55 thoughts on “the target saga continues… + pumpkin baking, boxing & updates 🍁

  1. I bought nightstands from Target recently and got 5 different replacements before I could get 2 that were not broken 🙃 Target isn’t doing so hot lately, BUT their customer service has been amazing 🙏🏻🙌🏻

    ALSO, completely agree with not eating things right out of the oven… you’re so focused on not burning your mouth that you can’t even taste anything 😭

  2. Not target but I recently ordered some screen protectors from Amazon. I also ordered a couple of curtain rods and towel hooks. We had ordered the same brand of glass screen protectors before and they came in a box. This time they were delivered in the plastic bag shoved inside of a box with all of the metal objects…of course they completely shattered. Luckily the replacement went smoothly, and came in a box.

  3. Adrienne's comment made me laugh bc I do the same thing so often! Honestly just reading reviews is funny bc of all the misspellings

  4. Your contents are so cool ❤️ the best part for me was when your making muffins. it was cute and funny 😍 but i loooooove the entirety 💗

  5. really really random but i’ve really been into the song “Juice” by iyla and it seems like your vibe based on your playlists which i love. thought i’d share

  6. I just started working at T*** (can’t be too safe in case they’re out here reading what I comment on YouTube) and I work in the seasonal section and it’s so cute

  7. if you don’t like the way salads taste at home, try the trader joe’s salad kids!! pretty cheap and SO GOOD – i love the chopped salad kit🤩

  8. Warm baked goods are superior and I’ve had 1000 tabs open on my laptop for five years, and then I wonder why it’s slow. LOL.

  9. I love the random vlogs, even if you don't feel like you are doing much. I am also the type to have a ton of tabs open! And I have a video/editing suggestion: I think for the questions where you ask something with two or three answers (like the tabs questions) you should put the questions in the Info Card as a poll. I think that method might increase your engagement because the ICard polls are easier for viewers to engage. Anyways, I love watching your vlogs, and you're so pretty!

  10. every single potentially breakable thing from target i have been ordered has come SHATTERED. literally have gotten picture frames in a GIANT box with absolutely no wrapping or protection… such an awful system they have, i’ll never order breakable items again

  11. I’m on my way back home and wow i love your vlogs!! I haven’t watched your videos before but you seem super cool

  12. I keep my camera on my laptop covered at all times. My friend that is a Police Officer, said that someone could hack into your computer and watch everything you do. So creepy.

  13. omg i am totally the same with preferring to spend my money on “home goods/things” over makeup or clothing…lol pretty much anything for me. it’s so satisfying and then don’t get me started on food or groceries in general lol what a blast of fun! 💕😂🙌🏻🥰🛍🍒

  14. definitely a many tabs person hahaha xD loving these vlogs Morgan, also all this boxing is showing! you go girl <3

  15. Really trying not to be a ghost viewer here. So from a logistics (my major) standpoint it's absolutely ridiculous that it's taken at least 2 tries for the skeleton hand drink holder to arrive. That's just poor execution/business practice right there. On the other hand, part of me thinks you've just never had a baked good with just like butter on it. Love your videos as usual.

  16. My random comment so that i am not a ghost viewer – I was just on your main channel and your College Tips video is CRUSHING it!! People LOVE those videos. 🙌 🥳 💕

  17. when you were sitting there playing with the knife and you go “I shouldn’t do that?” I do that ALL of the time lmaooo

  18. Hahahaha I'm absolutely dead at how you opened your target package. Like did you use keys? No. Did you use a butter knife? No. Did you use the BIGGEST possible knife you could find that has the potential to stab someone just looking at it??? Yes!

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