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Next semi-final introducing Fight Dragon,Liang… Focus But, I can beat him. I do not want him beaten. I want him broken. Remember in your mind! Focus *looking at Master Li** GO!!!! uhhhh!!!!!!! Let him go! You’re disqualified

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  1. This old man is brainwashing kids to do the wrong thing probably not even teaching them what kung-fu is used for also not teaching them how to use it

  2. Bobby only strike daniel in the leg once, this kid went full berserk with that leg jesus XD XD XD

  3. Jesus did they just copy the first movie entirely? Same lines, same attacking the main character's leg to take them out.

  4. Liang didn’t wanna hurt dre he was just afraid of stepping up to his senses and felt forced to do what his senses asked poor kid.

  5. No where near as good as the original. They tried to copy the scenes from the 1984 movie only just changed the wording.

  6. Worst "remake" ever, this movie starting with the title. Karate is not Kung Fu, it's disrespectful to both Japanese and Chinese alike.

  7. 1:50 And worst part is, he did it in front of all China. No doubt, dishonor on him and his whole family.

  8. Liang showed mercy when no one else would (Tried to stop the main bad kid when he wanted to beat him), Liang showed bravery when everyone else gave up (Still wanted to fight Jackie after everyone was beaten up), and he showed loyalty even when he knew what he was doing was wrong. (this scene)

    That poor kid had so much to him! He even felt incredibly ashamed when he did this! 🙁 What a guy! The statement is true, there are no bad students, only bad teacher..

  9. It was never Liang's fault, it was Master Li's fault. He threatens his students by hitting them.

    "They are not bad students, only bad teacher"
    (Or something like that)
    – Mr. Han

  10. The master is mean because he told Mr. Han that Dre would get hurt but I like that the master said to his students to Leave Dre alone until the tournament

  11. The other master basically let Dre reach the finals, where he had a chance of winning, rather than just finishing him off here. Liang was a lot better than the finals guy.

  12. Liang got disqualified on karate kid on this Scene. He is upset what he did to Dre he is hurt fighting is too dangerous

  13. Fun fact.Liang can beat Dre in that tournament if it wasnt for the teacher telling him to break Dre's Leg thus getting Liang's disqualified

  14. So Liang is Basically the Bobby Brown type kid of of Karate Kid with Johnny Lawrence. Who doesn't want to listen to the teacher then has no choice but to listen then feels sorry afterwards for what he did.

  15. This sucks! It was completely unnecessary! This remake should not be a perfect copy of the original movie! Master Li should be less evil than John Kreese!

  16. I feel bad for liang after he got disqualified i can tell he didn’t want to hurt him and he didn’t want to do it

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