The Healthy Habit Of Boxing

– This week’s HealthyYou
is a real knockout. I’m hitting the gym with
an executive assistant, to find out how boxing
helps her live healthy. (rock music) – [Jane] Sometimes the best
way to pick up a healthy habit is to find out what
works for others. – Hi, my name is Phyilis. I’m a executive assistant and
my healthy habit is boxing. It gives me a great workout. – I love boxing, it’s
not that intimidating, and anybody can do it. – It’s a very good
sport, young and old. You set your own pace,
you set your style, you set your form, you
have instructors here, that will guide you the
proper way of hitting. But it’s a good exercise. – I know after a
great boxing workout, I can feel it in my shoulders, I can feel it in my back. So there’s really a lot
of physical benefits. – [Phyilis] Yes it is, so one
thing that I love about it, boxing gives definition. My muscles tone’s much better. I’m not afraid to
wear my arms out. – Have you noticed any physical
changes in your health? – Yes I have Jane, I’ve
been boxing for four years. Prior to coming, I was on the boarder line of
having high blood pressure. The last four years I’ve
seen, I’m not on medication. Not on high blood
pressure medicine. Not on cholesterol medicine. (rock music) – When I do a boxing
workout, I am punching out all of that stress. It’s accumulated, all week
long and all day long. You must feel some
mental benefits too. – [Phyilis] Yes it is,
hitting the bag, hitting hard, that’s a good stress reliever. Not only that it
makes you feel good. – So you’re an
executive assistant, you’re a busy lady,
everyone’s busy. But how do you find time to
fit boxing into your schedule? – I give myself, I’m
entitled to one hour. I do it three days a week,
and I make that a priority. After boxing going home to
a nice shower, I sleep well. So it makes my day
the next day better. – So I cannot wait to
throw some punches, and get out there and get
boxing with you Phyilis. Are you ready? – Yes I’m ready (tech music) – We’re doing
jab-cross-hook-uppercut. – Jab-cross-hook-uppercut,
I’m ready, you ready? – Yeah, let’s go. – If you have a healthy habit
you want us to check out, let us know on
Facebook or Twitter. Or tag us on Instagram
LivingHealthyTv. – [Phyilis] Right
that’s that face.

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