The Sentimental Swordsman 1977 多情劍客無情劍 Kung Fu Classics

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outside the border Why must we come back here? It’s been 10 years.
Have you come back for her?! No. The reason for my return is that,
I hear… the Plum Blossom Bandit has reappeared Yes, what’s that got to do with us? Twenty years ago, the Plum Blossom Bandit was a well known master
in the martial world He has harmed a lot of people I wanted to look for him 10 years ago He just vanished suddenly I think he might want to look me up now Inspite of knowing all this… then what are you doing back? He must have gone to look for me
at my old house Are you worried that
he might hurt your cousin? If you love her so much… Why did you let her marry Long Xiaoyun? I know that he once saved your life But I’ve never heard of anyone
who would… give up his fiancee and property
for gratitude That happened ten years ago There’s no need to bring it up Aren’t you cold? You want a sip of wine? Are you deaf? So you’re not deaf. Have a sip I can’t afford it Don’t worry, it’s my treat I don’t want to take things from others I don’t want to drink wine
which I didn’t buy Have I made myself clear? Yes, quite Then please leave I will Say, when you can afford it… will you treat me to a drink? Certainly Sit down please Over there Your wine, young master There’re a few
from the Golden Lion Escort Agency They’re escorting something
from out of town Number two Do you remember that time we came across …the Four Tigers of Tai Xing? How can I forget? That day they tried …to steal from you But they are no match for you So you’re ‘Sudden Wind Sword’ Zhuge Lei? May I ask your names?
Sorry I didn’t recognize You aren’t worthy of knowing our names Just leave what you are escorting …and we’ll spare your life Put down your swords And we’ll let you live Are you ‘The Black and White Snake?” Well, at least you’ve heard of us! Since the two want this package Go on, take it Looks like there’s
another grand master here We’ve almost missed you If you’re interested in this package And if you can defeat us; Not only we’ll give this to you We’re willing to give you our heads Your heads are worth nothing Did you say that? Yes It’s a pity mine is worthless It’s too much, I just want 50 taels Fine, if you can kill me… I’ll give you 50 taels My money! Take it, take all of it So, it’s you! I can afford to buy you a drink now With pleasure I look for good drinking company …and a good place I hate crowds Please Judging from the awe
they had in their eyes… you seem like someone well known It’s not a good thing to be famous My name is Li Xunhuan, and yourself? Ah Fei Ah Fei? Right I’m an orphan who grew up
in the wilderness I envy the birds flying in the sky Hence my name! Strange name indeed. Cheers You shouldn’t be drinking while coughing Yes, I shouldn’t touch any alcohol Then why do you drink? Do you have a sad past? Have I asked anything
you don’t want to answer? No Then why did you ask? Okay, I won’t Even if you want to ask,
it’ll have to wait We’ve got company Yes, one on the tree on the left Four at the temple ruins One behind the tree Li’s Legendary Dagger,
Never a miss! So overrated Give up the package And we’ll leave you alone I’ve got the package Let’s have another drink
before I head off Go! Chase… Wait for me here Who are you? Li Xunhuan Finally you are here You’ve been waiting for me? A hero called Ah fey has killed many except one;
he told me to keep an eye on him And wait for you Where’s the person? Here What are you doing here? This is the only house around After I’ve got the package …I wanted to rest here for a night Who’d have known that
your young friend’s here! Have some tea Thanks Are you alright, sir? I’m not used to drinking tea Then have some wine – Do you have any?
– Yes Great Just a minute I’ll give you the package Please let me go What’s inside the package? Why are so many after it? You honestly don’t know? Now that the Plum Flower Bandit
reappeared Inside the package is the unique Gold Threaded Vest. It’s like an armour No wonder! Wine, sir Thanks Please let me go I’ll give you everything I’ve an old grandmother Three children A lot of people are after this package So are you I kept my mouth shut
before you had your tea Now that you’ve had a sip of poison tea …at the most I can wait here
one more hour You’ll die of poisoning I wasn’t a part of it Who are you? Maybe you should know… who killed you! What a pretty girl I’d watch out should I see you again Do you think you’ll see me again? Of course, you know the tea is poisoned But you didn’t know that
when I was coughing …I spit out the tea Come on lmpressive! Don’t fight them. If you use your energy …the poison inside you
will circulate faster The girl forced me into poisoning the tea But I was responsible for
poisoning the wine The wine too? Couldn’t you taste it? You are… One of the Seven Incredible Men The mean and shameless one… Hua Feng I see Not anymore Now I’m the richest man
in the martial arts world For I own the Gold Threaded Vest You… you… It’s called, Fisherman gains
when snipe & clam fight You… you… Master Chuanjia Master Chuanjia Master Hurry, go after him Sure He is over there Dead! Maybe he’s got the antidote Be careful He could have other poisonous weapons Don’t scratch yourself I know Nothing at all I knew it I’m never that lucky Excellent wine Where do you think you’re going? Despite charging us,
you didn’t treat the patient What’d you mean by coming here
and drinking wine? Haven’t you heard …that I’ve a habit? What habit? I don’t treat patients when I drink Damn it, I’ll kill you I wouldn’t treat the patient,
if you want to kill me Let’s talk this over No one needs to get hurt Mind your own business Don’t run Don’t run Don’t run Odd indeed that the one
who is telling us not to run …is instead running away himself! Do you now know who I am? Sorry, may I know your name? In that case… You save me not because
you wanted my cure Why do we need your help to cure us? Your master’s poisoned by
my Cold Chicken powder I’m the only one who can cure him No one else can Someone stole the powder from me
a year ago And now you’ve been poisoned Come on, Nothing is better than drinking to death Let’s have a drink first Mr. Mei, you said you’ll cure my master Why are you drinking? Why should trivial matters
such as life and death …get in the way of drinking? If you don’t give me some wine,
I won’t help Master Come on You know that our master… can only live for two more hours? Why aren’t you doing anything? I wouldn’t be Mei Er… if you know when I’ve cured you I’ve already cured him The wine is the antidote Thank you, doctor What are you doing? What are you doing here? I’m Tian Qi Please excuse my two friends I’m here to apologize for them Sounds good Someone’s hurt by the Plum Blossom Bandit Could you treat him first? Is he badly injured? A minor wound on his shoulders Is that it?
Then I don’t have to go personally Just take the medicine. Where is he? Xingyun Manor Who’s the injured person? Master Long Xiaoyun Xunhuan Yes, it’s me You’re really here I brought some medicine
from Mei Er for you Plum Blossom Bandit has resurfaced! Right, he’s now in Baoding City He has injured many Where did it all take place? My back garden. The Plum… Blossom Forest in front of
Cold Fragrance Chamber Why there? Because Lin Xianer lives there Who’s Lin Xianer? The number one beauty
of martial arts world Do you have any idea… how many have fallen
head over heels for her? What’s her connection to you,
Brother Long? Why’s she living
in the Cold Fragrance Chamber? Let me fill you in the details I heard that Miss Lin’s father… was killed by the Plum Blossom Bandit She has announced that… she’ll marry whoever kills
the Plum Blossom Bandit …regardless of age, status and wealth She’ll marry that person She’s going to meet with
a group of heroes …here today Hence she has been putting up
at the chamber Master Long Master Gongsun and many heroes …have arrived If it weren’t for Lin Xianer’s beauty… I doubt so many important guests
will show up Even if it were a great feast Clean up the guest rooms
in the East Chamber Yes You must be tired after yourjourney Take a rest in the guest room Then I’ll introduce you to everyone It’s time of the red plum season Wonder how plum blossoms are like
at the pavilion! Fallen plums like the snow… It’s been 10 years.
Wonder how the plum blossoms are You’re back 10 years. You’re still drinking
as you were Ten years seems like a long time,
but it passed by If I don’t drink,
life seems like such a burden! Who told you to do so? Myself Why? Because I owe my life to someone To be benevolent to your savior
you feigned idiocy You got drunk all the time,
frequented the brothels Yes, I was hoping you’d give up on me …and marry Long Xiaoyun Do you think I’d be happy? After you’ve left I found out the truth I wanted to kill myself And then I thought… I’d better stay alive Because there’s a chance
we’ll see each other again Too bad, things have changed now The past is in the past Lady Lin Where’s Master Li? He’s right here Master Li, all the guests have arrived Master Long invites you
to Cold Fragrance Chamber Please Let me introduce you My sworn brother Li Xunhuan Li Ning of Wudang Clan Pleased to meet you Golden Fist Deng Lie Delighted Wang Chen, Golden Palms of Hua Shan Pleased to meet you Master Tian Qi, the Iron Sword Delighted This is the renowned Master Gongsun Pleased to meet you Master Li was a legendary character
ten years ago I’m glad to finally meet you Same here He’s Longsheng,
young master of Hidden Sword Manor He’s proud and aloof,
with incredible swordplay Nonetheless he is infatuated with
Lin Xianer He’s most eager to have
Plum Blossom Bandit dead Master Zhao is here Master Zhao Sorry I am late No problem Master Zhao, why are you here
with so much gold? There is a saying: It’s everyone’s duty
to rid the society of evils I hate the pests of the society That’s why I’m here today I hope to eliminate a public enemy And I brought along
10,000 taels of gold as… a reward for the one
who kills Plum Blossom Bandit Where’s Miss Lin? Miss Lin… Please sit down My father was murdered,
I can’t wait to get my revenge That’s why I take this opportunity here …to say this in person Whoever kills the Plum Blossom Bandit regardless of age, status and wealth I, Lin Xianer,
will keep my promise to marry him What Miss Lin is about to do… has set a good example forjustice I admire your courage I don’t deserve such praise
from Master Zhao This is… My sworn brother Li Xunhuan No wonder he’s so good with the daggers Have you two met? Yes, and I’ve offended him Can I have a word with Master Li alone? Certainly You should know why I’m here You need that Gold Threaded Vest because you’ll go up against
the Plum Blossom Bandit That’s right Is that it? If you want to find out more… Meet me here at midnight And I’ll let you know the details There have been two deaths here One is the younger brother
of the Master Iron Flute The other is the only son
of Master Zhao Zhengyi They died at midnight Why at midnight? Because people say
the Plum Blossom Bandit always shows up around midnight The Plum Blossom Bandit? Longsheng… young master
of Hidden Sword Mansion That’s me Why do you want to kill me? Someone wants me to kill you Hurry… inside Look Master You? Someone over there What’s going on? Who told you to come here? Miss Lin Xianer Bullshit Miss Lin Xianer has left in the evening I saw her off personally That can’t be, I was just talking to her earlier If she hasn’t told me to meet her here …what would I be doing here? To kill To kill? That’s right At midnight the Plum Blossom Bandit
will show up A concerned person At midnight, you killed Master You Get him You’ve got it all wrong We all were set up in a trap Let’s sit down and talk this over We’re not interested Looks like all of you… are hell bent to kill me now Don’t come any closer That was a warning, next time it’s gonna be for real Zhao Zhengyi, you said earlier that you want to get rid of
the pests in society? Why don’t you do something! Right, are you waiting for
Master Tian Qi? Or Master Gongsun? Xunhuan, Xunhuan That’s so strange, you all wanted me dead Why don’t you do something? I think you’ve got it wrong My sworn brother won’t be
the Plum Blossom Bandit Xunhuan, please hold your temper Brother Long Master Zhao, we must kill him today What are you doing? Stop it, everyone Let him go first No matter what crime he has done …I’ll take full responsibility We just can’t let
the Plum Blossom Bandit walk away That’s right Xunhuan, why don’t you tell them… that you’re no Plum Blossom Bandit? It took them a while to catch a suspect I don’t want to ruin their excitement Chuanjia Let’s go, young master Chuanjia Xunhuan Do you remember the day we first met? The Justice Eight accused you for …killing their head Meng Tianjie I told you to leave
just like you’re doing now You remember what you said then? I said I didn’t kill anyone I won’t leave… before this matter is cleared up Then why are you telling me to leave now? I think you won’t believe
I’m the Plum Blossom Bandit! But before they get to
the bottom of all this… they shouldn’t hurt you now There’s no need for
further investigation. We’re right He is the Plum Blossom Bandit Shut up Ah Fei Who are you? What do you want? Who are you? What do you want? I want to teach you a lesson My friend Very impressive, at such a young age I’m Zhao Zhengyi, the impartial person And your name is? I want to be your friend I don’t have a name, and I don’t want you as my friend Your package So you killed Hua Feng That’s right, he was carrying the package I knew he couldn’t be a good person I went back to look for you,
but you weren’t there Then I found out you’re here What’s going on? They said I’m the Plum Blossom Bandit Bullshit Come on, let’s go for a drink Wait It’s just the Plum Blossom Bandit
we’re after You shouldn’t get involved Who said he’s the Plum Blossom Bandit? I said so Shiyin What’s going on? I have no idea Tell the others that
you’re the Plum Blossom Bandit Are you crazy? How would I be the Plum Blossom Bandit? I’ll ask you one more time This is your last chance. Are you? Yes, I’m the Plum Blossom Bandit You heard him, everyone If his word is to be trusted… He is the Plum Blossom Bandit Young man, that’s not fair I mean this is
how the martial world functions The one with
the quickest sword is the boss So? Anyone else? Let’s go Wait How do you know I’m not that Bandit? I grew up in the wilderness,
like an animal I’ve an instinct
to distinguish good and evil If I leave now… They will be more certain that …I’m the suspect Xunhuan is right He can leave when we’re sure of the facts Right Fine, I’ll be in the deserted temple
in the outskirts Come look for me should you need me Great Young brother I don’t need the Gold Threaded Vest,
you take this I got it, bye So you’re here for the package The Plum Blossom Bandit? You got hit with my Plum Blossom Nails You shouldn’t be able to move Li Xunhuan was right He knew someone
would come after this vest Before I left He told me to wear it Very impressive What are you doing here? Here’s your belongings. Leave now Why must I leave? Can’t you tell
they’re doing this on purpose? I’ve suspected it, since the first day
I came back to the country, there’s a trap waiting for me The Gold Threaded Vest, Lin Xianer and now they call me
the Plum Blossom Bandit Who is trying to hurt me? Since you know that
someone’s trying to hurt you You should better leave soon Have you seen the spider webs? Yes We’re like the spiders We all want to make our own web Then we can live in it forever For everything that we’ve done For money, love, friendship,
for ourselves We’ve made our own web to tie us up Then we’re trapped in it No matter what we do, we can’t get out Some people call this fate Why are you back, cousin? Destiny! Xunhuan… Shiyin, what are you doing here? She’s here to see me Although I released your vital points
the other day But I worried for your health Here’s some herbal tea for you Thanks, Brother Long Xiaoyun, you know that
he’s not the Plum Blossom Bandit Why don’t you help him clear all this up? Don’t worry, we’ll soon know the truth They’ve already sent someone… to inform Master Xinmei of Shaolin Temple They’ll send a representative here soon The Shaolin Temple is famous forjustice They won’t wrongly accuse people Master, master What is it? Master Zhao said it’s urgent He’s waiting for you in the hall Folks, what’s going on? We’ve just received news Master Xinmei will arrive soon That’s great The bad news is… Mr. Iron Flute is also on the road He’s famous for retaliation If he launches a fight, We’re no match for him If he gets here
earlier than Master Xinmei …and kills Li Xunhuan Then what can we tell the Shaolin Temple? Li Xunhuan’s friend is a problem too We must watch out for him Don’t worry, I’ve an idea What? Your master is in danger I heard that
someone will kill my master tonight He’s a martial arts expert Where is your master now? Locked in the stock room Li Xunhuan So this is a trap! I presumed you to be just I told you to mind your own business Get him Don’t worry, he won’t run far Mr. Iron Flute You’re hurt? Got ambushed? Why are you asking me?
Since you’ve observed it I don’t like to attack people
behind their back If they didn’t attack me from behind There’s no way they could hurt me You’re very arrogant I don’t want to harm you
since you’re hurt But I must teach you a lesson… for being arrogant Since you’re hurt,
I’ll let you take three moves first Why are you leaving? I don’t want you to die here Why would I die? Because no one can take my three moves You want to try? Forget 3, no one can take one move I said I’ll let you
take three moves first That was one Two more Two Three Fine, that’s it lmpressive! You were right It’s hard to hurt you unless from behind I’ve learnt one thing today I can’t let anyone
to take three moves first And you should have learnt one thing Every move should be fatal Mr. Iron Flute,
have you met the young man? Yes Did you kill him? No I’m here to kill Li Xunhuan Xunhuan Why would they let me out
of the stock room …and drink here? I heard that Master Xinmei… will arrive tonight You’ll go to Shaolin Temple tomorrow No he won’t Why not? Because I’ll kill him tonight Mr. Iron Flute Why don’t you ask me
why I want you dead? I don’t want to offend you.
And anyway… If I explain anything,
you won’t believe me Then why would I bother! Right, I’d kill you no matter what Mr. Iron Flute No wonder my younger brother
died at your hands You’re very good So I killed your brother You should tell me What does he look like So that I can say hello to him in hell Bullshit Amitabha Buddha Master Xinmei Master Iron Flute, why the rush to kill Li Xunhuan? I must avenge for my brother I heard that you’ll always get even You’d never do anyone any favors I wonder if you could make this
an exception Let me and Li Xunhuan
go to Shaolin Temple Because my chief said
he doesn’t believe… Li Xunhuan to be the Plum Blossom Bandit Fine. With you here… It won’t be easy for me to kill him But if you’re sure that
he’s the Plum Blossom Bandit …then I want to be the one to kill him Thank you Where am I? The guest room You saved me? You fainted outside Where are my clothes? I helped you change I feel dizzy Take a nap What is it, Zhaolong? Our master said that… Li Xunhuan will head for Shaolin tomorrow Take the Gold Threaded Vest
to your master Inform him that Ah Fei is injured;
that he’s here I’ll make sure he recovers slowly Yes Inform the Five Poisons Kid That Li Xunhuan will be
on the road tomorrow Tell them to kill him on the way 100,000 taels of gold,
5 pearls will be delivered soon Yes Li Xunhuan, you must die Take care of yourself on the road Don’t drink too much I know Why don’t you clamp his vital points? Lock him up in chains That’s right It’s not necessary He might run He’d be already gone if he wished Chuanjia, what are you doing here? I heard that the master
will head for Shaolin today I’m here to escort It’s an arduous journey Twenty years I’ve worked for you However tough the journey, I’m not afraid Very loyal indeed! Let’s go, Master Li Another bowl Come… serve the guests Master, they don’t have the wine you like Only the local stuff It’s fine Don’t touch anything What’s going on? It’s poisoned How do you know? Look Who did this? I um… Speak up Not him, or he’d be gone already What do you think he’s staying here for? Right, I don’t know what happened My brother cooked the dishes That’s my brother What’s going on? Who did this? Look Five Poisons Kid That’s him Looks like you’ve got friends But you’ve got more enemies I’ve heard that the Five Poisons Kid …has many ways to poison a person And if he is determined
to kill someone… then the person will die for sure That’s right. Unless he never eats! Let’s take a break here Sure Let’s take a break here You have a rest too, Master Li Master Tian, you must be starving Of course. We haven’t eaten in three days Old man, here’s 10 taels Can I have the steamed buns? Ten taels? That’s right Dear, honey We have ten taels Look, we’ve got food You can’t eat the buns Nonsense You saw him eating it But we can’t eat it Because the Five Poisons Kid
isn’t after him How come he won’t be poisoned? There’s antidote in the soup He drank the soup beforehand How do you know it’s poisoned? I know the man has left The house is empty Steamed buns Steamed buns Fresh and hot Steamed buns Behave children Come here and eat your noodles. Be quiet I’ll give you five taels I’ll take the buns That… Since the children want to eat the buns I’ll swap the buns with noodles That won’t be fair to you Never mind Say thank you Thank you! Let’s go eat the buns, open up I think I can have these noodles now If the Five Poisons Kid
could predict that the kids don’t want to eat the noodles and that I’d swap with them And he’s poisoned the noodles Then I have nothing to say even I’ll die Go on Let’s eat I know what you’re trying to do You want us to starve So that you can escape easily You can’t eat that, Master Tian This place is deserted There’s not another house around here You know, if I’d want to poison someone …I’d rather do it here Go take a look inside I think the whole family is gone It’s really empty Finally we’re almost there I don’t understand you.
Why do you insist… on bringing my master to Shaolin temple? We invited Master Li …because there’ve been thefts of martial arts scriptures
in Shaolin Temple What’s that got to do
with the Plum Blossom Bandit? When the scripture thief …killed our people, He left a mark of the Plum Blossom Bandit You think my master
is the Plum Blossom Bandit? No, but I do suspect someone I haven’t said anything
for I’ve got no proof If anything happens to me… please tell my fellow Shaolin disciples The name of the suspect is written …on the last page of my journal The last page of yourjournal Throw it away, don’t touch it A poisonous toad… Run! Chuanjia Master, I think I’ve been poisoned You must be working for
the Five Poisons Kid That’s right Chuanjia I know I’m dying Take care of yourself Chuanjia… Look Poor snake It’s a shame… Are you the Five Poisons Kid? That’s right I’ve been expecting you… for I promised someone I’ll kill you Master, be careful Five poisonous cold needles You know quite a lot Don’t worry about me, just run! The Legendary Master Li and your daggers Master Li, I’m delighted to meet you Thank you Master, I’m just an ordinary man I’m lucky to meet you today It’s a pleasure There’s no need to be so modest Thank you for escorting
Master Xinmei here I appreciate it very much You’re very welcome Master How do you know
he didn’t hurt Master Xinmei? Shut up Don’t you know that Master Xinmei… has been poisoned
by Five Poisons Needles? Anyone could have poisoned him You are right Do you think that… I’ve hurt Master Xinmei? Only you could answer that No, someone else can give you an answer Who? Master Xinmei himself Why don’t you ask him when he wakes up? Time for dinner Where do you think you’re going? What happened? You killed Master Xinmei
while we were eating And you’re pretending you didn’t do it? What? Get him Stop it Master Li What’s going on? Master Xinmei was killed You’re the murderer You’re wrong About the scriptures thief,
Master Xinmei said… He has the name of the suspect He’s written the name on the last page …of his journal The last page has been torn off! That’s simple I would tear out the last page… and make up a story if I was the murderer How would the thief know… about Master Xinmei’s journal? You can get up now Do you want your golden vest back? No, I’m here to see you I always thought
flowers are the most beautiful… things on earth…
but today I’ve seen a woman …who is more beautiful than flowers You think I’m pretty? Have you been in love before? No You know nothing about me I was in a coma for the past few days This is the first time we’ve spoken Don’t ponder upon this Don’t move What is it? There’s a poisonous spider on your neck Thank you It’s so strange A poisonous spider
in such a beautiful environment You can’tjudge a book by its cover I’ve heard that
poppy is a pretty flower too You were holding the spiderjust now If you got bitten, you could die Hmm, I didn’t think about that at all Maybe I was in a hurry There’s only one kind of love… which makes you disregard your own life That’s the love between a man and a woman You’ll understand more later But I’ll always remember that You’ve saved my life today And I’ll remember you’ve been kind to me So… Have you heard anything about Master Li? Why do you care about Li Xunhuan so much? Because he’s my only friend I heard that Master Xinmei was murdered Shaolin Temple has kept
Master Li in house arrest …until they’ve found
the Plum Blossom Bandit Now that a second Bandit has surfaced… It’s proof enough that, Li Xunhuan is not the Plum Blossom Bandit Would you know of anyone… who is rich and nasty that
I should kill? You are Shen Laosan? Do you know why I’m here? Let go From Shaolin? Stop it, master Why do you want to catch him? He’s the accomplice of
the Plum Blossom Bandit Of course we can catch him My friend is innocent I hope you’ll let him go If he’s the Plum Blossom Bandit Then you’re his accomplice;
just as guilty Zhao Zhengyi, you’ve gone too far What if I have? You must be fair For your namesake You can’t bully someone like this Master Zhao, no one else is here No spies, only you What do you want? We want to nab the Plum Blossom Bandit We want to find the scriptures stealer What if they are two different persons? If we can locate the scriptures I promise you, Shaolin won’t get involved You must return the scriptures
in three days Three days? That’s a long time I only need an hour Yuanfeng Yes master Search the rooms of Dongning Chambers Yes master Follow me Why are you searching our rooms? Because Master Xinmei told me …you are the scriptures stealers The Yijin Scripture which was stolen… recently is still inside this temple Master, we’ve found the scriptures …in their rooms They must have planted
the stolen scriptures Here’s the Yijin Scripture We’ve been framed for sure How would you know that… where we placed the scriptures? Look, they are not the scripture stealers Wouldn’t find even if they try hard I’d say, even if
we planted the scriptures here We couldn’t have placed it
in the secret compartment Master Xinmei has told me that… He suspects the scriptures stealer
is an insider One who has access to the library And only the senior masters
at Dongning Chambers …are eligible;
that’s why I took a risk If Mater Xinjian would’ve been
a little more calm… My plan wouldn’t work Don’t move Let me get hold of
the Plum Blossom Bandit Don’t move Master Zhao,
if you want to take the credit I’ll pass him to your custody later The martial world wouldn’t have
that many grudges …if not for people like them A bunch of hypocrites! Let’s go Wait I’ve promised Master Xinmei… that I’d catch the scriptures stealers A promise is a promise C’mon, let’s see
how you actually catch me Don’t move Come on Who’s the Plum Blossom Bandit?
Who told you to steal? What did he say? He said it’s me What are you trying to do? To seize the Plum Blossom Bandit You are too rash I’ll kill you if you move again You… Ever thought the Bandit
perhaps mightn’t be a man? Not a man? Then what? A woman of course A woman? Right… since the beginning The Plum Blossom Bandit
has been trying to set you up And these people who are against us …are all male, martial arts experts Only a very beautiful woman… Could make this happen And there’s only one woman
who knows that… I was going to kill Shen Laosan I heard the news from Shaolin Temple I knew you’d come here to look for me You’ve been trying to kill Master Li…
why? He killed my father Who might he be? My father worked for
the Plum Blossom Bandit You killed him ten years ago by Tai Lake That’s why you try to set him up There was a monk called… Xinjian who contacted me He said that
the Plum Blossom Bandit is still alive I could have my revenge. We set up a trap …for you We used the martial arts experts… as pawns. They all lust after beauty Then the deaths of Zhao Zhengyi’s son …and Mr. Iron Flute’s brother We were hoping that they’d get rid of you So you knew
who’s the Plum Blossom Bandit all along? No. Didn’t have a clue I’ve only contacted Monk Xinjian Now it doesn’t matter
who’s the Plum Blossom Bandit Because I must kill you I’d advise you not to Because even if you practise for
another 10 years You’re not Master Li’s match That’s my problem Miss Lin, have you ever thought that… I did everyone a favor
by killing your father? He’s my father after all Miss Lin, I owe you a favor I don’t wish to see you die here You better leave Mr. Iron Flute, you heard her She’s the one who killed your brother What are you doing? Avenging my brother I didn’t kill him The real Plum Blossom Bandit did Who’d believe you? Come on then You all spread out Mr. Iron Flute, this is a duel C’mon, move Wait Mr. Iron Flute, Zhao Zhengyi,
if you want your revenge, you should find the real killer Where is the real killer? I know Shiyin Cousin, I think you know who’s the real …Plum Blossom Bandit Tell them I will if you don’t Shiyin – Shiyin…
– Miss Lin Shiyin Cousin, you… You should know You… it’s been ten years… Shiyin Wait Don’t go I know where he is I’ll take care of it I’ve been expecting you Why did you kill Shiyin? That’s because… I must kill all those who know my secret That includes you This duel should have… taken place ten years ago at Tai Lake Nevertheless it’s happening today So you’re the real Plum Blossom Bandit? Yes, you tried to catch me ten years ago I knew I was no match for you then That’s why I set a trap And pretended to save your life Then I’ve been living in Xingyin Manor I sent Xinjian to steal
the scriptures from Shaolin And I’ve been practising all these years So even if you attempt to
take my life today… It won’t be as easy as ten years back So you’ve never loved Shiyin! No And frankly speaking,
I didn’t save your life then Ten years ago… At the time when you thought I saved you; It was in fact
the beginning of a revenge. Only that I used sentiments
rather than weapons However, when it comes to
using sentiments… You’ve got to be like me… heartless! Otherwise I’d be like you Your whole life’s been controlled
by sentiments You were living in regrets and pain Before Xinjian died, he told me that… you’re the Plum Blossom Bandit. I didn’t …blow your cover for
I still had faith in you That’s your main weakness You believe in sentiments among people You easily gave up the woman you love… and your property and wealth Of course, the world might say
you’re sentimental But you’re just a silly fool Let me tell you once again You can’t be a sentimental swordsman And the sword you wield… ought to be a merciless one Are you done with your tale,
Long Xiaoyun? I said that before It’s a simple story… about revenge of the Plum Blossom Bandit Now it’s my turn to tell my story I want to know how you dodged my daggers Little Li’s Legendary Dagger,
Never a miss! You never expected me to use this magnet The last 10 years
I managed to find a lot about you You never carry more than 12 daggers There’s a sword at the back To kill an unarmed man It’s something very novel to me I wanted to use Lin Xianer’s eagerness
for revenge And I also wanted to
exploit the hypocrites …as my pawns But I’d never have thought that… I have to kill you personally I’ve told you before, I must kill you Because you’re sentimental,
and I’m ruthless Another sentimental man Don’t move Maybe you didn’t think
I’ve the Gold Threaded Vest Hold it! If you step one inch further I swear that this broken sword …will be pierced through your throat The magnet is too far away Even with the broken sword… I still have time to kill him Although you could avoid… all the man-made weapons But you can’t escape …from the ice made by the gods! Please rate this subtitle at %url%
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