THE SEISHIN GI | By Karate People, For Karate People — Jesse Enkamp

The ultimate aim of karate lies in the
pursuit of perfection. Dedicated karate practitioners spend countless hours in the dojo, developing their technique, mind and body. So why wasn’t there a karate
uniform that truly reflects this quest for personal perfection? “The problem with most karate uniforms on the market, is that they’re not made by actual karate practitioners. That’s why they don’t look, feel or function as well as they could. We think dedicated karate practitioners deserve better. So we decided to do
something.” What started as a dream to make the perfect karate uniform, soon turned into a worldwide movement. The result was Seishin. The world’s first crowdfunded and crowdsourced karate suit. By karate practitioners, for karate practitioners. Unlike any other karate gi, the Seishin’s unique 9.5 ounce
cotton fiber, makes it look like a traditional heavyweight uniform, but
retains the feel of a snappy lightweight gi. Silky smooth, sharp, stylish and
incredibly comfortable. The way a gi should feel. The Okinawan style high
waist pants with quadruple loops and pleats maximizes your freedom of
movement, while unique air cooling in the jacket and pants keeps you cool. With different sizes for both men and women, The Seishin Gi truly lives up to its praise. “The Seishin Gi can be used for every aspect of karate. Whether it’s sparring, kata, kihon, self-defence or competing. But it’s not just made for elite athletes or grandmasters. It’s made for you. That’s why we have 97% five-star customer reviews on our website. It’s the people’s gi.” The Seishin Gi is being used by international champions, experts and regular karate people all over the world, including Okinawa – the birthplace of karate. “We’re super grateful for the incredible success of Seishin. But the journey has just begun. Because in the end, is not about reaching perfection. It’s about always striving for it, and never giving up. That’s the spirit of karate, and that is the story of Seishin.”

36 thoughts on “THE SEISHIN GI | By Karate People, For Karate People — Jesse Enkamp

  1. If you buy one of those: Don´t forget to watch the HOW TO WASH YOUR KARATE GI – Tutorial by Jesse !

    Your Gi will thank you *

    *…oh by the way: Don´t wash red socks with your white Gi… You don´t look scary with a pink cotton Karate Uniform 🙁 I learned it the hard way.

  2. I want this Gi so bad but its about $372 Canadian. Looks like I have to start saving! Do they sell jacket and pants separate? During summer we train in the park and use the white top and black pants but I don't want to spend that much money for an entire Gi when I will never wear the black top.

  3. You guys must've worked very hard on this product and this video is outstanding as usual.
    However, it could have been better if you included a clip on your Karate On Fire video
    -Love from UAE 🇦🇪

  4. I Planned to buy it since the first time i saw it; I'll take it for my birthday (it will be exactly in a month, whoho)

  5. I baked brownies and sold them like crazy because I wanted this gi so bad!!!

    Finally got it and I'm not disappointed. I don't use it very often (just in special occasions) but when I do, I feel amazing!

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