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  1. I played soccer in middle school, super competitive and very challenging games/tournaments. Best time of my life playing on club teams, my coach always said "if you're not bleeding by the end of the game, you didnt play hard enough." I think we were 12 or 13. I was lucky I never broke or tore anything but I DID play as hard as these kids are fighting.

  2. forever in my heart Anna Anna Anna Anna Anna Anna Anna and Anna my mom is bad at truly we have to hit my mom my mommy have to hit it right now cuz he's not my friend with the throw it in the garbage

  3. Tournaments like this dont exist in real life because these kids are literally straight up murdering each other

  4. ㄤㄋㄤㄤㄠㄠㄔㄠㄔㄟㄔㄞㄞㄣㄆㄣㄆㄣㄣㄆㄤㄏㄟㄠㄔㄛㄔㄛㄕㄚㄞㄇㄢㄆㄣㄣㄠㄟㄇㄤㄏㄣㄑㄠㄓㄛㄔㄚㄑㄞㄣㄣㄣㄅㄅㄢㄆㄏㄟㄟㄓㄛㄓㄚㄔㄞㄎㄣㄤㄇㄠㄆㄣㄆㄣㄆㄣㄣㄏㄣㄠㄓㄠㄔㄛㄚㄕㄞㄇㄣㄟㄅㄜㄏㄘㄏㄗㄇㄗㄋㄤㄠㄑㄠㄓㄜㄓㄚㄑㄞㄣㄎㄣㄅㄣㄣㄅㄤㄆㄏㄣㄟㄏㄠㄔㄓㄛㄚㄔㄞㄑㄢㄋㄢㄢㄢㄢ

  5. Dre should be the king of china and also on the first attempt Cheng hit Dre and Dre fell of the stage then Dre did something to Cheng and then he punches Cheng in the face then Dre jump on cheng's head and toppled Cheng over and punches Cheng again this is one of my favorite scenes in the karate kid

  6. Legend says that if you focus on this video you can hear Shio Kwaiya Tao, YiYi Ba Yi, Wo Kung ja je yi da (Only For Honor players will understand) 😂

  7. When the black boi becomes better at karate then the Asian bois

    This is joke pls don’t take seriously

  8. If tak won do was actually like this I wouldn't have quit. I remember having to do gay patterns and other junk and when we sparred there was nothing like this

  9. Oh man Dre is on fire to beat up Cheng on this episode. Dre is going to win the karate tournament he got fire in his heart

  10. L'autre il la voulu le tuer grave meskinne il les sérieux la il la voulu lui petes la jambe mes il les fou

  11. Dre's counter at 1:27 is similar to one of Jackie Chan's drunken boxing move: Lan Cai He, Drunken God with the Deadly Waist Attack.

  12. 0:45 – 0:49 : When you Graduate Highschool and you think you’re successful In life..

    But College Knocks on your door

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