The Karate Kid: Mr. MIYAGI Was The REAL VILLAIN

While everyone might think of Mister Miyagi
as a hero of the original Karate Kid film In Reality Mister Miyagi, like his former
delinquent student Daniel Larusso is the real Villain
of the film. If you haven’t seen the original video explaining
why Daniel Larusso is the real Bully in the original Karate kid film, then you can check
it out, linked below in the description of the video. Now lets begin. Mister Miyagi is a middle aged Japanese man,
currently struggling with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,
that he sustained while fighting overseas in World War 2 and also after the loss of
his wife and child, many years earlier. The film begins with Daniel Larusso, a trouble
maker from New Jersey, who got in one little fight and his mom got scared
and said, Cue Will Smith, “You’re movin’ “across the country with me to LA”. But I Digress, now back to the present. Upon arriving in Los Angeles Daniel quickly
continues on with the same behavior that got him chased out of New Jersey, and quickly
picks a fight with the most popular guy in his new town who just happens to be named
Johnny Lawrence. After trying to steal Johnny’s girlfriend
upon just glancing at her once, he then threatening Johnny with physical violence who must then
de-escalate the situation using martial arts, he then crosses paths with Mister Miyagi Mister Miyagi takes daniel in under the guise
of mentorship, and after some hesitation agree’s to teach Daniel Martial arts This would be all fine and well however, Mister
Miyagi who was still battling his own demons (while it is also implied that he is reliving
war flashbacks), in reality saw an opportunity to simulate a war by using Johnny, the Delinquent
Daniel and the respected Martial Arts Dojo Cobra Kai as pawns in his grand scheme, to
relive his days on the battlefield. Miyagi carefully pulls the strings from the
background, and under the guise of teaching Daniel Karate, is in reality teaching him
guerilla war fare tactics that he picked up during world war two which ironically earned
him the Medal of Honor, for his ruthless and unspeakable acts committed on the battlefield. After setting the stage for their final show
down, Miyagi then accompanies Daniel to confront Johnny and Cobra Kai. Now ask yourself for a moment, how does Johnny
a blackbelt that has been training in Martial art professionally, since childhood, lose
to some hoodlum from New Jersey, that has been taking lessons from an unqualified, and
uncertified martial arts teacher, after only a couple months of
training? The answer is simple, Daniel cheated. Using concealed guerilla warfare techniques
learned from Mister Miyagi, Daniel is able to injure all of his opponents in the
martial arts tourament rounds, leading up to his fight with Johnny. Earlier in the tournament when Daniel became
injured, Miyagi peforms what is regarded as a healing
ritual, before a quick camera cut, that allows Daniel to make a miraculous comeback. The truth is, that nothing short of Gods intervention,
would have healed Daniel that quickly. In reality before the Camera cuts away in
the locker room, Mister Miyagi is seen rubbing his hands together, however what we don’t
see, is when he pulls out a performance enhancing substance that won’t be named from his pocket,
that he first came across and began abusing, I mean using when he fought overseas in world
war 2. After administiring the substance to Daniel,
who could not have been more than happy to accept it, we then see Daniel limping back
onto the floor with little to no pain, his leg is clearly still damaged however it’s
clear that the pain has now mysteriously vanished (oh I wonder how). When Johnny’s Sensei Kreese (a former Vietnam
vet), catches on to what Miyagi is doing, Kreese realizes that he must have
Johnny put an end to this fight quickly before Daniel (who is now clearly under the influence
of the mystery substance) seriously injures anyone. Initially Johnny appears to have succeeded
in disabling the violent Daniel who is motivated simply by lust for Johnny’s now
ex-girlfriend Ally, however the unknown substances effects on Daniel, signficantly boost the
physical capabilities of his scrawny frame, and soon prove too much for Johnny, who is
then over powered by a combination of Daniels substance induced rage and use of Miyagi’s
secret guerilla tactic finishing move. Daniel wins the tournament, and Miyagi succeeds
in winning the evil mock war he orchestrated, but of-course this isn’t enough for him, and
he then proceeds to severely injure Kreese’s hands, (as he is rightfully disciplining Johnny
for insorbordination) to insure that he will be out of commission for good. And there you have it, the true story of the
Karate Kid, and the reason why Mister Miyagi was the real Villain of the original film,
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