4 thoughts on “The Straight Punch – Throwing Forward and Reverse Punch in Mantis Boxing

  1. Very helpful. Now it comes in handy that i spent much time on your advanced FootworkTipps. I trained hard these last weeks and i have a question, maybe you as an Expert can help me out…i found two fight schools close to me and my goal is to join one of them after a few more months of training. One is called Shaolin e.V and its looks very traditional. There slogan is that they focus on health training and "Fighting Art", not on "Fighting Sport". At some point they also teach the use of traditional Shaolin Weapons. The other school close to me is called MMA Fight Club and seems to be the total opposite. They train Fighting more as a Sport and some of their students fighting in amateur competions. They also focus alot on grappling & groundfight and seem to have a very moderne equipment in their trainingrooms. What shoud i asked myself to find out which one of them matches me more? What shoud i pay attention on when i go there for a test training? I have no intention to fight anybody seriously wherever its sport or reality. I just wanne find out what level i can reach in this if i put all my effort in mental and physical training and to be honest, i dont have anything else to do in my life. So maybe you can help me with my decision, of course i woud ask to join your school if i where closer, but well i still have many of your videos to watch and learn!

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