don’t mean nothing. I want you to really hurt her. – I feel like the spots are
open tremendously right now in the sport of female boxing, and I feel like it’s
gonna end up getting equal to men’s boxing. (tranquil music)

71 thoughts on “The Teenage Women Changing the Face of Boxing

  1. I dont know about them but Tsukishima Satoru is BAE. And Mexico just got their first heavyweight champion

  2. Hmm? After all these years I've never heard Zoe Saldana say her own name. Didn't know she pronounced it that way. 😂 Awesome first episode. Sandra got skills. Gonna be a great series.

  3. She should challenge wilder for the wbc heavyweight championship and Ruiz for the wba wbo ibf and ibo championship

  4. 0:55 They said they started winning, do you mean winning against male opponents or just female?? If male, hands up, if not then this is just some utter garbage.

  5. Whatever some people say, a lot of people support you and think what you're trying to achieve worth it. Just follow you're path ; )

  6. „they startet winning“ wait did they compete with boys, because when they start competing with other girls there can only be a girl that wins. And letting them fight against boys is just wrong, like you saw what happened to women who fought against trans boxers.

  7. If people involved in this clip cared less about the popularity of men’s vs women’s boxing, this could have been interesting. One can never be great until they are motivated by beating the popularity of others instead of focusing on what they are doing.

  8. Why cant girls do girl shit.. just why.. teach them to be mothers..

    Men shouldnt be boxing.. you ever seen a retired punch drunk fighter.. its the saddest thing ever..

    So done with feminism
    … doing all the foul shit men do and thinking its cool

    Its like the female trying to go to the NFL.. she will die if she ever goes.. first hit.. dead.. or paralyzed from the neck down..

    If the equality act passes its gonna kill female boxing anyhow.. the first trans man will murder one of these girls..

    Why are we promoting the destruction of women and society.. this aint cute..

    They should be going to finishing school.. not a fucking boxing gym..

    These are the days of Satan.

  9. You ruined it by adding your agenda about women being the same as men. Just cut the first few seconds of the clip.

  10. inb4 some transgender dude wins every match and you guys let him it because you're "inclusive" and don't "discriminate"

  11. Here we go again, more sjw bs, yes yes women are as strong as a man and they can do anything a man does (they can't) now shut up

  12. So what your saying is that since women are lighter they can compete against guys which are as light as them so that they are basically facing younger guys with less experience? Is this what your saying otherwise your just taking advantage of how men and women’s bodies are different

  13. I'm a 34 year old man and I'm sure some of these girls could kick my ass.

    Amazing what can happen when a community of adults stands behind their babies and lifts them up to have a better life then they did.

  14. This video deserves a much better comment section than the shit I'm seeing. These young athletes are devoted to their sport and deserve just as much respect as male boxers. Also, keep your comments about how it will wreck their faces to yourself. They're probably aware of the injuries they could get. You wouldn't say to a male boxer, "don't box because you'll wreck your face". I used to box, and I know that here are certain things you can do to drastically minimize injuries. And why do you care anyways? Most people prefer to date people who are driven and committed to whatever they decide to do. Who cares if someone's got a chipped tooth or a slightly crooked nose? It's personality and drive that counts, so keep your negative comments to yourself. They're unwelcome here.

  15. But this isn't something new, in fact I'm not surprised. There already are female boxers shit even very famous and loved mma female fighters.

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