The Rules of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA or UFC) – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains, the Rules of Mixed Martial
Arts The object of the game is for a fighter to
win by points, knockout or submission. Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA is a hybrid sport
that combines the techniques of many different martial arts. There are many organisations that promote
the sport, the most famous being the UFC, the Ultimate Fighting Championship. A contest is between two fighters in a multi-faceted
cage, sometimes referred to as ‘the ring’ or ‘the Octagon’. The walls are high and are made of chain-link
wire, to prevent fighters from escaping. In MMA, fighters fight within a weight class. You must be under the relevant weight limit,
as if you are overweight, you are disqualified immediately and cannot compete in the fight. Once the referee tells you to go … you must
begin fighting. You are allowed to punch your opponent, kick
your opponent, elbow knee or wrestle your opponent, lock their limbs to cause them pain,
throw them to the ground or against the cage and you are allowed to choke them with your
limbs. You can use virtually any strike from any
martial art, and this makes MMA the most versatile combat sport in the world. There’s also things you cannot do, which
will earn you a warning and possible disqualification. You cannot attack the groin. You cannot knee to the head if the opponent
is on the floor. You cannot strike the back of the head or
the spine. No head butting, eye gouging, or fish-hooking. No biting, hair pulling, or grabbing the cage. No fingers in an orifices, or manipulation
of your opponent’s fingers. No strikes or grabbing of the throat. And no intentional throwing of your opponent
outside of the cage. Doing these things accidentally will result
in a warning. A fight is contested in 3 rounds of 5 minutes
each, with a one minute break in between rounds. Championship contests are fought over 5 rounds
of 5 minutes each. There are three ways to win a fight. Knockout
If you manage to knock your opponent down, they’ll have a limited amount of time to
get back up. If they cannot get up within this time and
show that they can defend themselves, you win the fight by Knockout. Submission. If you manage to manipulate your opponent
causing them pain, the fighter trapped in the hold can call defeat by tapping their
opponent’s body or tapping the floor, or by making a verbal announcement. Once an opponent has done this, the referee
will end the fight immediately and award you the win by submission. This is also known as ‘tapping out’. Points. If a Knockout or Submission hasn’t happened
when time runs out, a group of judges will have scored each fighter based on their performance,
for every round that they have fought in. The fighter with the highest amount of points
at the end of time – wins. This is known as ‘winning by decision’. That’s pretty much the gist of the UFC or
Mixed Martial Arts, but there’s a few other things that you’ll need to know before watching
a fight. For example: Disqualification (DQ). A fighter can be disqualified for failing
to make weight, or by being given three warnings for illegal moves. Once the 3rd warning has been issued, the
referee will stop the fight immediately. A disqualification can also be called, if
a fighter has been injured by an illegal move that seemed intentional. Forfeit. A fighter can announce his own defeat before
a match begins, if he is injured or unable to fight. This is known as a forfeit. No contest. If both fighters violate the rules, or if
a fighter is injured by an unintentional illegal action, a no-contest call may be called. This is where no fighter wins the bout. No contests are rarely called in MMA fights. Technical knockout (TKO). When a referee, doctor, or fighter’s corner
crew, feels that a fighter is no longer able to defend himself, or that it’s too dangerous
to let a fighter carry on fighting, they can stop the fight and the opponent will win by
technical knockout. This video is a general summary of the ‘Unified
Rules of Mixed Martial Arts’, which most organisations adhere to. Specific rules differ between organisations
so check your local organisation for the specific rules that you must abide by. But if you have found this video at all helpful,
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100 thoughts on “The Rules of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA or UFC) – EXPLAINED!

  1. Ninh explains the Unified Rules of MMA – I'm surprised so many people asked for this one, I honestly thought the rules were self explanatory. For fighters: different organisations have different rules so check the rules of the organisation that you're fighting with.

  2. I've always wanted to train mma or muai thai ever since I was a teen but I never was able to due to external things, maybe in the future I will.
    I also love how most of the rules are pretty much "these are here so that you wont kill the poor guy"

  3. Braking a weight class limit does not always result in a disqualification. If in a case that one fighter does not make the weight it will be changed into a catchweight fight, with the wight limit being of the guy who went over and he gives a % of he's/her's fight purse to the opponent. In case of championship bout it will be changed into a non-title fight (Anderson Silva vs Travis Lutter fight was a title fight but Lutter failed to make weight so it changed to a non-title fight).

    Bonus things for the Daijiro Matsui vs Bob Schrijber, It is illegal to attack someone after the round has ended (That axe kick to the back of the head). Or it is also illegal to keep attacking/holding into a submission hold(Looking at you Palhares) after a referee stops the fight.

  4. DQs don't happen due to missing weight. They either call off the fight, take part of the fighter who missed weights purse, or make it a catchweight fight. Also things like kneeing a grounded opponent to the head, or throwing them out of the cage don't ever result in points being taken. Its an automatic DQ unless accidental in which the fight would be ruled a no contest. Warnings and taking points are reserved for things like groin shots and grabbing the fence. Additionally there is no time limit for a knockout. If the opponent is knocked out cold it is ruled a knockout. Boxing has the time limit for standing up not MMA. There is no ruling called a forfeit in MMA either. If the fighter quits it would be called a TKO (either due to exhaustion or injury). Other than that it was a good video but I just wanted to point out some inaccuracies I found.

  5. Hi Ninh I like your sports videos, they are so good
    I wanted to know what happened to your roller derby video? I can't see it

  6. Perhaps explain the rules of 6 man football? I've seen it featured a lot recently and from what I understand there's some major differences in the game versus normal football aside from the obvious smaller amount of players. As always great vid!

  7. Hey Nihn great video like always are the sport videos on Sunday's now that's okay because I have to catch up on all videos due to a holiday and what happened to the roller derby video I was going to watch that before my flight but my phone died and now I can't see the video

  8. I would add the rule that there is no hitting to the head of a fighter lying on his back or belly or something like that. It's just horrible to watch how unconscious fighters are smacked in the face. :/

  9. It could be a lot better but still good video
    I think that are somethings that were not correctly said or explained
    I still leave a like for the good work

  10. If the person on top can limit your defense by pressing you against the fence then the person on the bottom should be able to use the fence to limit their offense. This will force the fight towards the middle for fairness.

  11. My college buddy who is a avid wrestler told there is no way I can defend against his single leg takedown. I put my thumbs near his eyes and he let go immediately.

  12. 1:44 – 1:47 Oh I get it, no throwing opponent out of the cage which mma can't do this, THROWING OUT OF CAGE, Cannot throw opponent out of cage.I didn't know that but when you told me now I know. thanks Ninh Ly for teaching me that.I learned.

  13. Ok I understand that MMA/UFC is "real" but at the same time there is a shit ton of rules to follow by. To me that's not a true real fight lol

  14. I tried to Practice some Submissions, Grabs and Reversal so Hard
    but it makes my Head/Brain. Dizzy?, Headache? or Something else?

  15. What about the angle of Elbows on a downed opponent? Or is that just the UFC?

    Are there any rules against elbows to standing opponents?

    It's such an underutilized technique in the stand up striking :O (if it's legal)
    I see plenty of opportunities for fighters to use it all the time :/

  16. Still not sure why Connor wasn’t allowed to knee or punch khabib while he was trying to put him in a silly wrestling move???

  17. MMA is as real as a legal fight can get, but these rules make you wonder if grapplers would really win as much if these rules were lifted, or if they were in a street fight with someone of equal skill…🤔

  18. Conor grabbed the fence at least twice and an illegal knee to the head of Khabib. But Herpes Dean let him get away with it

  19. Better no lock hand neck etc. It will be more enjoyable to watch. Tapping out is suck, want to see more of exchanging punches and kick

  20. I have a question about punches. Is there a limit to how hard you can punch because it looks like fighters hold back power when punching.
    Also, why don't they just charge head on running towards each other and start throwing punches and kicking, instead it always looks like they are like in this constant dance with one another.

  21. You see people complain about wwe being fake and this pretty much proves the point that UFC is not real fights since there are so many rules where in the wwe you can hit the head below the waste and many more. Sure it's not real that does not mean it's fake it's scripted

  22. Just FYI, your explanation of how to win by KO was partially wrong. There is no limited amount of time within which they need to get up. As long as the ref. feels they are “intelligently defending” themselves, they can remain on the ground until the round ends. It’s quite subjective actually and there are many controversial stoppages because of this.

  23. If kicking,kneeing and throwing elbows to head of the grounded opponent was legal….muay thai fighters would dominate MMA with ease……go watch some Pride FC and One championship and you will understand

  24. there is also a broken limbs during the fight
    a fighter's shin, hand or ankle was broke or twisted
    they always never take calcium after training or even a check up at the hospital and a shin conditioning for an upcoming tournament match
    i saw a video about a guy or a woman broke their leg/ankle during AN MMA FIGHT. and caught on camera and post on youtube after that

  25. Good old fashioned fight between two men or women. No jumping in no weapons no body dies just a clear cut fair one on one fight to the finish what could be better

  26. What about something that’s a “fake move” like a DDT, that’s EXTREMELY dangerous in real life? Often guys will have someone in a headlock from the standup—, if you were to fall back into a DDT to then lock a guillotine in, would that be legal?

  27. I'm new to MMA ,can anyone explain how rematches can occur? conor lost to khabib and he's asking for a rematch. I've seen diaz and conor rematches too. is it just because of the rankings or because of something happened in previous fight???

  28. I know in some martial arts, there are moves used to break enemy's fingers that I can imagine how painful it is. Break one finger you destroy an arm, very effective but too brutal for sport.

  29. MMA is not a real fight.

    In a real fight, there are no rules.

    Imagine someone is attacking you, he could do anything he wants. He could cut you off, he could poke you in the eye, he could kick you in the balls, he could kick and knee you on the ground, he could do EVERYTHING.

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