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I put my jacket on a thousand times, I took it off a thousand times Okay? This is stupid. I’m done. They can beat me up if they want to. And you know why you only have one student? Because you don’t know Kung Fu. Xiao Dre What? Come here – Jacket on. – I’m fine I already… – Jacket on! – Jacket on. – I don’t have a jacket any more – Jacket on! Strong Jacket on. Firm. Jacket off. Remember. Always strong. Jacket off. Strong. Left foot back! Right foot back! Left foot back! Pick up your jacket! – Whoa miste… – Focus! Always concentrate. Left back. Right foot back! Pick up your jacket! Stay Pick up your jacket. Strong. Hang it up. Hang it up! Hang up. And attitude! Strike! Hang up and attitude. Harder! Harder! Good…but no face. Jacket off! Kung Fu lives in everything we do Xiao Dre It lives in how we put on a jacket, how we take off the jacket It lives in how we treat people Everything is Kung Fu

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  1. Today is June 11 2019

    This movie came out June 11 2010

    This movie is now 9 years old

    June 11 1999 is my brothers birthday

    So happy birthday to my brother and this awesome movie

  2. Dre: cause you don't know Kung Fu
    Mr. Han: have you ever watch police story? Or one of the film that guy play in it?

  3. i dont really like the new one
    what's gonna be next : a movie called krav maga but bases around brazillian jiu-jitsu?

  4. Kung fu kid copies karate kid. Although karate originally originated from China Kung fu in the early centuries.

  5. I am sorry but this movie “remake” was horribly executed. I know we compare it to the original and we should but first Jaden and those bullies look about 8 years old and having them be teenagers was much more appealing. Jackie doesn’t have the same charm as Pat; Jaden only got the part because his whole family produced it, it’s not Karate 🥋, and if it was Kung Fu then they should have titled it The Kung Fu Kid. It’s like remaking Rocky and Rocky is a wrestling 🤼‍♂️. There is no element of suspense and surprise because we know the ending. I like the actors but in this version they were wrong and the movie didn’t need a remake. Sorry thumbs down 👎🏻.

  6. Very powerful symbolism. As a corporate trainer, I live this moment every day. People don't really the smallest lessons are the foundation of learning.

  7. This scene is so powerful. Without him knowing the students reality is being torn down and the actual reality of the world is being shown to him. He is learning martial arts yes but he is also learning the spiritual nature of the world instead of just the physical. When you begin to care about everything you do and are you build drive. And with drive comes focus. Quite a huge aspect that is being taught in such a short amount of time without any words spoken.

    Being taught how to be before you can do.

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