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He’s had enough Don’t you remember what we learned? No weakness! No pain! No mercy. Cheng, stop! Go home.

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  1. استغفر الله العظيم
    اي عربي حر فضل وليس أمر اشترك في قناتي

  2. Keep in mind this was before jaden had become an icon livin' so of course he needed help from an icon already livin'.

  3. Jackie Chan makes the kids hit each other and deflect their attacks without actually doing any physical abuse towards them

    CNN: Old man beats up six kids

  4. Guys watch actually happened Jackie Chan tells about his childhood which is animated it's really interesting.
    Dont waste any time start watching NOW
    Also can you plz like this comment I will really appreciate it

  5. Patient zero for replacing white males with minority females. It's all fun and games until 007 is no longer James Bond.

  6. With those skills and that many foes, he should have just broke limbs. They would've given up much sooner.

  7. Idk if I watch anime to much but I imagine the kid in 1:27 asking "aye u think we could take him"😂😂😂😂

  8. I’m sorry but this is just so much less impactful than the original (not just because this movie sucks and makes no sense) but in the original Mr. Miyagi fights four highschool seniors, people who in every medical sense are considered to be in the prime of their lives, Mr. Han here is fighting a group of middle schoolers, i mean even if one of these kids had hit him he wouldn’t have even been hurt, it feels less like “oh he’s so awesome he took on multiple people at once” and more like “well he better have had won otherwise he’s weak and sucks”

  9. This is a clear example of if you wanna act at the level of a grown adult, youre gonna get treated like one.

  10. How to fight Jackie Chan in the right way
    1- Dont use weapons or he will use the weapons instead of u
    2-Fight With No Friends
    3-Use Helmets Or Armor
    4-Say good things about him
    5-Dont Fight.

  11. Quem será …o herdeiro do shortinhos do mestre "Dilsão" sabendo ele que o mercado deve ser um Palaro…e sobrinho dele é bem preto…Quem será?

  12. Am i the only one who noticed that on the 1:38 shot where Jackie throws the kid into the trash bin he actually miss it by a little , and a shot after he doesnt miss the bin ?

  13. Dre:why u no teach me karate boi

    Mr han:everything is KUNGFU

    Dre: ok ima leave now

    Mr han: (still teaches him)

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