The One Piece Timeline (1999-2019) – Anime Explained

intro I think we’ll ever do… Anyways, welcome back everybody to another timeline
video this time talking about one of THE most popular manga and anime in the WORLD. This
very manga has sold a whopping 454 million books and counting… Beating out other legendary
titles like Dragon Ball, Golgo 13, Naruto and Case Closed… Also it is the 20th year
anniversary of the one and only… ONE PIECE!! [KAZOO COVER OF “WE ARE”] One Piece created by the Eiichiro D. Oda on
July 22nd 1997… It follows the story of a pirate boy named Monkey D. Luffy who eats
a Devil Fruit called Gomu-Gomu Fruit and gains the power to become rubbery and unable to
swim. Uh… actually before we go in further let me get this bit over and done with… What is a Devil Fruit? Well it’s mythical fruit set in this universe that is known to give incredible powers at the cost of being unable to swim forever… Now you might be
thinking.. Hold up these pirates are gonna be on the ocean right? Why would they nerf
themselves like this? Well easy answer… Screw swimming… Ya get SUPER POWERS. Interesting thing about the Devil Fruit is that most of the time you have no idea what powers you
will get. So there’s kind of a loot box, gatcha type feel to these… Fun. So back to Luffy… with the power of rubber and straw hat on his side, he decides to set sail to
become the King of the Pirates and to obtain the legendary mythical… One Piece. What
is the One Piece you ask? I don’t know. It’s a treasure? treasureS?? Friends we made along the way??? And possibly… Weapon of mass destruction. [INCEPTION BWAAAM] Now whatever it is the
One Piece is something left by the former King of the Pirates… Gol D. Roger. So every
pirate and their moms is tryina set sail and go after it, one of the pirates is Luffy and
he decides to set sail alongside all these pirates and their mothers in the epic tale
of we know… as One Piece… Now for this timeline video I’m not going
to talk about the fictional in-universe timeline cause honestly no one knows… They really
don’t know, we don’t even know how many years or how many time has passed… Other
than the 2 year timeskip… Anyway what I will talk about is our timeline so what that
means is I’m going to talk about all the One Piece Sagas and their arcs AND I’ll
be talking about all the movies, games and since it’s OUR timeline we gotta talk about
the live shows as well that came out during One Piece’s inception. Now y’all already
know that that means there will be A LOT of spoilers… Also another point I wanna make
before starting is that I will talk about the Sagas and Arcs as they happen in the anime,
but to keep the manga fans happy I’m only going to go over the sagas & arcs that are
“canon”. Aka. the stuff that’s in the manga. Now this won’t count for the movies,
games or the live shows as they are not 100% considered canon… Or are they…? Now with all that said let us start off this
timeline and let me… let me… let me just move this board… [STRUGGLING NOISES] Alright… One Piece timeline…
Let’s DO THIS. Oh god. Now this is where One Piece all began on January
1st 1975 with the birth of Oda. Now this is first in our timeline because hey… Without
Oda-sensei… There would be no One Piece. After that we go to 1994 with Monsters. I’m gonna be adding this to the One Piece timeline because the main character in this oneshot
is a swordsman named Ryuma who slays a dragon. Now most current One Piece fans probably can
and already tell or know that Ryuma appears in One Piece later on in the Thriller Bark
Saga and mentioned again in the current Yonko Saga… Now we get to 1996 and 4th of August our lord
and savior Oda-sensei creates what will be the draft to the most successful manga of
time… A oneshot by the title of Romance Dawn. Which I’ll put as RD… because I
ain’t all that… All them words. This is the early pilot of the One Piece series and
we get to see an early design Luffy and Shanks. And right after this on September 23rd we
get ANOTHER Romance Dawn… version 2… This oneshot was released on the same year and
it still has Luffy but this time the original story is very different. Shanks is gone and
instead Luffy’s grandpa who looks verrryyy similar to Garp is the one that gives Luffy
his iconic straw hat. Now after that we get to 1997… Some might remember
Men In Black, Princess Mononoke and The End of Evangelion… But real Mugiwaras know that
1997 is the creation of the One Piece manga. Published in Shonen Jump on the 1st of July
the straw hat rubber boy set sail creating the epic tale that we love to read and watch
today. Now after the manga many people might not know this but an animated movie was made
on 1998 July 25th, this wasn’t created by the famed Toei studio who has been and still
is animating the One Piece anime and movies. No… Studio I.G who is most well known for
their work with the Ghost In The Shell series, Cromartie High, Psycho-Pass, Haikyuu, and
so much more… Titled One Piece: Defeat Him! The Pirate Ganzack! Directed by Gorō Taniguchi,
famed for his directorial work for animes like s-CRY-ed, Planetes and Code Geass. The
story for this is pretty simple… The pirate Ganzack??? Luffy and the gang have to defeat
him… The end. And now we get to THE historical moment…
Busting out of a barrel on 1999 animated by Toei Studio… It’s the One Piece anime!
Broadcasting in Japan on October 20th, fans of the manga could finally see Luffy stretch
and punch pirates on their TV screens. This also kicks off the EAST BLUE SAGA and from
that saga we see the first arc; Romance Dawn Arc, where Luffy meets my favorite directionless
boy… Roronoa Zoro, a swordsmen who wields 3 swords… 2 for his hands and one for his
mouth… It’s crazy when I first read One Piece I was like “what?” but the moment
I saw him hit that Santoryuu I was like “OKAY… go do ya thing Zoro…” Also we get to see
Luffy’s past; how he got his rubber powers and see how the coolest dude ever, Shanks
gave Luffy his iconic Straw Hat ALSO we get to see Luffy’s 10 year beef with a giant
eel come to a conclusion. Next up is Orange Town Arc, on December the 8th where we meet one
of the smartest cat burglars, Belly hoarder and navigator extraordinaire… Nami and then
Luffy beats up a clown. A clown who goes by the name of, Buggy with a bounty of 15 million
berries… Fun fact, did you know Buggy the Clown is like 6 foot 3? Damn clown dadd- The year 2000 comes rolling and on 12th January
we have the Syrup Village Arc, where we meet the great legendary… GO D. USOPP… BUT before he was a god, he was just a boy who loved to cry wolf. Together with the God Usopp,
the Mugiwara pirates they beat up the cast of Cats and after that they Usopp joins the
crew and they also get another member… The Going Merry, the Straw Hat pirate’s first
ship! God… Miss ya old buddy… Now during the 2000s we get our first Toei One Piece
animated film called… One Piece: The Movie… I mean they weren’t wrong… Released on March 1st,
we see the Mugiwara pirates eat the greatest oden in the seas, then Luffy
beats up El Drago, a pirate captain who has a legit fetish for gold and has eaten the
Goe Goe no Mi which translates to Scream Scream Fruit and is basically a more intense FUS RO DAH. March 22 and it’s the start of the delicious
Baratie Arc! Bartie… B-b-brah… brahtie… Comment down below if I said that wrong…
In this arc the Mugiwara gang goes to a floating restaurant, and Luffy becomes an unpaid intern
and we meet our smooth, suave, swirly eyebrowed prince of cooking, Sanji. They fight a really
rich pirate named Don Krieg, worth 17 million berries… but more importantly Zoro fights
the strongest swordsman in the world, Dracule Mihawk. Who we find out is part of a group
that consists of 7 pirates that work for the World Government called… Oka Shichibukai,
translation: Seven Warlords of the Sea… So Mihawk absolutely K.Os. Zoro and gets back
on his little floaty and sails away… Zoro cries for the last time and Luffy beats up
Don Krieg and our kicking king Sanji joins as the Mugiwara pirates… as the cook! Sailing along to July 12th and we get the
Arlong Park Arc, here we see anime’s top 10 betrayal with Nami, who we actually find
out is a member of the all-fish-men pirate group, Arlong Pirates led by… you guessed it! Arlong, who has the highest bounty in East Blue worth 20 million berries. We also
get to see Nami’s past and learn that Arlong has taken Nami’s whole village hostage and
has forced her to do criminal deeds to buy her town back from the pirates… We get one
of the most iconic moments in OP history where Luffy places his treasured Straw Hat on Nami’s
head and basically screaming “ESSSGETTTITTTT”. After that Mugiwara does what Mugiwara does
best which is beat up all the members of Arlong Pirates, and officially recruiting Nami as
the navigator! This arc was also created into special episode August 25th 2012 called Episode of Nami: Tears of a Navigator and the Bonds of Friends. 6 days after the start of Arlong Pirate Arc,
on July 19th we have our first One Piece video game called, From TV Animation – One Piece:
Become the Pirate King! Now I’m not gonna write alla that so I’m just gonna write
OP… Pirate King… I hope that suffices. Released for the classic console we all know
and love… Wonderswan… Now game wise… I have no idea what is happening here… It
looks like a mix of puzzle, turn based game with cards??? Uh… The closest I can compare
it to is that weird water tube hacking mini game from Bioshock but with cards… All right final entry for the year 2000, November
22nd is the start of the Loguetown Arc where we see Luffy’s first bounty, the highest
price in the East Sea, a whopping 30 million berries! Wow… Remember when Luffy was just
30 million? Pepperidge Farm remembers… The Straw Hats then reach a place called Loguetown,
a city near the Grand Line, famed for being the birthplace and the… death place of Gol
D. Roger, the legendary King of Pirates. We also meet the marine Captain Smoker, who when
I was a kid thought was the coolest dude for having 2 cigars but now I just hope Smoker
doesn’t have… mouth cancer… We also meets Tashigi, a marine swordsmen that looks
JUST like Zoro’s deceased childhood friend Kusina. One great moment in this arc is Zoro
borrowing money at an interest rate that even student loans would go goddam and gets 2 swords
while nearly choppin his own arm off… in the coolest way possible… Anyhow on the
historical execution block where Gol D. Roger was executed, Luffy is about to be executed
himself by our favorite clown Buggy! In his supposed last moments he smiles just like
the Pirate King BUT just before Luffy gets his head chopped and One Piece ends, Luffy
is saved by lightning. And escaping from the marines the Mugiwara crew place their feet
on a bucket and set sail to the GRAND LINE. It’s 2001 and we start the year off with
the 2nd One Piece film, technically 3rd but Toei’s film are “official” films. Called
Clockwork Orange- no… Clockwork Island Treasures, released on March 3rd. We see some giant clock
towers, Nami nearly getts married to some dude named Bear King and the Mugiwaras beat
up the Trump family. It’s actually true… You can look it up. 12 days later, March 15th
we get the 2nd OP game called… From TV Animation – One Piece: Grand Battle! for the Playstation.
The gameplay on this one is pretty simple, it’s a fighting game that’s similar to
Super Smash Bros but it’s got a regular health bar instead of the damage percent.
And it’s got 16 playable characters from the main Mugiwara to Buggy, Shanks, Vivi and
my personal hero… PANDAMAN… It’s the 21st of March 2001 and we wrap up
the East Blue Saga and start the fantastic ALABASTA SAGA! With it’s first arc being
the Reverse Mountain Arc. Now coming straight off the Loguetown Arc, Mugiwara are sailing
to the entrance that will take them to the Grand Line but this entrance is going up a
mountain?! Huh?! Fu***in Mountains how do they work?? Actually… This might be a GREAT time to
segway into explaining what the hell this whole One Piece world looks like. So let’s
start this off here we have… the globe… that- that’s the globe. And in the center
of the globe going vertically is a big chunk of land called the Red line, Right here…
and this goes all the way across. Circle- circles all the way across the globe. This
ones called… The Red Line. Also now going horizontally all the way across. Is a body
of water and it’s known as the Grand Line. And this is where… the magic kinda happens.
And this is the place where One Piece resides… So it’s here, this is just- by the way this
i- so… This is all ocean. This is the one big piece of chunky land… Just to let ya
know. Now the Grand Line is also separated in two sections. And it’s separated by the
Red Line. This first half is called Paradise… ANd this is where everybody starts the Grand
Line adventures… If you’re a pirate basically… And this other half is where I’m presuming
is where One Piece resides cause it’s the end point for the Grand Line and this place
is called The New World. Now this- so this is the Grand Line and these four chunky pieces
of ocean are the four majors seas… And they are… YOu got the North Blue… East Blue…
West Blue… and South Blue. So by now you must be wondering… Tim, this is pretty stupid…
Why doesn’t these people in these blue oceans… Just sail up??? Or down??? To the Grand Line
and… Especially people here in the North Blue and West Blue you can just sail up to
the New World… Why- Why bother… Going through all this??? Well… To answer that… YOU’RE STUPID. Because… The Grand Line is surrounded by a sea known as the Calm Belt,
So what the Calm Belt is just like it says… It’s a… Calm… Belt… It’s very easy
waters, there’s no wind, there’s no waves of any kind… And also it’s surrounded
by giant sea monsters called Sea Kings. So you can imagine if you’re a ship going by
wind, you don’t- you can’t really go anywhere and then… Sea Kings pop outta nowhere and
eat you alive. So… Basically… If you wanna go down where you have to fight these giant
Sea Kings and pretty much you are guaranteed death… So that’s why nobody goes up or
down the Grand Line… Except Marines, certain Pirates with special technology or special
things. But… that’s… that’s for another time… That’s too much stuff to talk about
right now. As I said before the pirates have to go up a mountain. What the hell does that
mean? SO right here… this point Is a mountain called Reverse Mountain, and
this is typically the way every pirate enters into the Grand Line, Paradise… the first
part of it. So the way it works is that… They go up… the mountain and they exit at
one point. So, what that means is that if you’re from East Blue ya go up the mountain
and then you leave Paradise. You go to South Blue you go up here and you exit out the same
path. West Blue, same thing, you go in there and get outta here. North Blue, you go up
the mountain, exit this one point. So basically if you can think about it, it’s like a…
it’s like a… it’s like a intersection and a one way street… So the Grandline is
a one way street, you enter and ya just keep OOOOooon going. ANd in here, in the Grand
Line and in the other blues.. There’s just ya know… A buncha islands… Ya know…
A buncha islands… just dotted across. You got some islands here… Ya got some big chunky
lands here… All around… Looks like a kid with bad acne… But yeah… THAT. Is the-
is the globe of One Piece, this is how the world works. I hope this makes sense… Please
comment down below if it made sense and… or… comment down if it didn’t make sense
for you… Yeah. My producer just made a great point he said “why can’t you just jump off
the mountain.” First of all, it’s a giant mountain you can’t just jump off a mountain…
That’s stupid… Second of all… The reason is… it’s that… these upward points…
where they go up… The waters are very intense. So it’s like a weird… Water raft… F***king…
Rapid waters… Ya know? But it’s going up. So ya get basically forced up and you
get kinda shot out… So ya can’t really go ZOOOP “Oh screw I’m gonna WHOOP jump
out here.” Like that- that’s not happening… Not happening… You think it might happen..
But it’s not gonna happen… BUT YES… That is the One Piece map. Now back to Reverse Mountain Arc so the Going
Merry go up the mountain, that I talked about and they enter the GRAND LINE aka. Paradise.
The moment they descend the mountain they meet a giant whale named Laboon who has an
anger management issue cause he is in denial that his beloved pirate crew he grew up with
is now probably dead… and a man named Crocus who lives inside the whale… He’s also
painted a sky inside the stomach… So it seems like it’s outside… But he’s inside
the whale… Okay… We also meet the mysteries duo named Mr. 9 and Ms. Wednesday who are
trying to kill Laboon for that sweet sweet giant whale meat and the Straw Hats put a
quick end to that. Nami learn about a gps devices called Log Poses, which serve as the
guide/ compass for the Grand Line because in the Grand Line, magnets? How do they work… They don’t. After talking and beating up Mr. 9 and Ms. Wednesday the Mugiwara decide
to head to Whisky Peak. Which brings us to the next arc starting on
April 15th it’s… Whisky Peak Arc! The Straw Hats arrive at Whisky Peak and they
party hard, then we learn the whole town is run by bounty hunters all part of a group
called Baroque Works, then moss man Zoro fights all 100 members of Baroque and we find out
Ms. Wednesday is actually an undercover agent and a princess from a place called Alabasta
and is named Nefertari Vivi. Then she reveals the shadowy leader of Baroque Works is actually
a Shichibukai named Crocodile, with a bounty of 81 million berries who is slowly trying
to take over Alabasta. After some more events, like a Baroque Works member Mr. 5 picking
his nose and shooting his explosive booger… This is possible thanks to the magic of Devil
Fruits… Also in this arc Luffy decides to help out Vivi and we meet the mysterious and
suave Ms. All Sunday, the right hand lady of Crocodile… Okay going back to Mr. 5….
Literally in the next arc the dude has a gun he can load with his breath… Like he is
guaranteed to blow your mind… anytime… but he decides to just pick his nose and flick
his hardened booger… The absolute madman… 21 of April we get another One Piece game;
From TV Animation – One Piece: Birth of Luffy’s Dream Pirate Crew! Released for the Gameboy.
This time you play a tactical turn based RPG style One Piece game and yes… You can play
as PANDAMAN. I should keep a count of this… 27th of May we get the HUGE arc called, Little
Garden Arc this pun gets way better once you realize this island is filled with dinosaurs
and 2 big ol’ giants, named Dorry and Brogy. Who have been fighting each other for 100
years straight and now has forgotten why they’re even fighting in the first place. Mugiwaras
make friends with the giants and help them to beat up the higher ranking members of Baroque Works,
Mr. 5, Ms. Valentine, Mr. 3 and Ms. Goldenweek. 2nd of August we get a game where you can’t
play as Pandaman so I’ll go over it real quick… From TV Animation – One Piece: Set
Sail Pirate Crew! This is a Japan-exclusive Playstation, RPG game… And you actually
don’t play as the Straw Hats this game but you play a fanboy of Luffy called Yuta who
is the captain of the… the… Gejitsu Pirates? and together with the Straw Hats and Buggy you defeat a pirate named Skullface and happily ever after. I guess… I haven’t
finished or seen endings for the game… So I’m guessing you live happily ever after. Now back to the anime we go to 26th of August
with the start of the Drum Island Arc. Nami gets down with the sickness, and so the Straw
Hats make a pit stop at Drum Island and to get some medical assistance Luffy climbs a
mountain for 2 plus hours with Nami on her back and biting Sanji’s clothes… The b-roll
will make that make sense… We also meet our tanuki- deer- gorilla- a blue nosed reindeer
that can talk named Tony Tony Chopper. The reason he can talk is when he was a baby reindeer
he ate the Human-Human Fruit. On top of talkin Chopper is also a doctor studying under Dr.
Kureha, who looks real good for 139 years old… 9 out of 10 dermatologists HATE her.
Also fun fact! Chopper is my son… The Straw Hats also fight Walpol, King of Drum Island
and Luffy Gomu Gomu Bazookas him out the stratosphere. Nami is back to full HP and just before they
leave they recruit my son, Tony Tony Chopper as the Straw Hat pirates doctor! Mwah. Fantastique! 13th of September comes rolling in and it’s
a game for our favorite platform… Wonderswan… called From TV Animation – One Piece: Legend
of the Rainbow Island. This game you go through an alternate reality version of the Logue
Town Arc?? So basically you play a kid named Dias who joins the Straw Hats for some reason
and uh… it’s about a keystones to a place called Rainbow Island… Yeah… I- I have
no idea… You go around the city as Dias and when you have to fight you control 3 random
characters that you make in a classic turn based JRPG. Now with Chopper on their team we head to
the deserts with the titular saga arc… Alabasta Arc starting 9th of December. First off they
meet Bon Kruei, an agent of Baroque Work’s going by Mr. 2, then Mugiwara finally arrive
to Alabasta, where we meet… “Fire Fist” Portgas D. Ace, who is Luffy’s brother and one of the commanders of the famous Whitebeard Pirates. Gurararara… Later Straw Hats meet
Crocodile and Luffy fights him and loses, but manages to keep his life thanks to Ms.
All Sunday… The civil war begins and Luffy gatling punches Crocodile so hard he goes
from basement floor all the way up to at least the 10th floor. The Straw Hats celebrate and
we have a bittersweet farewell with Vivi… Rest in Peace… See that right there… it’s
a reference. And we end this arc with Ms. All Sunday, the right hand of Crocodile…
Demanding Luffy to let her join the Straw Hats, which Luffy happily agrees. Real quick
facts about Ms. All Sunday aka. Nico Robin, she had a bounty of 79 million berries at
age 8, ate the Hana Hana Fruit, which allows her to sprout her body parts everywhere and
she uses this ability to basically make ya body pop n lock against your will… Ow… Oh and she is also my cool older sister. So with all that out of the way that was the
last thing for the year 2001… We start 2002 with a game for once again the lovely console…
the Wonderswan Color called From TV Animation – One Piece: Treasure Wars released on January
the 3rd. There isn’t much video content for this but from what I’ve seen it’s a
board game… And the Straw Hats are just fighting each other for treasure…? I guess…
I mean… It is called Treasure Wars… And next up we have the One Piece’s Lion
King… A film released on March 2nd titled Chopper’s Kingdom on the Island of Strange
Animals. Here Chopper becomes the King of Animals, Luffy fights a dude turned full Furry
named Count Battler who has strong ass teeth and jaws, and at the end Chopper steps down
from his 56 minute reign as the King of all animals. Fun fact: There was a 5 minute special
added to the home distribution and theatre run of the Chopper movie called Dream Soccer
King, where there is a soccer shootout between he Mugiwaras and the Villain team. This was
made to celebrate Japan co-hosting the World Cup back in 2002 and this special is also
extremely important because Eiichiro Oda, G.Oda himself voices a character, and this
is the only voice work Oda has EVER done… Oda plays a character named Odacchi, which
is Oda’s childhood nickname, and Odachi is a weird looking dude with a soccer ball
hairstyle who sucks at soccer… Also in this Sanji kicks the ball so hard it goes across
the globe and make it way to the goalpost which makes Gol D. Roger’s crew, maybe Whitebeard’s
crew and that soccer ball to be the only beings and… thing to make it all the way across
the Grand Line… Incredible… Now the rest of 2002 is filled with video
games… So here we go… Rise up… One Piece gamers… 20th of March, for Playstation;
From TV Animation – One Piece: Grand Battle! 2 remember Grand Battle? Yeah it’s the same
but with added playable characters… This one is extra funny to me though cause I was
searching for gameplay videos and came across this one of Shanks fighting the legendary
6th Yonko… Karoo… 28th June for the Gameboy Color is From TV Animation – One Piece: Grand
Line Dream Adventure Log now this is a turn based JRPG that follows the story from Loguetown
Arc to Whisky Peak, even including the first filler arc the Warship Island Arc. Next up
12th of June for the Wonderswan Color we have the From TV Animation – One Piece: Grand Battle
Swan Colosseum, so this one is basically a 2d version of the Grand Battle but for the
Wonderswan Color. November 1st we have our first One Piece Gamecube game From TV Animation
– One Piece: Treasure Battle! This game is different from the other games, as it is a
party game with multiple game modes much like uh… like Mario Party. Next we have for the
Gameboy Color… From TV Animation – One Piece: Big Secret Treasure of the Seven Phantom Islands
Released November 15th. This is another One Piece RPG game, you can roam around maps and
once in battle it plays like a grid turn based… Turn based grid game… Grid based turn based
game? Whatever… Last game for 2002 our boy Buggy gets some love From TV Animation – One
Piece: Treasure Wars 2 Welcome to Buggyland released on December 20th for the Wonderswan
Color. This game is a sequel to the Treasure Wars so it’s another board game where the
Straw Hats go against the Buggy pirates you know to get some treasure. You know… it’s
another Treasure War. Also fun fact the Alabasta Arc basically goes
all the way through to 2002 to 2003. And we have the Straw Hats getting high in
the sky with a new saga called SKY ISLAND SAGA starting on February 9th and the new
arc that’s attached to this saga is called Jaya Arc. After leaving Alabasta the episode
starts with a problem, the log pose is pointing towards the sky… Thanks to a ship fallin
from the sky they find a map to a land above the clouds called Skypiea! So off to a town
called Mock Town located in the Jaya island to get information on this legendary land
in the sky… We meet some key figures this arc, like a dude with a blackbeard who likes
cherry pies, a dude with an acorn on his head named Cricket who is the long long distant
descendant of another dude with an acorn on his head named Noland. At the end of this
arc the Straw Hats figure out how to get to Sky Island which is riding up a giant jet
stream of water… Sounds easy enough… 1st of March we get the 4th One Piece movie
named, Dead End Adventure. Short on cash the Straw Hat pirates decide to enter a pirate
race called the Dead End Competition and end up fighting a Marine turned pirate and walking
candy, General Gasparde. 27 days later March 28th for the Gameboy Color it’s the From
TV Animation – One Piece: Aim! The King of Belly a turn based RPG game involving some
cards, dice rolls and good ol’ One Piece goodness. 2 months later 1st of May it’s
the From TV Animation – One Piece: Ocean’s Dream! Released for the Playstation. Now I’ve
seen gameplay of it but I really have NO idea what is going on… All I know is I’m glad
they have a scene where Jango and Fullbody are dancing away… BUT I do have some fun
facts! 2 years from now this plot will be loosely adapted into the anime filler arc;
Ocean’s Dream. And the opening song for this game SHLAPS. It has the full cast of
Mugiwara singing in character so please check it out somehow… Not gonna tell you where…
just check it out. Also don’t leave yet.. Check it out after this 2 hour… 3 hour video… Back to the Mugiwara blasting off to the skies
we have the Skypiea Arc with the first episode airing 4th of May. Now this is one chunky
arc so lemme once again try to give you the spark notes. Going Merry Chicken edition,
as you can see here. gets blasted to the skies and the Straw Hats make it to Sky Island.
Out here things are different, they got water clouds, land clouds, different people, different
currency, magic like tools called dials and a solid chunk of land called Upper Yard where
a man calling himself “God” aka. Enel resides. After intense plot and battles Luffy
punches God with a giant gold ball and saves the people of Skypiea. We also get to see
the greatest redemption arc of a giant serpent named Nola… 16th of October and we have the FINAL From
TV Animation series? I don’t even know if this is a series… Anyway this is the last
time I will say From TV Animation… with a game for the Wonderswan Color… it’s
From TV Animation – One Piece: Chopper’s Big Adventure. This game is a simple top down
action adventure RPG game where you control my lovely reindeer boy, Chopper. And for the
final entry for 2003 we have One Piece: Grand Battle! 3 released on December 11th for the
GameCube and the Playstation 2. It’s the same ol’ same ol’ loveable Grand Battle
series but once again with more characters and locations. 2003 have ending and we get to… 2004 and
what do we have yonder? Oh it’s the next entry… One Piece: The Cursed Holy Sword,
released on March 4th. This movie is a lil different from the rest so far because primarily
focuses on Zoro and is the only movie where Zoro is the one that defeats the movie’s
big bad, who is a man named Saga and he is the one cursed by the “holy” sword. We
also find out Saga is actually Zoro’s childhood friend who was a student with him in Zoro’s
old dojo… Even though we’ve NEVER seen him in ANY flashbacks before this… Anyways
released on March 11th we have the One Piece: Going Baseball for the Gameboy Advanced. It’s
a very simple game, it’s just baseball with One Piece characters. The only note I have
for this is that not everyone has a regular baseball bat… Some characters like Luffy
and Ace, use their fists. Arlong has his giant shark tooth sword, Mohji got his whip and
Zoro uses his katanas but he has it sheathed… Damn… Zoro tryina goddamn battosai the baseball…
Next is another game released July 29th called One Piece: Round the Land for the PS2, this
game is a 3D side scroller beat em game and features an original story about the Straw
Hats fighting a giant named Blyue who is a devil fruit user that ate the Mini-Mini fruit.
At the end of the game after being beaten he tells Luffy, he’ll be a great pirate just
like him. Fun fact: the Mini-Mini fruit appears again in the anime 8 years later in the filler
arc Z’s Ambition and it’s eaten by another giant by the name of Lily Enstomach… So
lemme go on a lil rant here this begs the question… In Dressarosa arc we find out
that if a devil fruit user dies the fruit appears somewhere else in the world… So…
Did Blyue die in his pursuit to be a pirate like Luffy…? Now October 31st with one of my favorite sagas…
the WATER 7 SAGA and our first arc titled Long Ring Long Land Arc this time the loveable
Mugiwara pirates land on the titular island and we meet one of my favorite creatures in
One Piece… A Daaaaaaachshund. Anyways this arc the Straw Hats fight the Foxy Pirates
in a pirate gambling game called ‘Davy Back Fight’ where one gambles not money, but
their own crew members and even their pirate flag. I love this arc cause it has one great
moment with my son and cool guy Zoro, where Zoro big bros Chopper after he was taken by
the Foxy Pirates. But other than that the most important moment is AFTER the fight we
see our first Marine Admiral, The Blue Pheasant, Mr. Cool Ice… Aokiji. He turns Luffy into
a popsicle and we end the arc with seeing hints of Robin’s dark past… It’s 2005 and the next movie is actually
one of my favorite One Piece films… The strange and somewhat creepy Baron Omatsuri
and the Secret Island directed by Mamoru Hosoda, who is famous for directing the Digimon movie,
the Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Wolf Children and so much more! Released on March 5th! This
is actually one of the strangest One Piece movies cause toneally it’s extremely different,
it plays more like a mystery horror film than a regular One Piece movie. We see the Mugiwara
head to a resort called Omatsuri Island and end up competing in the Trials of Hell…
As if the Davy Back Fight wasn’t enough… Later the Straw Hats split up and fall victim
to Baron Omatsuri and his lil flower on his shoulder called Lily Carnation, which gives
me a lotta Flowey vibes… You’re gonna have a bad time… Anyways the Lily Carnation
turns into piranha plant 3.0 but gets headshotted by a dad with a bow, and Luffy punches the
Baron so hard the whole anime went black n white for a minute or so. 12 days later 17th of March…and we get another
Grand Battle series One Piece: Grand Battle! Rush released for the Gamecube and PS2. It’s
another Grand Battle… But with some added rush? Next up is one of my favorite Arcs, the Water
7 Arc starting in April 17th. The Going Merry is hurt real bad, they need to repair it ASAP.
So the Straw Hats arrive at Water 7, a city known for their shipwrights. They cash in
their sweet sweet gold from Skypiea and plan to have the Going Merry fixed by the Galley-La
Company… We also meet the SUUUUPER half cyborg and half human… Franky. Now in this
arc a whole lotta bad things start to happen so lemme go over them real quick. First Usopp
gets beaten and robbed of all the loot money by Franky’s gang, Robin just disappears,
they also found out the Going Merry is Unrepaireable, Usopp quits the Straw Hats and challenges
Luffy to a fight for the Going Merry, which still hits me right in the heart… And that’s
not all… Iceberg, the leader of Galley-La has been shot and turns out it was Robin,
not only that but the Mugiwara meet their next new big bad group and we get another
Top 10 anime betrayal… The group is Cipher Pol 9… A secret assassin organization within
the Marines consisting of people we’ve already met, like Galley-La members Lucci, Kaku, Kalifa and the random bartender… Blueno… Okay side note when I first read even as a kid
I cracked up so hard cause who the f**k was Blueno? Like I remember seeing him at the
bar a few time but when he revealed himself the characters in Water 7 are like “NO…
BLUENO… HOW COULD THIS BE?!” and I’m just over here like… “okay…” ANYWAYS the CP9 have they’ve taken Robin… and they placed her in a train that runs above the
water called Puffing Tom and they will be put her in a super underwater jail called…
Impel Down… So after Luffy beats up 2 buildings and Zoro slaying a chimney; the Straw Hats,
board a shark train called Rocket Man and chuga chuga their way to Enies Lobby… WE
get some awesome moments though like Sanji who is aboard the Puffing Tom and he literally
kicks ass from the end of the train all the way to the front. Man his battle against Wanze
is just… COMPLIMENTS TO THE to the- to the… CHEF ODA. Also we get THE coolest moment in
One Piece… we meet my personal hero… hailing all the way from Sniper Island… It’s…
SOGEKING THE SNIPER KING. [KAZOO COVER OF SOGEKING THEME SONG] Somehow Usopp was able to get a hold of his close friend Sogeking and together
they NEARLY rescue Robin and Franky… But they fail and meet up with the rest of the
Straw Hats and ALL together… they chuga chuga their way to Enies Lobby… PHEW that’s a long ass arc… Anyways next
up we have some games back to back to back to back! First off it’s One Piece: Dragon
Dream released on 28th of April for the Gameboy Advanced. And this is the sequel to the game
Ocean’s Dream. But the gameplay is completely different… This is more of a board game
and everyone looks like Rayman… Or those newground animations with the crosses on their
faces… Then the next game is… just One Piece… released on September 7th for the
Gameboy Advanced, this is actually the first One Piece game that is a North American exclusive.
Fun fact: the developer of this game, Dimps is most well known for the DBZ: Budokai trilogy
and co-developing the Sonic the Hedgehog games, also another fact, most of these sprites used
in this game are just copy & pastes of Dimp’s previous One Piece game, From TV Animation:
One Piece Grand Battle Swan Colosseum. The very next day September 8th for the Playstation
we have Fighting for One Piece, a classique fighting game. And the final game and last
entry for 2005 is One Piece: Pirates’ Carnival released for GameCube and PS2 on the 23rd
of November and it’s a party game with great mini games like, Avoid Zoro’s non stop Onigiris…
and no… I don’t mean Jelly Donuts… Other games like shooting water at Crocodile and my favorite favorite Battle of The Long Stilts, where you and your friends are in Long Ring Long Land and ya fighting
on those looooong ass stilts… Please just enjoy this short clip from user
@Sacrilegious Synapse. [a lotta suffering noises on long stilts] Fantastic… It’s the year 2006 and that means new
One Piece movie… This time we have Giant Mecha Soldier of Karakuri Castle released
March 4th. This one’s pretty simple to explain… The Straw Hats fight a kind of genius guy
who wants to take over the world with his robot inventions and a giant island sized
turtle. Also this movie we get to see a sneak peak at Luffy’s next form… Gear Second
before we officially get to see it on the animes. It’s May 21st… And we get one of the most
legendary Arcs… It’s the one and only… Enies Lobby Arc. The Straw Hats literally
fly into Enis Lobby and the long battle to save Robin begins. Luffy fights 10000 marines
and we see his new special form… Gear 2nd this allows him go super 2 fast 2 furious.
They fight all the way through Enies Lobby and make their way up to meet face to face
with all the members of CP9 and Robin. We get another classic “Man I’m shedding
my tears why did I watch this in public… people are lookin at me” moment with Robin
wanting… TO LIVE… And after that my man SOGEKING burns the World Government flag and
declared war on the World Government… The Straw Hats fight the members of CP9 and the
battle ends with Luffy turning his arm thicc as hell in his 3rd form… Gear Three where
he pumps up his limbs to make em gigantic and attack… causing massive damage. We get
ANOTHER “oh man im once again crying in public” moment where the Going Merry appears
out the f***king blue and saves the Straw Hats… When you thought you can stop crying…
There’s more… And this time… It’s for a boat… The Straw Hats give a tearied
farewell… To their nakama…. Going Merry… RIP… Please press F in the chats… But as you can see I’ve left space here
for the last entry in 2006. One Piece: Grand Adventure for the GameCube and PS2 this one
is actually a American produced follow up to the One Piece: Grand Battle series. The
gameplay is similar but it’s no longer a 2.5D fighting game. Grand Adventure is a full
3d run around n beat up Mihawk playing as Kuina kinda fighting game. Oh… also… yes…
you heard me right… in this game… You can play as Zoro’s dead childhood friend…
Kuina… Now it’s 2007 and we have the One Piece
Premier Show 2007 this won’t have specific dates cause I can’t find much info on this
event other than the synopsis which is the story of the Straw Hat pirates fighting our
old friend Buggy and a new original antagonist named Deacon who looks just like a Power Rangers
villain… Now that’s the only info I got about the 2007 premier show… BUT I CAN tell
you about the One Piece Premier Show itself! Which is an event held at the Universal Studios
Japan and is a live show with live actors with pyrotechnics, piratetechnics… stunts,
and a whole lotta One Piece. FIrst dated entry is March 3rd with the movie
The Desert Princess and the Pirates: Adventures in Alabasta, this plot is pretty simple, it’s
an abridged version of the Alabasta Arc! The end… Next is One Piece: Unlimited Adventure
released 26th of April for the Wii. It’s a 3rd person action adventure game where you
can play an original story and switch through all the Mugiwara Pirates at any time for some
interesting gameplay! June 10th we have the aftermath of the Enies
Lobby Arc with the Post Enies Lobby Arc also known as Return to Water 7 Arc, or Thousand
Sunny Arc, the Straw Hats wake up from a 2 day long sleep… Except Luffy who is sleeping
and eating… At the same time… Truly… The man who will become… The Pirate King…
Franky also apologizes and says to make up for the whole beating up Usopp and robbing
him blind thing… He will make the Straw Hats the greatest ship so that they can sail
it all the way to the Grand Line using legendary wood he bought from the Dark Web… Using
the money that he stole from them… We also meet Luffy’s grandfather, Monkey D. Garp
who is a Marine vice admiral and is considered a Hero of the Marines. He punches Luffy, falls
asleep and punches Luffy some more. We also find out that Luffy’s father is also a big
deal by the name of Monkey D. Dragon, the infamous leader of the Revolutionary Army,
who are a group that fights against the World Government. The ship gets done and the Mugiwaras
get a new member… The hentai shipwright… FRRRRANKKYYYYYY and they decide to sail out…
Wait… This whole time… Where WAS USOPP?! Well Usopp rushes back and in a great classic
One Piece moment I shed some more tears as Usopp joins the Straw Hats once again! And
off they go sailing on their new boat called Thousand Sunny! Luffy’s Bounty also has
gone up to 300 million berries! And we get a great moment where all the character’s
families and friends are looking at the bounty posters of them and reminisce… It’s like
one of the only worlds where ya see a bounty dead or alive poster of ya friends and family
and you go… Oh! That’s my boy! But we end this happy arc with an intense battle
scene between Ace and the guy who really loved to eat cherry pies 4 years ago, Marshall D.
Teach aka. Blackbeard… Next entry is a fighting game for the Nintendo
DS, the first One Piece game to be ever released for the nintendo handheld and it’s One Piece:
Gear Spirit released 30th of August. It’s a 2.5D fighting game and from watching gameplays
of it, it looks pretty similar to Grand Battle but for the DS… We’re in 2008 with the spookiest saga in
all of One Piece… It is… the THRILLER BARK SAGA!! Oh GOD! Oh- Oh… There’s a
seagull here… Get out- get outta here seagull!! And it’s only arc is properly titled…
Thriller Bark Arc beginning on January 6th. The Mugiwaras end up in this world’s Bermuda
Triangle called Florian Triangle, and come across a ghost ship… How spooky… Then
we are introduced to a skelly man named Brook, who is a pirate that died centuries ago, he
was able to live in thanks to the Revive-Revive Fruit, a devil fruit that allows the user
one extra life. Luffy asks if he poops to which Brook answers yes. Which naturally leads
Luffy to ask Brook to join the Strawhat Pirates… Brook agrees, but before this boney man can
set sail with the Straw Hats he needs his shadow back as it was stolen from him and
if the sun touches him he’ll fade away like Infinity Wars… So the Straw Hat Scooby Doo
Gang venture into the Thriller Bark, a spooktacular undead island. We also meet our main villain…
A Shichibukai named, Gecko Moria who has the Devil Fruit Shadow-Shadow fruit. Spookiness
ensues and they have an intense battle with a dead zombie giant named Oars. Also we see
a failed attempt at creating the greatest weapon that could surpass even the Poneglyph
weapons… Pirate Docking 6… BIG EMPEROR… RIP… Anyhow Luffy punches Moria so hard
that he spews out all the shadows he stole from people and saved the day and allowed
Brook to fully join the crew as the ship’s musician. Yayyy… annnd before the Straw
Hats and friends can celebrate… another Shichibukai by the name of Bartholomew Kuma
comes along and says “Paw-use that thought…” You get it? Pause? Paws? He’s eaten the
Paw-Paw Fruit so Paw-use… Pause… Anyhow we get another moment of Zoro doing what he
does best… Being one cool injured dude… We end this arc with a touching moment that
made me cry and is also a big twist, which is that Brook was part of the pirate crew
that raised Laboon, the giant whale from Reverse Mountain Arc. Um… Back like uhh.. Right
here, back in 2001 so that’s 7 years ago… WOW… Oda… Ya did it again… March 1st and we get a One Piece movie Episode
of Chopper Plus: Bloom in the Winter, Miracle Sakura now this movie is interesting because
this isn’t a new and original story nor is it am abridged recap. Well it’s kind
of an abridged recap of the Drum Island Arc… BUT it’s also a ‘what-if’ situation
and the situation is ‘what-if the Straw Hat crew met Chopper after they already had
Robin, and Franky before?’ The answer is? It’s kind of the same as the old Drum Island
Arc… But there are some differences between the OG Drum Island Arc and this movie. Some
of the differences include Dalton’s fruit powers are never mentioned, Zoro hangs out
with Franky and isn’t of taking a swim in the freezing waters, we also get no Vivi,
and her roles are replaced by Robin, like when Usopp gets his face slapped to oblivion?
Robin does the honors this time. They add a funny lil fruit moment where she just…
slaps him with like 5 arms. It’s great. It’s hilarious… Also they add another
villain character, Musshuru, who is the older brother of Wapol. But other than those changes
the major plot points are still the same and at the end Chopper joins this ‘what-if’
version of the Straw Hats. And if I remember correctly, I think he just wakes up and it’s
all a dream… September 11th and it’s the One Piece: Unlimited
Cruise for the Wii and 3DS. This game is a sequel to the Unlimited Adventure and the
gameplay is very similar to the previous game. A new change is this game decided it was gonna
be in two “episodes”, this one is obviously episode 1 titled One Piece Unlimited Cruise
1: The Treasure Beneath The Waves. And the 2nd episode was released February next year.
So I’m gonna add, I’m just gonna add 1… I’m not writing all of that… Speaking of next year… 2009… 18th of January…
This date marks the beginning of one of the best sagas in One Piece history… Or just
in manga and anime history I’m just gonna say it… It’s the SUMMIT WARS SAGA and
it’s first Arc, Sabaody Archipelago Arc. I hope I said all those words correctly…
The Mugiwaras meet Camie, a friendly but clumsy mermaid and we meet our ol’ foe again Hatchan,
an ex-member of the Arlong Pirate crew. The Straw Hats make up with Hatchan and they all
together head to Sabaody Archipelago which is the final island in the first half of the
Grand Line known as Paradise. There they must modify their ship so that it can go underwater
and reach Fish-Man Island. The mechanic for this job is none other than legendary pirate
Silvers Rayleigh, who was actually the Right Hand Man of the Pirate King. Now when all
seems to be going up Milhouse for the Straw Hats things start to go bad, then good for
a lil bit and then really really bad… First Camie gets kidnapped and is being sold at
a slave auction… that’s… that’s bad. And we are introduced to the terrible 1 percenters
of this world, the Tenryubito aka. World Nobel We get a great moment where Luffy punches
one of them so hard that the world goes black n white for a second. Mwah. That punch is
fantastic… That’s the good bit. Unfortunately that causes the Marines to go defcon 0 code
black and send out a buncha marines, their robo fake Bartholomew Kumas called Pacifistas,
and my favorite admiral, the chillest dude in all of One Piece… The Yellow Monkey,
Kizaru who has the siq power of the Light-Light Fruit. This arc ends with Bartholomew Kuma
showing up and start going on a bubble popping spree with all the members of the Straw Hats,
transporting them to all different places… Basically the Straw Hats are gettin Isekai-ed. Real quick February 26th is the release of
the One Piece Unlimited Cruise 2: Awakening of a Hero, which is the 2nd part of the 2
part One PIece Unlimited Cruise game I just mentioned… Few months later July 5th we get the Amazon
Lily Arc. Luffy gets isekai-ed to an island where only women reside. Luffy is rescued
by the local Amazonians when they mistake him for a girl and once they find out he’s
a man they lock his ass up and at one point Luffy shows his balls to the Amazonians…
Incredible… Oda you did it again. We also meet another Shichibukai, the most beautiful
lady in all of One Piece, a lady who kicks seals and kittens and who will look down on
you so much she ends up looking up… It’s Boa Hancock… My hat just fell out. She is
also the captain of the Kuja Pirates and the ruler of the Amazon Lily island. She is also
a devil fruit user called Love-Love Fruit, which gives her the ability to shoot beams
that turns anyone that is attracted to her into stone. Editor please… please edit some
love beams coming out… MERO MERO~~ PEW PEW PEW… Now all the audiences have turned stone…
Cause clearly the audience loves me… Later Hancock sentences Luffy to death and even
tries to use the Love-Love beam on him. But since Luffy is only horny for adventures it
fails and Hancock ends up being the one that gets Love-Love-ed back and falls in love with
Luffy. Later we find out that Luffy’s brother is going to be executed as he lost the battle
with Blackbeard and is in Impel Down. So with the help with Hancock, Luffy decided to prison
break IN to Impel Down… So straight outta Amazon Lily Arc we have
the Impel Down Arc on 18th of October. Luffy with the help of Hancock, infiltrate the toughest
prison in the One Piece world… Impel Down… There Luffy makes his way down to save his
dear brother Ace. Along the way we meet some old familiar faces who have been locked up
and meet new people like another Shichibukai, the chunky fish-men karate master, Jinbei.
While going down prison levels Luffy teams up with Buggy and Mr. 3 for a while and then
teams up with my boy Bon Kurei. Luffy meets and fights the warden of Impel Down, Magellan,
a devil fruit user with the power of the Poison-Poison fruit. Luffy gets slimed on and is in critical
condition. Bon Kurei being the best helps Luffy get help from legendary inmate of Impel
Down… Emporio Ivankov, a commander of the Revolutionary Army. While this is happening
the marines take Ace out of Impel Down and transport him to Marineford where he will
be publicly executed. Luffy gets his full power back and so him and a rag tag group
of inmates make the only successful mass prison break in all of Impel Down’s history, and
they sail away to Marineford to save put an end to the execution and save Ace. 12th of December we have the One Piece Film:
Strong World, directed by Munehisa Sakai and written by non other… than Oda-Sensei himself!
This is his first One Piece film that he himself wrote for… thank you GODa… The story is
about the Mugiwara pirates taking on an old legendary pirate named Shiki who has the power
of the Float-Float Fruit, which makes any inanimate objects he touches float like his
whole ship… and he also likes to walk on stilts… Oh wait… Those are his legs…
Oof.. A In the movie Shiki takes a liking to the Straw Hat’s navigator Nami’s skill
and looks and decides to kidnap her and force her to become his navigator… So Luffy gives
him the ol’ Gomu Gomu fuck outta here and defeats Shiki and saving Nami and they all
sail away… To the… good ol’ fashion Grand Line and all that good stuff. 2009 has ended and finally after a whole ass
hour or something we get to 2010! The first entry to this is the One Piece Premier Show
2010! Now just like the One Piece Premier Show 2007, I couldn’t find any specific
dates so I’m just gonna place it at the start. Also I have almost no information on
this and the only reason I found out there was a Premier Show in 2010 was because of
this Universal Studio Japan company document from 2014 stating that they will replay the
most popular past Premier Show and Luffy and Ace – Fight Together which the document states
was the 2010 performance won as the best show. So I guess in this show Luffy and Ace… Fight
together… All right back to the The main story… Luffy
has escaped Impel Down and now he is off to Marineford… the main Headquarters of the
Marines. This starts one of my top arcs in all of One Piece… Mwha this one is MWHA…
delectable! And it’s the Marineford Arc also known as Paramount War Arc or the War
of the Best Arc beginning on July 18th. It’s the big battle… The Marines pulls no punches,
gathering more than a 100 thousand elite marines, the Shichibukai (the ones that are still kicking),
and the 3 admirals to ensure Ace’s execution goes to plan. Before the execution begins
the world find out that Ace is actually the legitimate son of the deceased King of Pirates
Gol D. Roger. Gasp. After this revelation the Strongest Man in the World, the Man closest
to the One Piece, the big poppa himself… Edward Newgate aka. Whitebeard appears…
Bustin out the water on his whale boat, Moby Dick, he brings the full force of Whitebeard
Pirates; 14 division commanders and 43 subordinate pirate crews ready to fight… With the powers
of his devil fruit Tremor-Tremor Fruit… Whitebeard beats up the air and cause a tsunami
and puts into motion one of the most epic battles in One Piece history… I’m gonna
go on a limb and say anime and manga history too. Take that every other manga and anime..
I’m kidding I love you guys… You guys are great… The battle is underway and later,
Luffy and his inmate crews join the fight. They manage to free Ace but due to Admiral
“Red Dog” Akainu… Ace gets a whole ass hole in his stomach and he sadly dies… Rest
in Piece Ace… As we’re shedding some tears, Blackbeard and his crew arrive and he talks
some smack to Whitebeard but also gets his whole shit rekt. But alas… Whitebeard succumb
to his wounds and dies while standing just remind us how tall and hopw cool he is…
Not so fun fact: Whitebeards wounds as stated in the manga consisted of 267 sword wounds,
shot 152 times and hit by cannonballs 46 times… Rest in Pieces… big poppa… Before they
could even properly mourn our big father’s death, Blackbeard using his fruit power, Dark-Dark
fruit he somehow absorbs Whitebeard and takes his devil fruit powers… Now in the One Piece
story this is seen as kind of impossible in a way… They mention it before I think in…
the… Enis Lobby arc I believe… that if one person eats two fruits they die… Kind
of like a- like a wives tale… But Blackbeard does it and becomes a Dark Tremor-Dark Tremor
Devil fruit user??? Anyways the fighting continues and only stops when my cool uncle Shanks rolls
up with his pirate crew and says “Hey this arcs been running a little long… let’s wrap this up” SO… they wrap it up… 9th of September we have a game for the DS
One Piece: Gigant Battle! A 2d fighting game you choose your main character to fight with
and 3 support characters you can select on the bottom DS screen to help you out, these
range from Whitebeard, Vivi, Ace and even Gol. D Roger… But you also get some surprising
choices like… Kung Fu Dugongs from Alabasta, Gaimon, that guy who’s stuck in the f***in
treasure chest… and my boi PANDAMAN AND this game and it’s sequel are the only games
to have… the famous ODACCHI… Yes you can have the creator of One Piece come out and
help you fight! In one of the moves he just draws a manga panel and it’s like a trap
door and you can fall in and you get damaged… Incredible… Oda you did it again! So we wrap up 2010 and head on over to 2011,
yes I know how to count and the first thing we got is a movie that’s a lil different
to all the other movies thats been released so far. This currently is the first and only
fully 3 dimensional CGI One Piece film called Straw Hat Chase, released on March 19th. On
top of being a fully 3D film it’s also a double-feature film, shown alongside Toriko
3D: Gourmet Adventure both being billed as the “Jump Heroes Film.” Now for this the
story is simple… Just as the title states… The Straw Hats are chasing Luffy’s hat.
In the end? They get the hat back. Personally the film is a fun thing to look at but story
wise… ya know it’s okay… But t he really cool bit in this film though is the Bulldog
who ate the Bird-Bird Fruit: Model: Eagle, named Buzz… That dog looks so siq… A day after the Straw Hat Chase film we get
the aftermath of the great Battle of Marineford… It’s the last Arc putting end end to the
truly epic; Summit Wars Saga known simply as… Post War Arc, beginning in the 20th
of March. After the war, Luffy is traumatized, traumatized to a point where he is in full
blown denial that Ace died. We get a flashback going all the way back when Luffy was 7 years
old… Grandpa Garp puts Luffy into one of anime’s best moms… Curly Dadan. Shortly
after we meet 10 year old Ace and after another young boy named Sabo, who’s
best friend with Ace. At first the relationship with Luffy and the two boys… Is terrible
but later they all become sworn brothers and the trio stick together like peas in a
pod. This arc we learn facts like Luffy can’t lie for shit, Ace is just a big tsundere and
Sabo is just one chill ass kid with a big ol pipe. Later in the flashback unfortunately
Sabo is killed by a Tenryubito as he was sailing near their boat and so one of the Tenryubito
just decides ay… I’m gonna shoot this kid with a cannon. What a f***king dick…
7 years pass and Ace leaves the island to become a pirate, 3 years after that we see
the same fresh faced 17 year old Luffy that first started this whole journey 12 years
ago… End of the flashback now we’re back to extremely sad Luffy and we also have an
extremely sad me when we see best mom Dadan tearfully beat up Garp for doing nothing as
Ace was being killed. Makino, the inn keeper stops Dadan stating “Garp is the one suffering
the most” but Dadan checkmates her by saying “No… It’s Luffy who’s truly sad”… Damn… that line still gets to me… Luffy manages to calm down after he remembers that
he isn’t alone… He has… his nakamas… cue me crying again. Luffy later goes back
to Marineford and do some extra shit that gets him on the front page of the news. He
hides a secret message in the picture so that the Straw Hats would know what to do… Which
is… To meet up after 2 years. So where did all the nakamas go anyways? Zoro
is in Mihawk’s spooky mansion with Perona, a character from Thriller Bark and basically
your local hot topic worker. Chopper is in the Torino Kingdom where he learns about new
medicine and stops the conflict between man… and bird… fun fact. Back in 1932, in Western
Australia there was an actual war the Australian military waged against… the Emus… Appropriately
named the Emu War, they wanted to get rid of a buncha emus so farmers could farm and
what were the results? The military lost… Back to One Piece… Nami is back up in the
skies in an artificial skyland called Weatheria, Wetheria? WEatheria? WETHERia…. Where she
learns more about the unpredictable and strange weathers of the New World and how she can
use it to be a better navigator. Usopp is training with a mysterious warrior named Heracles
in an island filled with deadly giant bugs and man-eating plants, in fact the whole island
is actually a big man-eating plant. Sanji is in his personal hell and has to fight 99
chefs to get 99 recipes for type of food that is known for improving one’s body called
Attack Cuisine. Robin is hanging out with the Revolutionary Army lead by Luffy’s dad
Dragon and decide to hang with them for a lil bit more to get stronger herself. Franky
is in a snow island named Karakuri Island, the birthplace of Vegapunk, the genius scientist
working for the Marines. He finds his lab and decides to study. Side note: let us enjoy
this SUUUPER Franky moment… Thank you Franky. And finally Brook is the Harahettania kingdom,
also known as the land of poverty, where he ends up becoming a rockstar… Fun fact: Hara
Hetta roughly means “I’m hungry”. So this place is struggling so much they named
it I’m Hungry Kingdom… We end this arc and this saga with Luffy starting up his training
with the legendary pirate Rayleigh, Luffy puts down his iconic Straw Hat and we’ll
be back 2 years later… SIKE! That’s the One Piece timeline but
in OUR world we keep this One Piece gravy train rolling babay. Oh my GOD… NO… it’s
terrible… that was absolutely terrible… We got this…. we can fix this… This is
fine… this is fine… this is fine… it’s not fine… Oh we’re fine, we’re fine…
we’re fine… we are totally fine… [mumbles like a madman] How do I insert this f***in… I hate One Piece… I’m kidding
I love ONe Piece… We did it everyone… One Piece… One Piece is back… May 26th is the
One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP released for the 3DS, this one doesn’t need much information
because it’s a re-release of the One Piece Unlimited Cruise 2 part edition just put into
one… Well a few months after that July 16th 2011, we have the One Piece Premier Show 2011!
Just like the other 2 Premiere Shows there is not that much info on this live show other
that poster you just saw… and a few youtube videos… so ummm… there we go. You can
check it out and figure it out just like me… Now back to the anime it’s the 2nd half
of One Piece with the FISH-MAN ISLAND SAGA and we start this saga off with Return to
Sabaody Arc on October 2nd. Two in-universe years pass and we start this arc off coming
back to the same shot of the iconic Straw Hat, our fresh new timeskip Luffy appears
and he can’t wait to meet the rest of his crew. Same with me Luffy… Same. With. Me.
Back to Sabaody we see the new and improved Straw Hat crew wait… they look a little
off… Ah better… SO the new and improved Straw Hat crew reunited aboard the Thousand
Sunny… And we see that Zoro is missin an eye, Usopp has a lil goatee and is buff, Nami no longer wears shirts, Sanji has covered his other eye to reveal that his right eyebrow
is… curly front end??? Robin has a new hair-do and seems like she’s doubling on her SPF
on her sunscreen because she’s completely lost her tan… Brook is the same ol skeleton
except he’s got more drip now, and Franky, well Franky just double down on being a mecha
cyborg-y than ever before. Once Luffy, Chopper and Usopp were done admiring the mecha-ness
of Franky they disembark and head to Fish-Man Island! And here we are at Fish-Man Island! November
13th we begin the Fish-Man Island Arc. So the Straw Hats make their way to the Fish-Man
Island and we meet the main villains in this arc, The New Fish-Man Pirates, pirate group
that hates all humans lead by Hody Jones, a fish-dude who is a massive fanboy of Arlong
and a firm believer of Arlong’s anti-human sentiments. Also Sanji gets one of the biggest
nosebleeds in One Piece history because of a mermaid and we see anime trope turn into
an actual plot point when, thanks to that nose bleed we learn about the human and fish-men
relationship which is, it ain’t good… Fast forward Hody and his pirate crew attempt
a coup d’état but the Straw Hats appear and save the day and we get to see just how everyone
has improved after 2 years. The new Mugiwaras easily defeats the pirate crew and Straw Hats
celebrate with the fish-men. The arc ends with Big Mom, one of the 4 Yonkos pissed as
hell cause Straw Hats ate all her sweet underwater candy. For some extra info, Yonko is a term
used for the 4 most notorious and strongest pirates in the One Piece world. Shanks is
actually a Yonko and Whitebeard was one too. Anyhow Luffy tells Big Mom that he will kick
her ass and on that note Luffy and the Mugiwara pirates leave Fish-Man Island and head out
to the New World… 17th of November it’s another OP game titled
One Piece: Gigant Battle! 2 New World for the DS. A sequel to the first Gigant Battle
this one also featured our God and lord and savior Odacchi as a support character. And
we begin 2012 with currently the most sold One Piece game ever and the most successful
One Piece game series and it is… One Piece: Pirate Warriors game for the Playstation 3
developed by Omega Force, most famous for it’s awesome run around and beat 30 to 50
people up at once Dynasty Warriors. You can play all the Straw Hats members and even Ace,
Hancock and Whitebeard… Gurararara… As I said before, it is the most popular game
selling 1.2 million copies in 2012 alone… Damn Oda making big big berries. Big ol’ berries. So July 7th we get the One Piece Premier Show
2012! This time there is a short sentence about this on the One Piece wiki so I have
some idea what this is about. We have the Straw Hat Pirates with the help of Marco, the right
hand man of Whitebeard to defeat an original villain by the name of Chameleon. Not that Chameleon… Yeah that one 15th of December One Piece Film: Z directed
by Tatsuya Nagamine who recently directed the Dragon Ball Super: Broly film and Eiichiro
Oda is serving as the executive producer. We see the Straw Hats take on a former Marine
Admiral by the name of Zephyr… also known as ‘Z’. I forgot which way to do it…
Now Z has taken some marine developed weapons of mass destruction, and plans to destroy
the One Piece therefore, in his mind end the age of pirates. And Luffy is trying to be
the King of the Pirates… He’s gonna put a stop to Z and his plans. Real quick fun
fact: The ending song is done by none-other than Avril Lavigne and she sings a Nickelback
cover song of “How You Remind Me”. When I was watching this and came to the ending
credits I was losing… my MIND… Because it’s… It’s fu***kin skater boy dude! So now last entry for 2012 we have One Piece
Romance Dawn: The Dawn of the Adventure released 20th December for the PSP and DS. It’s turn-based
RPG game where you get to play as the Mugiwara pirates. Now to be exact December 20th is
the date when the PSP version was dropped, the DS version was released in 2013. Just
in case there’s a super OP Romance Dawn game fan out here somewhere… SO as I said 2013… We get to 2013 and there’s
nothing new until mid-year on 5th of July with One Piece Premier Show 2013! Where this
time Luffy fights a guy who hosts a dance and martial art competition and is also a
kidnapper working for Doflamingo named Lambor Bukini. What a multi talented man with a f***ked
up name… January 6th 2013 is the start of the next saga
of One Piece… This is currently the LONGEST One Piece anime saga titled… DRESSAROSA SAGA
and we start this off with the Punk Hazard Arc! So straight out the water the Straw Hats head
to Punk Hazard, a restricted government island where it’s half on fire and half frozen.
The Straw Hats there find dragons, centaur pirates, a samurai who is in 3 pieces but
still alive and lookin for his son named Momonosuke, a laboratory where they experiment on children
making em gigantic. We find out this whole place is controlled by Doflamingo, aka. that
one Shichibukai you always saw before fuckin with people by taking control of their bodies.
We also see again; Smoker, Tashigi and Trafalgar Law, half pirate… half doctor… and a man
who’s eaten the Op-Op fruit… Which is a power that makes a blue sphere aura and
within that aura he can chop anyone up, transport things around, stick em to things… Honestly
it’s pretty hard to explain so you should check out One Piece on We
do get some great Op-Op fruit moments like Law swapping the conscience of Franky, Nami,
Sanji and Chopper. So we get great moments like these. The samurai puts his chopped up
body together and he reveals is named “Kin’emon” a samurai from the Wano Kingdom. After all
that and more like rescuing Momonosuke again… Law actually joins forces with Luffy and together
they beat up the mad scientist who was making all these poisons and experimenting on children,
Caesar Clown. Luffy Gomu-Gomu no beats the hell outta Caesar, that research lab is blown
to bits and the Straw Hats celebrate with the giant kids and the G-5 marines. Back on
the ocean trail and the Straw Hats with Law, Momonosuke and Kin’emon decide to go to Dressrosa,
the land where Doflamingo rules over as King… Now the next 3 entries are all games so gamers rise
up. 20th of March One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 released for PS3 and PS Vita. The sequel
to the popular Pirate Warriors series. Next on 12th of November is one of the most interesting
One Piece games ever… One Piece: Dance Battle for iOS and Android. It’s a music and rhythm
game where it seems you fight other characters with the power of dancing… Maybe this was
the One Piece all along… Also look at this hilarious out of context snippet of Luffy
Gomu Gomu Gatling-ing Smoker while he is just tryina get his groove on… Last game and
last entry for 2013 we have the One Piece: Unlimited World Red released on November 21st
for the 3DS. It later came out for pretty much every single other game console… PS3,
PS Vita and Wii U on 2014, the Windows, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Fun fact: I really like
the main villain they have for this game, dude looks cool as hell… That’s a fun-
fun fact… I guess… not really… but it is MY fun fact… It’s 2014 and it’s time for the Dressrosa
Arc! First airing in January 19th this arc is THICC. And I’m gonna be talking for a
hot minute so let’s go… FIrst the Straw Hats arrive to Dressrosa and they split up…
Luffy, Zoro, Franky, Usopp, Robin, Law and Kin’emon will head to Dressrosa and Nami,
Usopp, Brook and Sanji will taking the Thousand Sunny and head to a place called Zou. Once
in Dressrosa, we see that there are sentient toys living amongst the people and more shocking
is that they were once human, who were turned into toys.. Also another fu**ed up fact is
that the residents of Dressrosa once they get turned into toys, everyone else loses
all memories of them… So they don’t even know- like ya dad could’ve been turned into
a toy and you’re like… “my dad ran away from me like 10 years ago….” But he’s
a f***in toy who is next to you… We also meet a new admiral, the blind swordsman Fujitora
who sucks at gambling. Zoro meets a dwarf, a race of tiny beings that are extremely fast
and powerful and are gullible as hell. And Luffy competes in a fighting tournament to
win the Flame-Flame fruit, Ace’s old devil fruit… Now as I said like 5 hours ago, once
someone with a devil’s fruit die that fruit is revived in another part of the world. During
this competition we also meet a WHOLE lotta pirates, bounty hunters, fighters and, at
least 2 actual kings. And one of the competitors is an extreme fanboy of Luffy named Bartolomeo,
who loves the Straw Hats SO much that he has a boat that looks like Luffy, has the Straw
Hat’s posters on the walls and is basically us… Like me or you… who are big ol’
fanboys… We also find out one of Doflamingo’s crew has also been turning people who go against
him and the losers of the fighting competition into toys and making them work for him against
their will… Also in this arc we also get a massive twist… Luffy find out that his
brother Sabo is actually alive and he’s a general in the Revolutionary Army!!! DUN DUN DUN!!! Me and Luffy have a tearful reunion with Sabo and Sabo pretends to be Lucy and declares
that he will be one that will win the Flame-Flame Fruit and carry on Ace’s legacy… Now on
top of this shocking moment we also get one of the most important moments in One Piece
history… the birth of GO. D. Usopp as he takes down the Devil Fruit user who turned
everyone into toys by using nothing more than his godly face. Once the Devil Fruit user
is unconscious all the people that were once toys come back as humans. They were so moved
by Usopp’s actions they declare him not a hero… BUT AS THE GOD THAT HE IS… THANK
YOU BASED GOD USOPP… During all the battling and the wars we get a flashback to Law’s
past, how he got his Devil Fruit, and we also find out about the brother of Doflamingo and
Law’s parental figure Corazon aka. Donquixote Rosinante… After some more tears back to
the battle with now we have the Straw Hats and all the fighters in the tournament fighting
alongside and against the Donquixote Pirate crew. Luffy and Doflamingo 1v1 and we see
a NEW form of Luffy… Gear Fourth… BOUNDMAN… You can see right over here… BOUNDMAN…
He does a Nio statue pose and absolutely demolishes Doflamingo, freeing the Dressrosa Kingdom
from the tyranny of Donquixote Doflamingo… The saga ends with a fantastic moment where
Monkey D. Luffy has gotten himself a Grand Fleet… Consisting of 7 pirate crews who
all vowed to service under the Straw Hat… God feels like yesterday when all Luffy had
was a tiny shitty row boat… Next stop… Zou. Before Zou we have the One Piece Treasure
Cruise released 12th of May for the iOS and Android. It’s the classic free-to-play gacha
game… But as any gacha game enthusiast the free-to-play part doesn’t last very long…
In fact… not at all… 4th of July is not the Independence Day… but NO it’s actually
the One Piece Premier Show 2014 day!!! Wooo… So uuhh… there was actually for this one
two shows for spring and summer show… apparently… it’s on the wiki… I have no idea… The
spring show has the story of Boa Hancock and the Kuja Pirates getting kidnapped and the
summer show has the Straw Hats and Heart Pirates working together to fight the Marines. Now
supposedly 2014 is supposed to have the repeat of the 2010 show… but in the wiki it doesn’t
say it… but the Universal Japan document says it… So who’s tellin the truth and
who is lying… You mean to tell me that people get on the internet and LIE?!?! SO LETS MOVE
on to this year’s last entry, we have One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X released for
November 12th for the 3DS. Fun fact: this game has 39 playable characters and 50 side
support characters, for a whopping 89 characters… Wowzers… that’s a lot. Now it’s 2015 and we have the unveiling
of the Tokyo One Piece Tower on March 13th! This is an indoor theme park located inside
the Tokyo Tower. To make this extra fun, the lore of this place is that the theme park
is an in One Piece universe island in the New World called Tongari Island and the Straw
Hats land there and decide to make some fun games and attractions for all the guests visiting.
Wow… how nice… and this is the place where you can watch the Live Attraction shows which
is actually our next entry One Piece Live Attraction: Welcome to Tongari Mystery Tour!
The One PIece Live Attractions are live performances held at the Tokyo One Piece Tower and it is
the show’s plots and characters are all reviewed and supervised by Oda-sensei himself…
God… What a legend… It is the 26th of March and we get the third
Pirate Warriors game; One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 for the PS3, PS4, PS Vista, Windows and
the Switch. Now let’s get down to July 3rd we have the
One Piece Premier Show 2015! The story for this is the Straw Hats are fighting 3 scientists
with the help of Sabo, Koala, Kin’emon, Bartolomeo and Cavendish. Next entry is also
a live show but with a lil traditional twist… Starting on Oct 7th titled Super Kabuki II
One Piece! It retells the Marineford War Arc but in the style of a Kabuki show. For some
context for people who have no idea what I’m talkin about Kabuki is a traditional form
of Japanese stage show dating all the way back to the 17th century. Fun fact: the lead
actor Ennosuke Ichikawa the fourth plays Luffy, Boa Hancock AND Shanks all in the same show…
Wow my dude got range… Now we move on to 2016 and our we start this
year off on 21st of April with One Piece: Burning Blood, game for the PS4, PS VIta,
Xbox One and Windows. This is a 1v1 fighting game with a whopping 44 playable characters
and 65 supporting characters for a total of 104 characters… The main story follows the
Marineford Arc so you can play and watch Ace die again and cry… Yay!Also this game had
a great trailer where Luffy is fighting Enel and Crocodile in the middle of a Japanese
city and boy lemme tell ya… I know the risk of death is probably high as s**t but I’d
love to be there just to see my boy Luffy… Like yeah… that’s me I’m the cheering
crowd… On the same day 21st of April we have another game but this time for the iOS
and Android system called… One Piece Thousand Storm! Now there isn’t much info on this
game either than some gameplay footages on Youtube but lemme tell ya… There’s a whole
lotta One Pieces going on in this one… yeah…. 23rd of April we get the 2nd part of the Live
Attraction series with One Piece Live Attraction 2! Again I ain’t got much info on this other
than Straw Hats are fighting Law and the admiral Kizaru? But I think at the end Law betrays
Kizaru so…. Looks awesome though… man sure wish I could be there to watch and let
y’all know… #SendTimToJapanSoICanSeeAllTheseOnePieceLiveShows… AND RIGHT after the Live Attraction part 2:
electric boogaloo we go to 1st of July with the One Piece Premier Show 2016! I mean by
this point you know wassup right? This time as we can see in the video show focuses on
some flashback moments like Sanji first joining Straw Hats, Zoro fighting Mihawk and Luffy’s
childhood… Oh also I guess the audience is going to be killed by Gear Third Luffy…
Goddamn… Really wish I could be there getting killed by Luffy too… July 23rd and it’s the One Piece Film: Gold!
Directed by Hiroaki Miyamoto, it tells the story of Luffy and the Straw Hats sailing
to the One Piece version of Las Vegas, the great casino island, Gran Tesoro. Over there
they meet the owner of the island Gild Tesoro and after getting scammed out of their money
and having Zoro put on the choppin blocks, the Straw Hats get together and give Gild
a good ol’ fashion Mugiwara beating. Ha ha~ take that rich boy. 8 days later, July 31st and it’s time to
start 2nd longest and current saga the YONKO SAGA and the starting this saga off we have
the Zou Arc! Where we go full furry and see a giant Elephant with a whole island on it’s
back called Zou and meet a race of humanoid animals called Minks. Now the Straw Hats that
were in Dressrosa finally arrive at Zou and they meet up with the outer crew members.
But we find out that Sanji… has left the crew, and not only that we find out that Sanji
is the 3rd son in the royal Vinsmoke family, a family that rule over a militaristic kingdom
called Germa Kingdom who are allied with Big Mom. On top of all this Sanji has to marry
a daughter of the Big Mom family, strengthening the alliance between Germa and Big Mom. Luffy
wants to get Sanji and so they split the crew once again. The Sanji Retrieval Team consisting
of Luffy, Nami, Chopper, Brook, Mink tribe member Pedro and Carrot, they’re plan is
to head to where Big Mom is and bring Sanji back! The rest of the Mugiwaras and co. set
sail to the mysterious land of known… as Wano… It’s September 21st and we have a game for
the Nintendo DS One Piece: Great Pirate Colosseum I ain’t got much to say for this on other
than it’s a sprite 1v1 fighter for the DS… Yeah… Now let’s move on to April 9th and we have
the Whole Cake Island Arc where Luffy and the gang arrive to Totto Land, the main territory
of Big Mom and a place where it is made of up food and food related items. How fun…
In this arc we finally meet one of the Yonkos… BIG MOM, who has the power of the Soul-Soul
Fruit, a Devil Fruit that allows the user to freely interact and manipulate souls. We
also get the childhood backstory of Sanji, before he ever even set out to the seas to
become a cook. We meet all the members of the Vinsmoke family who is apparently very
logical and possibly lazy with their naming of their children… We have the oldest Reiju,
and the 4 boys, Ichiji, Niji, Sanji and Yonji… For the non Japanese speakers Rei is zero,
Ichi is one, Ni is two, San is three and Yon is four… So basically in English it’d
be Zeroy, Oney, Twoey, Threey and Fourey… Yeah… Anyways Threey, no surprise to anyone
falls in love with his arranged soon-to-be wife Pudding but he later finds out that the
wedding is a sham made by Big Mom who plans to betray the Vinsmokes and takes their sweet,
sweet technology for herself… Luffy and Sanji end up fighting too cause Sanji is being
a mega tsundere and Luffy goes on a hunger strike until Sanji comes back as the cook.
Incredible… Luffy not eating??? The Straw Hats joins forces with a pirate group called
Fire Tank Pirates, lead by Capone Bege… Beje… hmm… to defeat Big Mom at the big
wedding. So the big wedding happens, and the EXTREMELY LONG battle begins… They try to
take out Big Mom by traumatizing her but that fails, we also get a flashback to her childhood
and my god… She was #savage… We also get a 20 episode long battle with Luffy and one
of the commanders and son’s of Big Mom… Katakuri aka… AHHH… DONUTS…. Anyways
the arc ends with Sanji sticking it to his terrible dad and equally shitty family, except
you Reiju… You’re cool… and Sanji and the Straw Hats leave Totto Land head off to
the mysterious lands as… Wano. Next up we have 4 entries that are all live
shows… Rise up… Theatre people… So here we go 29th of April it’s the One Piece Live
Attraction 3: Phantom in this story to which I have no idea about we see our favorite clown
Buggy and we see that Ace is in this… So… is Ace the phantom… Is he dead…? That’s
messed up… 30th of June we have One Piece Premier Show 2017, celebrating its 10th anniversary!
Wow yay! Next is one of the biggest and coolest live events that I feel like they’ve ever
done… October 7th and this time it’s a live event that takes place in the city of
Kyoto… called One Piece x Kyoto this was created to celebrate the 20th anniversary
of the One Piece manga series and ran until Oct 22nd. Guests would come into the city
and enjoy a variety of One Piece Japanese themed activities in Kyoto to see historic
sites and get some good ol’ One Piece Wano experience along with it. This is an amazing
event that features loads of traditional styled art of the Mugiwara pirates AND you can even
find Pandamans scattered around the area… Goddamn… SO cool… I wanna not only go
to Japan to see all the live stuff… But I also want a time machine now so I can go
back in time and visit… #CrunchyrollGimmeATimeMachine… So now ending 2017… we get to 2018 January
20th and we get another interesting One Piece experience titled One Piece Dramatic Stage
THE METAL ~Marineford of Remembrance~ this is a futuristic holographic 3D experience
where you can watch the 3D CGI Straw Hats live on stage. For people that are confused
it’s like the Hatsune Miku live shows or the Tupac hologram except it’s the Straw
Hats. Damn… Hatsune Miku x One Piece x Tupac when????? 29th of March we get another One Piece mobile
game One Piece Bounty Rush the gameplay on this is pretty interesting, it’s a 4 player
vs 4 player real time game where the goal is to capture 5 flags that’s spread across
the map. From the gameplay videos I’ve seen it almost has a slight League/ DOTA lite feel
to it… With a hint of splatoons…This actually looks sick I might play this… But I got
an SE so I dunno if my phone is just gonna explode when I play it… Now it’s 23rd
May and we finally have the one One Piece game us fans deserve… The game where we
are IN the One Piece universe and we are IN the Thousand Sunny… It’s the One Piece
Grand Cruise for the Playstation VR! You, yea YOU get to be an unnamed crew member aboard
the Thousand Sunny, hanging out with the entire Straw Hat crew and fight the Kraken, but more
importantly hang out with the entire Straw Hat crew… FInally… I can quit my job and
just join the Mugiwaras… Forever… Now snap back to reality it’s July 6th with
the… y’all f***in know what it is… it’s the One Piece Premier Show 2018! This live
show audiences get to see Vivi make her first Premier Show appearance and together with
the Straw Hats they fight the Bounties Pirates. So NOW after many days, many hours… many
moons pass… and we finally get to our current year 2019… Here we are… that’s us baby…
that’s us… Look at all this… Look we f***king made it… Let’s do this… I wanna
go home… Also fun fact: with this I’m just gonna, cause since all this is all the
Yonko saga I’m just gonna continue… Yonko Sagaaaaa~ We start it off with our current
year 2019 and what better way to start it off with the One Piece Premier Show 2019 with
the first show starting on the 26th of June. This show has the Straw Hats fighting a Marine
Vice Admiral named Balzac who has the Devil Fruit power called Basu-Basu Fruit which allows
the user to turn anything they touch into a bomb… Guaranteed to blow your mind… 15th of March and we get the latest One Piece
game released called One Piece: World Seeker released for PS4, Xbox and Windows, it’s
the first video game in the OP franchise to feature an open world environment! Set in
a place called Jail Island you control Luffy and just roam around have a jolly old time.
Also this game is interesting to me cause this game has a whole stealth element with
Luffy using the Observation Haki to see units behind walls and stuff… Like wow imagine
that… Luffy being stealthy… So now 31st of March and we’re ending the
2nd longest arc in One Piece history the Whole Cake Island Arc and we get to a relatively
short One Piece arc the information heavy Levely Arc! So in this arc we find out a lot
about the history and further information about the world of One PIece. First off the
Sanji Retrieval Crew are back on the Sunny and heading to Wano, and we see that Luffy’s
bounty has skyrocketed to 1.5 billion berries. We also get a pretty funny moment where we
learn that Luffy can’t count. We also get more World Building and we some more action
from the Revolutionary Army and we’re introduced to their commanders. At Mary Geoise, the capital
of the World Government, they are holding The Levely also known as the World Meeting,
it’s a council formed by the World Government that brings 50 out of 170 world leaders that
are affiliated with the World Government. We get to see familiar faces like Vivi, Dalton,
Dr. Kureha, Neptune, Shirahoshi and even Wapol… We also get hints to some very interesting
mysteries like how there is another straw hat kept in a chamber locked in Mary Geoise
and how there is a mysterious man named Im who seems to be the secret ruler of the world…
Damn One Piece illuminati over here… Oh also once again Tenryubito are a buncha dicks
except that one dude, yeah that guy. You’re cool… Okay jumping straight into the current Arc
of One Piece my god… SO long we finally made it… and it’s the Wano Country Arc
three lines cause I’m so happy that we finally made it folks… We did it… Beginning on
23rd June and straight out the gate we can see that One Piece is going all out from the
art direction, the colors and especially… the animation… Welcome to the Land of Wano…
Now some facts about Wano… It’s a powerful and isolationist country that is not affiliated
with the World Government, Which means the Tenryubito have no power there and in the
actual story of One Piece it’s kind of considered a mysterious land cause not that many people
go there and hang out… Cause they’re so… isolationists there… They’re isolated…
Now back to the actual plot, Luffy and the rest of the Sanji Retrieval Crew make it near
Wano country but unfortunately on their way they get ZUCCED into a whirlpool and the Sanji
Retrieval Crew gets separated. Meanwhile in Wano’s Flower Capital, everyone has infiltrated
and adjusting to the Wano’s way of life. Franky is working as a carpenter, Usopp is
selling toad oils on the streets… Basically scamming people… Robin is training to become
a geisha and Zoro… well he’s just a ronin, which is a masterless samurai… and ends
up getting accused of murdering innocent people, now obviously Zoro didn’t do this… but
c’mon buiddy you could’ve… you could’ve just gotten a job… Luffy meets a young girl
named Tama who despite starving offers Luffy food… God… such a good girl… We find
out that Shogun aka King of Wano Kingdom, the main baddy of this arc, Orochi allowed
the water and food to be poisoned and takes all the food so that only the wealthy can
eat and live a happy, healthy life… The curent episode right now is 904 so we shall
see what more craziness will entail us this Arc! Remember you can check out One Piece,
Wano Arc on!!! I don’t know why I said it like that cause you can watch
the entire One Piece… on Crunchyroll dot com… Check it out… SO with all that said,
that is the END of the arcs and the sagas of One Piece! But we’re not done yet! We
got 2 more! 9th of August and we have the most current
film One Piece: Stampede! Struggled there at the end I forgot how to spell Stampede…
Directed by Takashi Otsuka we have the Straw Hats going to the Pirate Expo… You heard
that right… Pirates have their own Expo… “Made by pirates, for pirates…” anyways
pirates from all over the world attend this expo to find a big treasure and this year
the treasure belonged to the King of the Pirates… Gol D Roger. Luffy also fights the villain
Douglas Bullet, who is a former member of Roger’s pirate crew who escaped from Impel
Down. The film will be released in select theatres for the American fans on October
24th to 31st… So you betcha ass I’ll be there watching it… yeah babay. Fun fact
about this One Piece Stampede film is that one of the characters is named Ann and she
appears in a previous One Piece attraction show… I dunno which one… But one of them…
So this a… this is her first debut as an anime being… Fun fact for ya there… So… finally… FINALLY… we have our final…
entry… 24th of April it’s the One Piece Live Attraction: Marionette, I can’t spell
Marionette… I’m not gonna do it… The Straw Hats fight Caesar and fans get to see
the debut of Sabo… Other than that… enjoy… this video… Uh Youtube clip… We’re finally DONE… around 15000 words
later and here we are! Thank you! Everybody SO much for watching the entire video and
PLEASE let me know in the comments if I missed anything so I can read them and CRY. F****in
cry myself to sleep… SIGH… [Den Den Mushi rings] Oh… This thing actually works? Hello?
Luffy?! The Pirate King Luffy is that you?! Yeah… Okay? I just need to look at the treasure?
The treasure box? There’s treasure in the treasure box? I thought that sh** was a f***kin
prop… Well thanks for that Luffy… Hey can I join the Straw Hats? No? Okay…? Well…
Well let’s check this out… Oh what is this? What is this?? OH MY GOODNESS…, ARE
THESE??? Are these what I think they are? The legendary polygraphs that give you 30
free days on Crunchyroll? Look at that… Look at that folks. 10 codes that you can
insert right now and get free 30 days of Crunchyroll. EVEN if you are a current member… Incredible
these… This could b- this is ONE PIECE… THIS IS… THE ONE PIECE FOLKS… MY GOD.
And also if you’ve noticed throughout the entire film we’ve been showing you snippets
and pieces of the One Piece codes. SO please watch them over again and check em out and
find em and insert them in before somebody else gets the treasure! All right everybody…
That’s all from me I am Timothy D. Luffy… Monkey… Lyu… Thank you so much for watching
the entire timeline video and please once again… use these codes to check out One
Piece on Crunchyroll dot com and please have a great day or something… I dunno… I am
so SO tired… This bird is gonna kill me and I’m just gonna let the seagull kill
me… OW. I’m dying… I’m already dead… Farewell EVERYBODY.

100 thoughts on “The One Piece Timeline (1999-2019) – Anime Explained

  1. Holy crap. You know how many times iv searched "anime where something gets kicked around the world" And got NOTHING??? And here it is some special that i barly remember seeing sometimes in the early 2000's -_- Well thank you for finally FINALLY showing me what i couldn't remember. "Typed stuff like, Anime arena battle kicked around world. Anime person kicks a thing around the world." Man its been like 10 yeayrs and I finally get to watch it. Cause while watching it I was like "Oh i don't know these people i better wait tell i catch up on this show that i don't even watch"

  2. I watched the whole video, and I think it was crazy thorough, been watching one piece since it aired in the states. The ‘clean’ version was ok. But the uncensored is way better lol I am up to date on the show but I must see all the movies!!!!! P.s I think Tim Lyu should get a raise from this great performance. It was like reliving my whole childhood in two hours. Great video. #sendTimtoallonepicerelatedevents.

  3. i binged watched one piece from episode 1 to episode 819 in the first four months of my senior year then went to the manga cause i ain’t got time to wait a week for another episode, then when i caught up to the manga i was forced to wait weekly for the next chapter.

  4. Sighhhh.. Y so many flashes of devil horns man? If I had more patience I'd watch this again just to could how many you throw up.

  5. I feel like they should have listed the one piece specials as well but it is really interestingt o see how many one piece games are actually out there. Even with my love for video game and anime, i very rarely dabble into anime video games. Broken Bond was the last one I tried and that was over 12 years ago now.

  6. I'm wondering how many bottles of water poor Tim had to go through to get through this timeline, lol. That is a LOT of talking! Respect!

  7. Great job, but you forgot to mention the part before the Marineford battle when Bon Clay stayed behind in Impel Down to open the door to Marineford and died at the hands of Magellan. Another tear jerker .

  8. i'm a fan of
    One Piece Romance Dawn: The Dawn of the Adventure.

    one of the best PSP game i still can't understand today why One Piece only has 1 game for the PSP

  9. Beautiful explanation, as a fan of One Piece from the start over 20 years ago now, all I can say is well done.
    R.I.P. to the Going Merry, F

  10. So I know all of this by heart and I still watched the whole thing because it was really good and funny. The nostalgia was nice too 😊
    Thank you Cruncyroll!

  11. The one piece and Rogers greatest treasure is his log book. Because it tells of his adventure through the world. This is my prediction.

  12. I have a question: What if you want to go from the "East Blue" to the "West Blue"? x3 I mean: How would that work? ^^;

    Also: happy 10th anniversary of the "Impel Down Arc!!"

  13. I know most things one piece…. I'm watching this to see someone trying to explain this shit lol I barely able too and I've read it for 15 years.

  14. When u think ur gonna watch a video on the journey of the straw hat pirates but just learn about the billion one peice games that were made

  15. I listened and watched to the whole video and it was very informative, but I couldn't shake off the feeling that this guy was just reading a script or a bunch of stuff off the wiki; I mean he said so himself a few times. It just didn't feel genuine also with many mispronunciations.
    If you want some genuine love for and knowledge of One Piece, go watch Tekking, he goes for about 1 hour each chapter and could probably tell you the entire history of One Piece by heart. :/

  16. Im kind of shocked that they missed 3D2Y OVA that came out in 2014 because it is kind of important to Luffy's character

  17. How is Oda not the richest man in Japan with all these licensing opportunities throughout the years.

    I'm starting to think that Oda is the One Piece.

  18. 0:35 I'd just like to add that one piece is the 3rd highest selling comic of all time beating out spiderman and is close to surpassing batman in sales for the number 2 spot.

  19. cool video, I think this the first time any one has done a timeline video, maybe do other series too like FMA or MHA

  20. In 2011 I was bored, jobless and spring semester had just ended, so in light of that I decided to start watching One Piece from episode 1. It was the best decision I've ever made.

  21. Zoro trades in shusui for a new new sword, Enma. The time time fruit is real and sent kinemon, raizo and kanjuro into the future 20 years to the current timeline of OP. Okiku is a man aka a trap. the sunny has been heavily damaged and yasuie has been killed.

  22. I haven't read or watched one piece but I can still confidently say that Luffy looks absoloutley terrifying when translated to the hyperrealistic graphics of Jump Force

    Also as a fan request please create your own official anime intro. I would absoloutley love to see what you can come up with

  23. Happy 20th Anniversary One Piece!!!!! ☠⛵🎊😁 I can't wait to hear that announcement Funimation has in store for us!!! 👀👌🏽

  24. I hoped this would be more of a story recap.
    There are some mistakes in here, too.
    For example, Brook didn't die "centuries" ago and Cp9 isn't part of the marines but another (secret) organisation under the employ of the world government.

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