The Most Effective Martial Art- Is there One?

I’m certain that you’re aware there’s many different martial arts systems that exist today. This is something which can often times cause a great deal of confusion and sometimes controversy, and even within the systems there’s many different training methodologies which exist. So it’s no wonder that one of the questions I hear asked most often is what’s the most effective martial art. Perhaps you’ve heard it put differently. You may have heard what’s the best martial arts system. Well, regardless of how the question is phrased the reality is it’s an invalid question because it’s not the system that you’re going to use in a self-defense situation. It’s what you learn from the system, and if you dig deeper, you’ll uncover that at their core all martial arts systems are built from principles. So regardless of the training methodology which is employed a good system is designed to teach you how to effectively apply the basics in a manner that abides by sound principles. So what’s the necessary path to achieve that then? Well, that’s something that varies from person to person. So you see the more appropriate question to ask isn’t what’s the best system but what’s the best system for you, and the first step in answering that question lies in truly understanding the different types of principles that martial arts systems are built from.

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