The Real Secret of Bruce Lee – Brief Martial Arts

What Made Bruce Lee so Brilliant? Although it’s already decades since Bruce
Lee passed away, even today thousands of people are inspired about his charisma and martial
arts skills. He has given us amazing stories, sights And
insights, that we still find amazing. Yet what made this martial arts superstar
so great? Why can’t we never get enough of Bruce Lee? Hi, my name is Rokas Leo and this time we
are going to look at a brief history of the secret of Bruce Lee. Born in 1940’s at the Chinese Hospital in
San Francisco’s Chinatown, according to the Chinese zodiac, Lee was born in both the hour
and the year of the Dragon, which according to tradition is a strong omen. Yet despite being born under a good sign,
Bruce’s life had it’s ups and downs right from early age. After Lee’s birth, his family moved back
to Hong Kong, where he was constantly taunted by English school boys who appeared to feel
superior to the Chinese. This lead Bruce to constantly getting into
fights and eventually to the desire to learn martial arts. In 1957, Lee began training in Wing Chun Kung
Fu, where he already started showing signs of great persistence. After a year into his training, most of his
fellow students refused to train with him when they learned of his mixed ancestry, as
the Chinese were generally against teaching their martial arts techniques to non-Asians. Being as persistent as he was, Bruce did’t
stop because of that and instead, managed to convince his teacher, the great Yip Man,
to teach him personally, which was a very rare success to any of his students. Bruce became deeply devoted to his training,
with intense training olso showing great success, yet his devotion to development didn’t stop
here. Besides his martial arts practice, not many
know that he was also into dancing, acting and even poetry. He even won the Hong Kong Cha Cha Championship
and despite that the movie industry in China back then was not big at the time, following
his passion for acting he starred in more than 20 films before leaving the country. At the age of 18, in 1959, Lee returned to
United States with $100 in his pocket to continue his high school education. To earn money he taught some dancing and later
worked as a live-in waiter for a restaurant. Following his yearning for growth, in 1961
he joined the University of Washington. Again he displayed his perseverance by completely
devoting himself to studies here. In order to further deepen his knowledge of
martial arts he intensely studied philosophy and psychology alongside drama and various
other subjects. In order to support himself financially he
started teaching Kung-Fu, first to his close friends and later, encouraged by them – opened
his first martial arts school and even taught in the University where he met his wife Linda
during the training. Following the success of his teaching, Lee
decided to become a professional instructor and soon after opened a second school. Yet his hunger still didn’t stop. In 1964 some Chinese kung-fu practitioners
from San Francisco, objecting Bruces’ teaching Chinese martial arts to Westerners, challenged
him to a duel with the terms, that if Bruce would loose, he would have to stop teaching. Bruce Lee was able to win, yet despite that,
he was unhappy of not being able to beat his opponent in less than 3 minutes and thus decided
to deepen his exploration of martial arts even more, what lead him to the evolution
of his own style – Jeet Kun Do. In August 1964, Bruce was invited to give
a public demonstration of his martial arts skills where he performed so well, that he
was later suggested to star in a new TV show called the “Green Hornet” as the main
sidekick. He also continued to teach Jeet Kun Do as
he opened up new schools, yet here his passions of martial arts and acting have collided as
he soon realized that if he will continue to open more and more schools, he will start
losing the quality of his teaching. Eventually Bruce decided to become more focused
in his teaching and also devote more time to acting. Nevertheless that didn’t stop Bruce from
further developing his understanding of Martial Arts. Where most practitioners stop at a certain
skill level, Lee not only continued to hone his skills, but also read and wrote extensively
his thoughts about physical combat, psychology of fighting, philosophical roots of martial
arts, motivation, self-actualization and even liberation of the individual. There was rarely a time when Bruce was doing
nothing—he was often seen reading a book, doing forearm curls and watching a boxing
film at the same time. Despite becoming extremely proficient, his
arduous training also lead to some negative results. Because of his extreme exercises, he eventually
ended up hurting his spine so badly, that the doctors predicted he would never be able
to do Kung-Fu again. Yet even here he was able to show his perseverance
and stubbornness to not take life’s detours as final. After spending six months in bed, Lee created
his own recovery program, which followed carefully, eventually lead him back to full martial arts
practice. Even in his acting career he had ups and downs,
but never stopped seeking his goals. Having limited attention in Hollywood, Bruce
visited Hong Kong where he was offered to star in various movies which had great success. This lead him to writing and even directing
one of his today legendary movies: “The Way of The Dragon” which was also starring
Chuck Norris. With Lee becoming famous in the East, more
recognition in the West came too and the first ever Hong Kong-American co-production movie,
now famously known as “Enter the Dragon” has been filmed. Unfortunately in 1973, when Bruce was only
32 years old, he didn’t live to see the huge success of his last movie, as he suddenly
died, from what is now believed to have been a hypersensitive reaction to an ingredient
in his pain medication. We often times like to think, that success
is given only to the few, lucky ones. That it’s all about talent and that being
an inspiring figure is meant only for the selected ones. But when we look closely at the unfortunately
short, yet amazing life of Bruce Lee and the positive impact he had in the history of the
world, we start to understand, that it is not all only about being born under a positive
omen. Imagine if Bruce would have become discouraged
in his early age because of the taunting. Imagine if he would have stopped training
martial arts when he was told that it’s not meant for non-asians. Imagine if he would not have dove into his
passion for acting and dancing. If he had not dedicated himself to arduous
studies and training and constant deepening of his knowledge. If not for all the persistence and endless
hunger that he had, we would have never been touched by his wonderful life. Being born under a good omen is possibly just
a light, positive push in the beginning. Yet everyone has their ups and downs in their
lives. Nonetheless, we see in Bruce Lee’s example
that it’s not about being lucky, but it’s about always staying hungry, always trusting
in your passion and never stopping in the quest to achieve your goal. If Bruce Lee ever had a secret to his success,
it is This. Do you agree with our conclusion? If not, what do you think was Bruce Lee’s
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40 thoughts on “The Real Secret of Bruce Lee – Brief Martial Arts

  1. The reason for that fight was not due to Lee's teaching of foreigners. The person he fought was also teaching foreigners.
    Also, Lee did not win that fight. The accounts contradict each other.

    Stop spreading that myth.

  2. I think Bruce lee was incredible he was the one person to really popularise martial arts ,I took up martial arts because of his influence on me and never for one moment regretted it thank you Bruce lee and may you rest in peace.

  3. this interviewer or what ever he is? I don't like what he thinks he knows! or where ever he gets he BS info! about Bruce and Steven Seagal..he should focus on the world troubles not make trouble words for these mens live's.. so boo on him.

  4. where are the secrets ? All right, let's start with real one. Bruce was indeed constantly training. For example once he was travelling to India with Coburn, Corbun report that he get mad at him because during all the trip (about 8 hours) Bruce was hitting a ream of paper. In fact he was punching every single day, 300 punch for each hand. He was quite arrogant and show off too, but he could; Once he came to two heavy American stunt men and wanted to demonstrate one of his kick, it was near a pool and there was a parasol there, with a heavy concrete foot, he told the guy they should hold to the parasol. The stunt men weren't impress by this shorty but they obey…. and there Bruce kick, throwing the two guys AND the parasol with it heavy foot into the pool. His wife told a story too. To show how fast he was, he was asking his student to take a coin in their hand and try to close it before Bruce grabs it (yep like in the Kung Fu TV show). So here's Linda trying and close her hand right in time, she told that she was so proud to have beat him up, feeling the coin still in her hand, until she open it…. it wasn't the coin, it was change. Infact he was so fast that Robert Clouse report that they had to slow down frames from 24 images per second to 36 images per second so people could see what he was doing…. but still Bruce thought he was not fast enough. With success came problem too. When he was in Hong Kong there was not a day during his daily jogging without a guy trying to challenge him, and that's the main reason Robert Baker was on Fist of Fury, Bruce called him because he need a bodyguard. On Enter the Dragon extras were mainly footsoldier from triad, every day again one of these guy was challenging him and Bruce too happy to respond and demonstrate accept the challenge… until Clouse ask him to stop because it was slowing down the shooting. That's for the legendary part. The legend pretend that he've never been beaten, wrong, Bruce tried Thaï Boxing while he was on Big Boss, did three fight and was knock out twice. Still the legend pretend that his nickname Siao Long (little dragon in cantonese) was because of his constitution and his astrological sign, wrong again, the real reason is because his mate in Yip Man's school, Master William Chung was called the Big Dragon. However for Phoebe his sister he was "the gorilla" And by the way Yip Man didn't train so much Bruce. When he finally discover that he was quarter germanic he refuse to teach him. Instead William Chung was giving him lesson outside school and in secret of the master. About 1966 Bruce was called by the american army to do his duty, but finally was discharged, official reason ? Genital problem. And last but not least, Bruce was sometime eating cannabis roots because he said that it was slowing him down, remember it was the seventee's. Part of these information come from one of the hundred article and biography i red on him, the other part come from my former master Didier Beddar, master 9th generation from Yip Man school and who was taught by William Chung himself. And by the way if you think that Bruce had something you don't have like a natural athletic condition and body, think again, he was nearsighted like a mole and had a leg shorter than the other. Jon Roberts, famous and infamous former drug smuggler and mob member who had various disco's in New York before his career in the coke business in Miami, reports that he was not impress by actors he met only sportsmen, except Bruce Lee that he describe as the coolest and honest star he ever met. Be water my friend.

  5. yep and imagine what would've happen if he had gone to Sharon Tate's party as he and Mc Queen were suppose to. Not totally sure he would have survive, nor Charles Manson would…

  6. There is another dimension , which most no not of , and will never find .

    This is a dimension of purity , one little understood and rarely attained .
    It knows no competition , it has no opponent – Only purity of spirit .
    There is no time frame
    In effect no existence
    For one is at one with an eternity of existence as an inertial observer within ones own subconscious
    Within this ZEN-CHI , ruled and governed by ZEN ,
    The propensitised movement does not exist
    And within the unison of mind , body , spirit , and soul , as one
    One understands that ones skills are not for use in anger or rage
    But rather to build ones character only .

    This which I speak of does not partake in violence
    Nor is it found in a competition ring .

    That was BRUCE LEE …

  7. I'm just curious when exactly he started learning other styles because everything he did wasn't Wing Chun. He threw kicks and incorporated many moves that was street fighting.

  8. i cant imagine a world without bruce lee
    i am upset he died early age
    things would have been a lot different if he was still alive
    he would have keep changing jkd styles
    if i had the power to go back in time to save someone
    then it would be bruce lee even if it means to preventing myself from being existed
    or created a paradox
    but there is a saying whatever happens it is always for the best
    even he is dead his legacy remains and left a huge mark in this planet

  9. Bruce had the whole western world wanting to dive into Asia arts at a time when America was extremely racist. That's why Bruce Lee had a deep hatred for whites.

  10. his greatest secret. being a womanizing drug addicted absentee farther who could not get enough of his own fame. amazing fighter. terrible person. his style lives on as a greater legacy then his rather bla film work.

  11. how come all accounts say won wong jack man lost it funny loser always say they by the way we on jack man had one student that was black and the Jewish was Lee student but all say wong jack man be lost all who were there say he lost deal with it.

  12. Na dude!!! Bruce Lee was talented, hard work was 60% of his attributes. By virtue of principal and hard work, Lee practiced a lot, but by virtue of achievement, Lee was talented. You may disagree, but research the kung fu era when Lee was in his prime. I'm not a Bruce Lee fan but wining fights like Lee takes more than just hard work- I'm not saying he was a god but playing ping pong with nun chucks or lighting air borne matches with nun chucks is ridiculous. which other hard working martial artist you've heard of does that?

  13. Bruce didn't die due to a "hyper-active" ingredient in his pain medication. He took antibiotics for a headache along with his medication and passed away from an aneurysm because the two medications contradicted each other.

  14. You seem to have a mass amount of contradictory notes regarding Lee. Before you post another video, please get your facts straight on ALL accounts. Otherwise, society won't take you seriously, your conclusions thus far are all wrong.

  15. The legend of Bruce Lee – as Author of this viedo told – is mainly due to his charisma and skills. But charisma never goes out of nothing ! He was and still is for us charismatic person of many reasons IMO, thanks to his skills, his wide-domain talent, e.g. he wasn't only MA fighter, he created in any aspect some his movies bein an actor, scriptwriter, director and producer. He was poet and despite his young man, he was for sure philosopher and not only cause graduated from university as a philosopher. He also was known for real fight (only few are filmed) and demonstrations with audience to show his abilities but with the goal of popularization of MA. In fact his last work Jet Kune Do (now still propagates it Dan Inosanto) was the first idea of real MMA! I mean REAK MMA not nowadays something called mma, being catastrphy of MA concept and technical perfection. I don't think it's what Bruce Lee imagined as MMA in his work. BTW – I am sure, most today' older boxers, karatekas, etc. were influenced by him and due to Bruce Lee movies so many ppl all over the world started practicing MA. The 2nd person of those time, but not so well-known is Mas Oyama, the creator of full contact kyokushin karate. In my case they both made it that I started to practice karate, wanting have part of their skills.

  16. Actually, around that time, many Chinese were teaching Kung Fu to westerners, including Wong Jack Man…for fraction of the legendary prices that Bruce Lee was charging to gullible Westerners…

    "Far from attempting to keep kung fu secret and exclusive, Wong observes that his was the first school in San Francisco's Chinatown to operate with open doors.

    That the other kung fu schools then in existence conducted classes behind locked doors was due more to the instructor's fears of being challenged, say Wong, than to a refusal to teach Caucasians.

    Once Caucasians became interested in kung fu, it would be Wong who would train some of the best of them, including Ralston and several other leading West Coast instructors.

    And all of these students of Wong who currently teaches at San Francisco's Fort Mason Center would be taught for a monthly fee amounting to a fraction of the hourly rate (in some cases $500) charged by the man who allegedly fought for the right to teach them."

  17. Hes secret was kinetic power , mind muscle connection , and i think the second brain use , if u can use the second brain is feel like magic , and of course the CHi power , write to me if ure interested in somthing

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