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[Music] you [Applause] [Applause] [Music] just [Music] there was really nothing to do in Ohio I always remember like us just like having fun with like whatever it was and we were always like bored trying to find like fun little things to do we kind of just made do with with like whatever we could I guess if it rolled we had it to basketball hoops with two trampolines bikes footballs baseballs ropes to climb [Music] it was good we had a lot of fun I remember them just fooling around with the camera like going to the park and I was happy that they were doing that and not I don’t know getting into other trouble [Music] we had so many fights like out here in Hollywood like just cuz I felt like he was so selfish we started in Los Angeles together and kind of like grew apart because all he cared about was like growing his brand [Music] I was impressed with their self-esteem because they were willing to take risks that other people weren’t do you think you become such a big-shot that you think you’re above the law and you do the next seven or eight things that are just completely unacceptable excuse me the backlash against the social media star who posted video of an apparent suicide victim is intensifying video viewed over six million times in just 24 hours the backlash was massive people and creators of all sizes denouncing Logan Paul and this video so many people sharing stories of people they lost due to suicide and some specifically hanging but he insists that he only did it to raise awareness about suicide prevention he’s a complete and utter insensitive idiot freak a lot empty you are insane you’ve shown your true colors to everyone now bitch is over for you I obviously as a person as a human being I was frustrated and pissed off and offended the idea that Logan Paul is doing anything worthy here is ridiculous he is not a hero for a lot of kids – logan fans and when I see that I care so much I’m so disgusting how could somebody not realize how fucked up this is this cross is the lock doesn’t make any sense to me whatsoever as a human being go to a mall if you’re that fucking morbid what’s the next big thing you know just dangling in front of you like what’s gonna draw in more people to the channel me filming a dead body YouTube which yes I know gave you in the world that shit had Logan Paul I convinced this country to elect Don and I can do it again already auditioning candidates got some prospects Logan Paul I’ve made a severe and continuous lapse of my judgment and I don’t expect to be forgiven I’m simply here to apologize so what we came across that day in the woods was obviously unplanned and the reactions you saw on tape were raw they were unfiltered none of us knew how to react right a feel I should have never posted the video I should have put the cameras down stop the recording what we were going through there’s a lot of things I should have done differently but I didn’t and for that I’m the bottom of my heart I am sorry too many people don’t want to sleep in the bed that they made its fans and awesomeness when it’s going your way but when you make a misstep and everybody’s mad at you it’s mob mentality if I want all the admiration for all the content I put out if I take a misstep I have to deal with the ramifications I think the one thing that I’m obsessed with is accountability you gotta sleep in the bed that you made step 1 is simply just ask ask yourself ask others are you thinking about suicide and I know that sounds like a daunting question but literally that question can save life and obviously while this video is incredibly important and essential to his recovery I also think it’s incredibly important and it does good by him putting this out there really all that matters is how he handles himself moving forward it is very easy to say something it is very easy to apologize but who you are as a person that that is defined by your actions in life I think he became like a whole new person like I could see it just in his eyes he was depressed he was sad he was angry I don’t have you thought everything was gonna come to an end but like that’s how I’m sure he felt and like that’s how it seemed like he felt 20 eighties weird for me every day that the hate just kept on pouring in it was like piled on top of each other and I think it got worse and worse as time went on and I was scared because I honestly thought I got to the point where like I would not be shocked if I woke up one day and somebody told me love was dead like it was that long every minute of every day he’s getting destroyed by the whole whole entire world and decided to save his bird he’s a good thing I’m a weirdo here’s the first one it’s a good thing I’m a weirdo and decided how would you feel if you were known around the world to make people laugh every single day how was your goal all you wanted to do is make people laugh when people met me they go you’re the funniest guy who brought me through so many things he’s like and that’s what I held out to that’s what I pushed for it I was known for making people laugh and now because one thing I did I am the worst thing kids could ever look at but in real life man I am fucking struggling right now because when I’m forced to do something and it doesn’t it’s not coming from a place of truth within me it makes me incredibly unhappy I have a sinner fucking I’m in a rough spot man [Music] so here I am it is my second time jumping solo and I wanted to get my skydiving license to distract myself a little bit take my mind off of all the negative energy that was happening in my life and literally right off the bat the worst possible thing happens in that my main parachute does not open sleeplessly embracing after everything that just happened now literally I’m fighting for my life ten thousand feet in the air if I don’t take the necessary steps right now I’m absolutely going to die almost instinctually I’m glad to say this there was no panic there there was no moment of like oh my god what do I do this is it that my life is about to end I did the emergency procedures I looked red peel pool grab silver peel pool my main chute cuts away and thank God my reserve chute open but it all happened so fast in my mind and meant I am not ready to die [Music] [Music] everybody you set before this fight you had something is there anything you want to say to someone out already Matt’s got this bout right now and the youtuber wants it you can come get it take Paul local porn and there’s a pause I don’t care I’m gonna close the deal let’s close your deal all right let’s go to you maybe get a deal done Auggie did we fight yeah Hey versus Logan Paul a boxing match is in the works it is going to be the biggest event in youtube history by far possibly the biggest event on the internet ever I’m saying this now Jake Paul challenged edgy to a fight right of the spot you want to find me right now I fight you you train however long you want and Logan Whiteside [Music] my name is Milton Lacroix background in boxing I’m gonna do another long last time which makes me successful and what I’m doing is I break all the rules I don’t follow us audition everybody says box with your hands up chin down I do all that out the window a long time ago when Shannon Briggs came and found me and said I need to get my swag back since I had a different flavor of boxing Shannon came took him to like to world title shots some of them are champions a lot of the guys who are trained as amateurs went on to do big things blow them get hit the ceiling hit the ceiling try to hit the ceiling reach no stop don’t stop you said you would shake that’s right you said I don’t good time okay now turn your body look at the difference that little bit is all I need that’s how easy you got a punch I said oh that’s it no big deal forget about chugging with his head off right now develop me you can rip the head off later it’s gonna come develop develop learning how to get from A to B and once you get from A to B then you fucking push everything behind this thing okay [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] dumb piece of shit what are you gonna do what you lose what are you gonna do you know I’ve got an idea this is what you’re gonna say what you lose I’ve made a severe continuous my job [Music] [Applause] home [Music] alright we just finished the press conference tensions are high this is definitely gonna be bigger than I think anyone expects he goes through the low blows he goes for the force he goes for January and and rightfully so I get it it’s time to keep my head up keep moving moving forward and focus on August he’s never taken an L and for him to have all these W’s in his corner and then this L that just will not leave him alone just one thing just will hit them and that just makes them lash out [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] what the fuck is wrong with you fucking get some your window fuck fuck right now I’m not fucking around you know shut up that you know when you get divorced and the kids are really gone what you take in love and work and there was a lot of animosity from Greg and he let the kids know that you know Greg’s frustrated everybody else around him is frustrated because he he does take it out on the people around him I don’t think he knows how to not do that it’s what Logan learned well yeah there it is tough love you know listen this my boys growing up they’d whine about something I’d say get the fuck over it welcome to life by the time they left my house there’s a whole PEC to calm because my house was like that there was no stress no unhappiness no fighting you know everybody’s her own idea of of what’s affecting you we’re not affecting it you know like when they’re with me they would work when they go to Pam’s it would be goof off and you could start by apologizing no I know but there’s there’s been like just a repetitiveness that is starting to worry me dangerous to what Jake and I have built over the past four or five years I don’t think it’s fair that you are coming at me for what I didn’t do yet no no no that’s not fair that’s that’s not not fair at all uh-huh too stupid things that’s it other that’s only fucking wins I guess what I’m not doing stupid shit anymore from now on in the future but I can guarantee Jake will continue to do duper say as will you [Music] [Applause] you going to go for it now what’s up babe [Music] let me show to a real winner everyone has my back and no one has yours besides your ludicrous mom and your disgusting delusional diet are you gonna make not one but two dumbass children you want to ask about you [Music] [Music] [Applause] you know my bucket attainment you tell me to leave and I touch you to pray we went in the batter together no matter whether be never too late you gave me commands always open a tiny village of Australia never thought see today that people come into the trailer big on pet on my – another letter each other breaking down a number just get it they ask me hide in it I’m gonna tell I’m a roadside mystifies whoa my life animus chaga I’m a survivor my life from a bit soggy staring at you from afar in the lesson every scar asking myself how we got here remember this is who we are I am NOT here for revenge I did not come to make amends and I hid every pit for my sins I just came here to win I just can’t hit it in this can hit fight show you everybody who said I couldn’t be came overnight just for the blood is for the team I play two up there but only one of us is walking natty here tonight oh okay listen those fuckin hurt okay he’s using you one down he’s using your punching you you one down write that one down you got to go one down time gentlemen thank you thank you [Music] yeah I just I just got the shit kicked out of me seven days before in the fight you didn’t get this shit bro there were a couple hits are you weathered the storm straight up straight up there or a couple hits brother the store where I was act like I didn’t know where I was for like a split second and that’s never happened before I can take shots bro like if you took it before but like I got hit so fucking hard and then Jake was like come on keep fighting and I’m like oh I’m gonna get emotional ah I was like I’ve kept fighting before Oh sweet bro I didn’t think I’d cry this whole year has been a fight I definitely ain’t gonna stop in the ring 86 even 86 even 86 kilo [Applause] [Music] [Applause] welcome to the biggest event in its history we have it boys huge fight between Messr [Music] the talk [Music] [Applause] [Music] he’s looking for the big points to end this money gather the referees in the towel by 10 G’s corner a jig for [Applause] [Applause] [Music] all right [Music] is a war inside the King doesn’t deem us fine lovely Santa Heinlein’s o plateau between dark my son father great today this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for now coming to the ring from the United States it’s a Logan the maverick [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] listen to me is your plate you got in his fucking head had already with the show listen you want a really easy 10 million [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] logan take it serious back him up to the ropes [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] to get the win there Pierce I finished it stronger without the dome but it was a close fight we might see the arena reacts well or badly [Music] ladies and gentlemen after six rounds of action we go to the scorecards referee Garrett Morris hundred fifty-eight fifty-seven he has our K aside even at 57 to 57 and a third judge has it 57 57 it is a majority draw for both fighters after six straight rounds of boxing the nightmare ksi Logan the Maverick Paul this way in the majority draw well Wow especially a lot of people question in your heart they can be no question in your heart right now you see you’ve got a whole trading card Logan what does it feel like it’s anyone you want at the bar before all this tightening as much do you know the beginning of the year [Music] okay as much as I can cock shit and pretend like you’re my enemy brother I do hope you would thank you you say you saved my career and these past six months you’ve allowed me to take a step back and once again you realize Who I am because I was getting caught up and bullshit and the blogging and I told myself I told lies I was not gonna let that become my legacy and that I was going to not ask forgiveness but earn a chance to be forgiven have I earned that not yet not yet [Music] every day [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] I don’t know if pushing yourself to the limit is healthy because sometimes when you’re at your limit you break daily vlogging was the thing that made me become this you know exaggerated version of Logan Paul trying to come out of that routine of like the vlog character has been such a blessing for me because it has forced me to evolve as a human in my personal life because I can do that now to be a maverick and that symbol the idea of being independent and using your differences to make you stand out and succeed is so true to me and apparently it resonates with a lot of other people as well but I think we’re gonna do like a slight rebranding and six and fuel back in the tank because because to me you’re about a fight in one of the most watched fights in the in the colander year things just got real big turn pro they’ve ditched the head gear the rematch between these two superstars now sponsored by natural boxing and Eddie heard when I first met Logan Paul I was quite shocked decisive improved I’m by the way I mean especially now I truly believe that in LA someone will get enough the other boys that was here there is so much confidence that comes with actual skill and I had a year and a half to actually learn how to box whose fucking idea was it to give me this much time to become an athlete [Music]

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  1. Wow is all I can say man! Great film which made understand that if you can get through that and how difficult it really had/has to be to go through that you can make through an immense amount of adversity and I’m an even bigger fan now! I respect how much you’ve grown along side with you team as well and you are a better person now than you were before!! I don’t even know you personally but you feel like a brother to me! P.s. Mike always has your back I can tell!

  2. That was the most touching video ive ever watched, i never got the point of view from logans side and i have a deep newfounded respect for him. Went through some shit man.

  3. I’m going to be 100 percent honest, I want KSI to win the rematch but I have HUGE respect for you. You were at the lowest point in your life but you still decide to keep your head up and keep on fighting to earn our forgiveness of what happened. Everyone makes mistakes, no one is perfect in this world and for that I’m sorry what you’ve been through in 2018. I wish you the best on November the 9th. 🥊

  4. Logan Paul… You are gonna win this fight!
    Ksi has no chance!
    You got this!
    Don’t let the hate get to u!
    Your awesome I’m so many ways!
    You inspired me to be myself instead of trying to be like everyone else.
    You are my hero!
    You are inspiring me everyday to be a maverick!
    And I know this is probably sad to say but… I thought about hurting myself because people treated me bad…

    You made me believe I can be different and except myself for who I am!

    From u biggest fan…


  5. Bro people that hate Logan
    fuck those motherfuckers
    He is a good human being.
    Do people remember how many good stuff he has done.
    Watch everyone of his vlogs and see the good side
    One fucking mistake which anyone could have done and every motherfucker hates him.
    What a shitty mindset country
    I think his vlogs was entertaining than any fucking Hollywood movies admit it you fucking haters all watch his vlogs.
    Love you logan bro
    Keep going strong bro
    you are still No 1 in the game.

  6. Logan I just wanted to say keep fighting, and your true fans can recognise all that you’ve gone through to get this far, don’t give up now because you have a strong chance of winning but only if you put your all into it. Go in and put up the best fight you can. I believe in you and there are many others who do as well. Your past is what shapes you. Stay strong xx 💕🤩

  7. This video showed as well how Jake and his brotherhood are so strong. For example, when his bf was there at the fight but he spent more time hugging his brother than his gf it shows how much Jake’s support matters to him as a big brother. I felt that.

  8. I didn’t realize until now how boxing really helped Logan grow up and finally become a man and take responsibility for his mistakes. Love this

  9. Logan had a mistake but as long as he change he should be forgiven if its a random person post a dead body no one will get a fuck just because he a youtuber and everyone want to bring him down this is how fucked up the world is following the crowd pathetic world.

  10. Yo logan, i'm from indonesia the place where there is not many fighter came from but my dream is too become one. I wish i can be pro fighter like you now so we can train together. Goodluck for the fight!💪💪💪

  11. Can’t be a LOGANG leader if you never been at your lowest point!

  12. Logan you got this.Dont bother by ksi knocking out his sparring partner.His just playing mental games with you.I believe in you.LETS GO CHAMP

  13. Logan Paul, a name said by many , some with grace others with nothing more than hatred, I say it with honor and admiration , it was you who helped me get out of an extremely horrible stage of my life, I’m just a teen with dreams and you have helped me believe that I can conquer what I propose , Logan, shit has happened and every fight since then has been stronger , every time you’ve gotten up has been truly remarkable , I’ll say it again, I admire you, if anything someday becoming anything like you would be such an honor. Every day people come on here to get a smile and you manage to give millions , literal millions, a smile and a laugh. It’s you who helps people become a better version of themselves, you allow us to become the best version we could ever have. You’ll win this fight , it’s been worth it , every tear, every drop of sweat and blood, even the days without sex will be worth it. I’m just a 17 year old with life ahead of me , I know mountains will be planted in my way but every fall will be and has been worth it and you taught me that . I admire you and it would be a pleasure if I could someday manage to meet you and share with you even a donut man . I yet again will say it , I admire and respect you. Thanks for everything and win this shit .

    Follow me @earrublas

  14. For people to hold your past mistakes against you is bullshit, I wasn't a logan paul fan and I can't say I am, but I do respect you now and can see you've worked on becoming a better version of you. I hope you stay on that path when KSI knocks you the fuck out.

  15. Logan just stop. This didn’t inspire or make me feel bad for you at all. You are still a horrible and stupid guy, and your brother is plain shit. I hope you get knocked out for karma of you doing all of this stupidity in the past and today. Maybe KSI might knock some actual sense to you, that this fantasy of yours will be your downfall.

  16. Logan you’re a Warrior, a survivor that’s traversed a path that would break any normal man. You’ve come a long way, and your evolution is undeniable 🔥 Good Luck November 9th, win or lose, I can say I’m a fan no matter what 🍻

  17. You can’t have a boxing documentary after 2 fights that are hardly professional boxers which were highly regarded do not have boxing documentary because they don’t think themselves as good enough this is laughable

  18. This fucking guy needs to relaxxxx. A “boxing doc” WTF…you’ve had 1 fucking Amateur fight…1. Get over urself dude. SMH!!

  19. Fights NOT fair at ALLL SO UNFAIR. KSI suited up to fight a complete MONSTER in the ring. Like I honestly feel afraid for KSI health. The guy is gonna fall SOOOOOO HARD. Hes gonna knock knots straight .. RIP ksi

  20. Look, at first I had my doubts about Logan but he seems to have learnt from his mistakes, and even if he loses the rematch, I gotta pay big respect for how far he has come and how this has all been a learning experience for him.

  21. Logan I love you so much I’ve been here since day one I will always fuck with u and this video is the most inspirational shit on YouTube right now mad respect

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