The Philosophy of Boxing by Kaveh Arya

How do you feel right now? I love this man, this is a buzz for me, you
know, I get a buzz, you know, that’s what I love doing, I love teaching, I love coaching
it’s a, the feeling is, is this, you actually watch someone, go through a sense of progress,
like you actually feel, you can actually see how they become more confident, because they
know, that there is, they have more in their arsenal of knowledge, in their experience
of reality, in their experience of life, there is, there is more stimulus, there is more
to consider, there is more critical components for them to conjure up in their mind and to,
to analyze, you know, every little bit, every little bit of movement, every little bit of
skill developed, is a contribution to this feeling of a fuller life, so I can see that,
and you know, if you have a look at everyone’s face, you can see they’ve been working hard
continuously, day in day out, and they’ve been coming back to these classes week in
week out, and their actually getting better, you know, and this is what I love most, working
with the average person, ok, no ego, any progress is great progress, ok, and were all, um, working
with the people that need the most sort if help, so, I love this

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