25 thoughts on “The Proper Attitude for Sports and Life (with Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan)

  1. I want to come train at your gym at some point. I love your videos, keep it up! The demonstrations of techniques are flawless even in your white belts! You truly are a master!

  2. The idea being put about that a bigot, crank and poor man's intellectual like Peterson has anything to offer the martial arts community is worrying in the extreme. Unfollowed. 👋🏻.

  3. Splicing Jordan Peterson into my favorite roll of all time. Really beautiful. Would love to see more of this kinda thing. Awesome work Roy.

  4. Thank you for explaining the morality of losing. Thank you for explaining why a great person loses and at times always accepts the lost. To always move forward even lost. The willing to accept it and take responsibility.

  5. Roy, you are very good. I like a lot of see your videos and i learn with your positions. The your rolling are more tecnical. Congratulation my friend.

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