The Sea Princess – Chhota Bheem Full Episodes in Hindi

Oh God! It was so foolish of me to get separated from my friends. It seems that I am far, very far away from home! Father must be very worried looking for me…. I just hope no land animal catches me. I have heard that they are very cruel and they like to catch and eat sea animals! Oh i feel so tired…. Come along you lazy good for nothing donkeys!! Are you still sleeping? Don’t you know, The early bird gets the worm! Bird??? Worm??? We are here to catch birds or what??? Well, actually we are here to fish… Dholu! Bholu! Come here quick! Look what have I found! Look a real mermaid!! Hoorah! I will use her as a display in the circus and I will make lots of money. I will be very rich, infact richer than the king…ho ho ho ha ha ha… He says “I”?? Not “We”?? Shhhhhhh keep quiet… Where am I? Who are you? A talking mermaid!!!!!!!!! A talking mermaid!!!!!!!!! …yes .I remember now…yesterday there was a big storm in the sea and I got tossed and washed ashore… Yes, there was a big storm… You seem like good boys to me. Please be kind enough and help me go into the deep-sea. My father, the sea king, must be very worried for me. I am sure he will reward you for helping me… I am sorry for you princess and I really wish I could help. But I have other plans for you…Ha ha ha ha ho ho… Plans?? What plans?? Please let me return I beg of you! With a talking mermaid like you I can earn lots of money, more money than any king’s reward. Go and get me a big tub. But why do we need a tub at all??? We can simply carry her… No silly, mermaids are like fish… they need water… without water they cannot live… You better not play any tricks with me! Understand??? Next time I want you to smile and wave at the people and look happy, is that clear… or no food for the next two days…understand? Please let me go…I beg of you please No! What’s wrong if she does not smile and look happy? You both are really useless and never think! If she does not smile and wave, everyone will think I have kidnapped her!! The king will have us thrown in the jail then! I won I won What are you saying…you can never win, I have won Where is Bheem?? Here I am! Why are you panting? Is everything okay? Nothing could be worse than this! Kaalia has captured a talking mermaid. He tortures and exhibits her in the circus for money! We must free the poor little mermaid. Lets go then! Hey how many spectators are there today? Check and tell me… Much more than the last show… Yes, this is a very nice turnout… Ah ha…everyone seems to be very interested to have a look at the mermaid …very soon.. I will be rich beyond my OUR OLD FRIENDS BHEEM AND HIS FRIENDS ARE HERE! I SEE TROUBLE! THEY ARE COMING THIS WAY…OH MY GOD! Bholu lets run… Keep quiet!! My name is Bheem. My friend here has told me that, you are being held captive and tortured by Kaalia. Is it true? You are a talking mermaid, so please tell me… don’t be afraid of Kaalia… Bheem! Get out from here!!! Now! YES…I am a prisoner here… Did you hear that? Release her right now… So, now you are going to order me in my own house? You will have to fight me first… So be it, Kaalia… Where is the talking mermaid? Why is nobody starting the show? Its getting very late I don’t think there is any mermaid, LEAVE ALONE A TALKING ONE! KAALIA HAS CHEATED US! I am Bheem and this is your mermaid… We have reached my home… Thank you so much for rescuing me! I will never forget your kindness! This is my father and father, this is Bheem and his friends, they are the land animals who rescued me! Bheem! Thanks for saving my daughter! I am the Sea King and in return for your kindness I grant you three boons! Ask and they will be fulfilled! Your majesty! Helping your daughter was my duty. I don’t want any reward… But I must give you something…. The joy on your face is my reward… Bheem, I am deeply impressed with you! I grant that from this very day and moment no sea animal will ever harm either you or your friends. Look a shark! But the King said… Wait and watch!

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