The Ideal Taekwondo athlete with Team Korea

With the new scoring system, the perfect Taekwondo athlete requires good height, flexibility, power, stamina, concentration as well as many other abilities. The muscles of the posterior thighs and calves are important before matches. I think the abdominal muscles are very important. And also the power from the lumbar muscles is important as well. A Taekwondo player needs to have a strong kick and have the ability to defend himself well, it is necessary to attack accurately as this brings points. Therefore, we need to have strong legs and core, if the athlete is weak then he can lose matches by losing his balance. You have to shift your weight very rapidly during matches. Because you continuously go backwards and forwards as you have to attack your opponent in a flash while blocking your opponent’s foot, the sense of balance and the weight shift are important. It is more advantageous in matches for those who weigh less and are slim and are flexible and have longer legs. I think the important points in Taekwondo are the spinning attacks or by targeting a higher part of the body in your attack as they gain more points. Since the rules of the game have changed, high speed and flexibility are needed. Yes, as you need to maintain the physical strength to continue into the third round of a match, you need stamina and to keep your muscular power at the same level from the first round to the third. Stretching is the main method, so everybody is keeping flexible by stretching each part of the body which is stiff. In Taekwondo, when an opponent’s kick suddenly comes towards your face, you tend to reactively avoid it due to the speed of the attack and so in that respect, response time is very important. Because Taekwondo is very short match, with one kick only taking a tenth of a second, we need to hit opponents with explosive power.

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  1. I do taekwondo, and is it just me who is confused that the Olympic fighting style is so different to sparring in class and at tournaments? Maybe it changes for different clubs/organisations

  2. Man they look like idiots…. al of does kicks are simple go do some kickboxing that's better…

  3. I always support Korea in the Olympics, I'm Korean, English and American and I like to support smaller countries with less world wide support. However considering 태권도 is a Korean sport, it doesn't come as a surprise that they often dominate.

  4. I really hate it when taekwondo is called a sport. At my club in Australia it is a martial art and we train traditionally, not like this Olympic nonsense.

  5. Why is poomsae not in the olympics? I mean. Why only sparring? There is so much more in taekwondo than just sparring. Hanmadang competition too to show the application of poomsae moves in self defense. Kinda like bunkai in karate. But they should at least include poomsae in the olympics to attract more people and to encourage more athletes to aim higher. I heard that karate will have both kumite and kata in the upcoming 2020 olympics. So why not taekwondo?

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