80 thoughts on “The Karate Kid 1984 Cast Then and now★2018

  1. I've got a sexy extraordinary beautiful handsome Karate Kid man right in my living room dining room table looking at me

  2. Larry B. Scott is still alive and kicking. You should either correct that or remove the video. How is it you don't research something like this?

  3. Can't wait to see Elisabeth Shue coming back in Season 3. The new Mary Mouser reminded me of her. They both have similar smiles.

  4. Larry B. Scott is not dead, and you showed the wrong before picture of Jimmy played by Tony O'Dell (he's the one who's arm is around Ron Thomas, the guy you claimed was "Jimmy" even though you already showed him as "Bobby") TOTAL FAIL.

  5. Daniel wouldn't have recognized Tommy or Bobby if they would have walked around in his showroom 30 years later LoL

  6. Elisabeth Shue is 56, Ralph is 59, friggin ey! Where did the decades go. Ralph still looks like a kid. William was the baby of the group. Martin was I think the only one of them with Martial arts experience. I had Just achieved my first Black Belt when this movie came out. Would never have seen it if my Girl friend wasn't hot for Ralph. Glad she drug me, loved Mr. Miyagi RIP Pat Morita the heart and soul of the Karate Kid franchise. 😇😇😇😇😇

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