100 thoughts on “The Rock’s biggest SmackDown moments: WWE Playlist

  1. Seeing Rock give the 9/11 address is so weird….. You get so used to seeing Rock in character, its easy to forget that's not him 24/7

  2. You have uploaded the completely new photo on the screen, but in fact, it was a very old video. I don' t know why!

  3. Вот он великолепный и неповторимый и ловкий и быстрый и неостановимый и великодушный и храбрый и талантливый и непроизойдённый Дуэйн Джонсон Скала

  4. esto era la wwe, que paso con ustedes? , sin historias buenas, no importa los tan buenos lucharores q tengan. dejaran q aew los supere?.

  5. A bonafide superstar, only John Cena has come close to replicating The Rock in his success. Vince must have sleepless nights just thinking why he can't make a star anymore.

  6. Gua yakin… kalo mak gua jadi tukang urut nya the rock ….. langsung kaya mendadak …😅😅😅 jika ada yang kenal the rock tolong promosikan mak saya ya🤣😊

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