The Great Veera | Hindi Dubbed Movies | Ravi Teja | Taapsee Pannu

‘This city is the capital
of politics and mafia.’ ‘Dhanraj is the gang lord of
atrocities, tyranny and smuggling.’ Today’s exam was wonderful.
– I have a doubt. He is Yuvraj,
the only son of Dhanraj.. ..who can dare to commit
any crime and get away with it. Super figure, buddy! Scoundrel! How dare you touch me!
Aren’t there women in your house? Micro comes in the high performance.. ..CCI, Express, card. Why are you getting exam fear
hiccups when I should be getting it? Wait. I’ll get you some water. She went to bring water and hasn’t
turned up yet. I’ll go and check. What happened? Sir, they killed my friend Divya. Don’t spare them, sir.
Please don’t spare them. Please. Hey ACP! I was expecting you. I’ll play not only with girls,
but also with balls. And I play with criminals like you. Hey you! Do you know who my father is? Shut up. How dare you!
You come to my home and beat my son! Did you know about me? Or were you here
to find out about me? The whole city knows your
spoilt brat son and your character. Your crimes are very brutal. You have got every
kind of punishment. For how long will you
escape from the police? Not anymore. If I want, I can kill you right now. But I don’t want
you to die so easily. Come on, man! ‘After hearing about
Dhanraj’s criminal history..’ ‘..according to
the City Police Act..’ ‘..accused Dhanraj is hereby
declared as a hooligan..’ ‘..and under section 22, this
court extradites him from the city.’ ‘To enter this city again, he
must get permission from the court.’ ‘And this court orders
ACP Shyam Sundar to..’ ‘..submit evidences against
Dhanraj’s crimes in a month.’ It’s for you. – Daddy. You asked for it, right? How is it? It’s fantastic, daddy. Why didn’t mom come? Sandhya, one second. Hello, mom!
– Hi, son! How are you, son? Hello, Mr. Shyam. How are you?
– Hello, Sister. I am fine. Send Moksha quickly.
He has to attend the class. Okay. – Come quickly. Come on, children.
Time is over. Go to class. Come on. Next time come with mom and others. Promise. – Bye, daddy. Bye. Have you forgotten, daddy?
– What happened? Hug. Daddy. – Moksha. Daddy. – Moksha. Daddy, help. No. – Daddy. Daddy. – Stop. Daddy. Go fast! – Leave me. Daddy. Hello. – Hey ACP!
If you want to see your son.. ..come to the place I tell you. I’ll give you a good gift. Dhanraj! Hey! Dhanraj! Hey! Dhanraj! – ACP, why did you stop? Come further up! Moksha. Moksha. Moksha. Dhanraj! You are late.
Had you come a minute earlier.. could’ve seen your son for
the last time before he got burnt. At least I got my son’s body.
You’ll not get that too. What..- Go and look down! Moksha. ACP, you must be thinking
I’ll leave you with this. First target is over. Second target, your daughter. Hey! I am sorry, Shyam. I regret it. You’ve lost your son. But you must be in
control of yourself. How do I control myself, sir? My family will shatter on
hearing the news of my son’s death. I can’t tell them the truth, sir.
– Will you resign for that? If I go after Dhanraj,
I will lose my daughter too. You’re wrong, Shyam.
Why are we given a gun? We use it to keep law
and order under control. But at times we do get
sacrificed by the same bullet. Danger may come from any direction,
but we must do our duty. I too did my duty, sir. But
criminals have taken it as enmity. Look, sir. The court
extradited him from the city. He killed my son. We are here to protect
the people, sir. But who is there to protect us?
Will anyone come to protect us? Yes. God protects the whole world. From today, there will be special
security for you and your family. Who are you?
Why do you want to kill me? Why do you want to know
about me minutes before dying? Leave me. After a few years when
I’ll join you up there.. ..I’ll tell you then. Hello. I have just started my job. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! What a weird fellow! He is so short too. It’s his 7th birthday, isn’t it?
He looks like a ripened fruit. What do you care how he looks like? It’s not me who is old,
but you have lost your mind. I was born on February 29.
I’m 28 now. I celebrate my birthday
once in every four years. This is my seventh birthday. This is what you believe? – Correct. I believe you should go and enjoy the
feast. – We’re not here for the feast. Then leave the party. No problem. Anyway,
many, many happy returns of the day. Bouquet is in my hands. Yes. Many,
many happy returns of the day. The flowers are very beautiful.
I like it a lot. Of course! They are bound
to look like that on withering. Did you buy it or pick it? Neither. I gave it to
a few people before you. – Why? We didn’t like them.
– Do you like me? Yes, we’re fixed on you. You are the best suitor
for our daughter’s marriage.. ..since you were born on Feb 29. Do you want me to take it out? The nuptial chain. Not now. First call your parents.
– Sorry, they’re not there. Call them up.
– No. There is no network there. Where? – Up there! They are dead? – Yes. Mummy, he is an orphan. He has no
family. Come on. – I’ve a lot of money. Your sister will be happy, son.
– Don’t rush. First let me see her.
– Should my daughter like you? No. I must like your daughter. “Veera. Veera.” “Veera. Veera.” “I have changed completely.” “Why do I remain preoccupied?” “What has happened to me?” “I want a boyfriend right now.” “I think about him.” “I sigh for him.” “I crave to meet him.” “Asking for a boyfriend right now.” “I have changed completely.” “Wonder when the
solace of my heart..” “..will come.” “The one who comes in my dreams.” “Wonder where he lives.” “Wonder when the
solace of my heart..” “..will come.” “The one who comes in my dreams.” “Wonder where he lives.” “I have changed completely.” “Wonder when the
solace of my heart..” “..will come.” “The one who comes in my dreams.” “Wonder where he lives.” “Veera. Veera.” “The prince of my dream, come soon.” “Don’t delay.” “My heart is eager.” “My king, come to me.” “The prince of my dream, come soon.” “Don’t delay.” “My heart is eager.” “My king, come to me.” “6 feet tall, having six packs.” “He will be like a Hollywood model.” “Mega watt guy with
sparkle in his eyes.” “He will have strong muscles
and he will be powerful.” “He will be powerful.” “We will become a pair.
We will become a couple.” “He will be my beloved.
I will be his bride.” “I have changed completely.” “Wonder when the
solace of my heart..” “..will come.” “The one who comes in my dreams.” “Wonder where he lives.” I’ll take you there.
We can have a blast. We will have lots of fun.
– It will be very good! The ACP has seen me. Go fast! Who are you? I’m tired of giving my introduction. Hey you stop! He is in a hurry.
I’ll answer him and come to you. You know Bruce Lee? Kung fu fighter? Jackie Chan? Hollywood fighter. I’m bloody fighter. I will
make you bleed without touching you. Is it? You go, boy! Boss, he is beating us
to pulp with folded hands. Hey! Start the car, get going!
Hurry up. Deva. Your security officer. Anjali! Anjali! – No, grandpa. My golden girl! I’ll also have chocolate. Give me.
– No, grandpa. No. I’ll not give you. You’ve diabetes and you are taking
chocolates from your granddaughter. You should feel ashamed. Shyam. Shyam, what’s this? – Nothing. What happened?
– Nothing has happened to me. How did you get injured? What happened, dad?
– Sandhya! Come quickly! How did you get a fracture? That’s
why I told you to quit police force. Did you see? My fear has come true. It was just a small accident,
Sandhya. Why do you worry? Deva. – Sir. I told you about them.
Their love has weakened me. Mother. – Hello, madam. Father. – Hello. She is my wife Sandhya. My daughter Anjali. This is my dog Leo. Father, Deva will stay
here as security for us. Show him the outhouse.
– Okay, come, son. This is the outhouse. There’s a short
man. Don’t be afraid of him. – Why? He talks a lot. – What do you mean? He thinks too much about himself.
He thinks he is too smart. Is he that short man who is walking
on the walker without switching it on? He’s talking too much. Who is he? You see, I’m..
– Did I ask you? I asked him. Tiger doesn’t like such things.
– Tiger? Who is he? Look here. Tiger. Chilled version. Hey! Where are you looking? He’s our family’s security. Security? – Yes. Security? Then, take this. Leave letter?
– No, resignation letter. Changing the department? No. No need of me if he’s here.
No need of him if I’m here. Two swords can’t
be there in a scabbard. But two Tigers can’t
live under one roof, right? Won’t you let me talk? Fine. You sit there and talk.
We’ll listen to you. He always blabbers like this.
I’ll take leave. Why is he leaving? I am not security.
I’m your assistant. Unnecessarily I resigned. You can take it back anytime. Sir, is Tiger your surname or.. It’s what people call
me affectionately. – How come? My grandpa killed a tiger. Did your father kill
another tiger? – No. That tiger killed my father.
– You should’ve killed that tiger. I did try to kill him. – Yes. My bad luck. It managed to escape. And I changed my job. You’re forgetting one
thing in the family emotion. What? – Fan switch! Switch it on. You switched on the treadmill,
not the fan. Stop it. Stop it. Sir, you got so tired? Sorry. Sorry. I’ll heat water for your bath. If this is my condition
when he has come.. ..will I be alive
by the time he leaves? Oh no! Why haven’t you
gone to bed yet? Go to sleep. Please, mama. Five minutes. Only five minutes. Okay? I need to talk to you. – Tell me. The new security
doesn’t look like one. He looks like a criminal
who has escaped from prison. Sandhya, did you send Deva’s dinner? He should worry about you.
But you are worried about him. This is not right. – Sandhya. Goodnight, sir. What is this? Sleeping so early? Get up I say! Won’t you sleep, sir?
– Do Tigers sleep? Humans sleep. – Countering me? Let’s watch a horror film. Do you watch horror films, sir? Do you watch horror films, sir? I watch only horror films.
– No, sir. I’m scared. Scared? Why are you
scared when I’m with you? I’ll show you. You show me, sir. But what
will happen of me after that? No, sir. Leave me. – Get up. What? – Leave me, sir. I’ll wet the bed out of fear. No.
I won’t watch it. – I say Get up. It’s okay. I will watch it. Poor guy got scared by the sound. He’ll wet the bed
if he watches the film. Hey, it’s a nice thrilling scene.
Watch it I say. – I can’t. How can he get up?
I think he is scared to death. He’ll vanish by tomorrow morning. Don’t tigers go to sleep? Nonsense! Nothing to fear. Come on. I’m bored of drinking
my blood every night. I will try someone else’s
blood tomorrow night. Does he have the
habit of drinking blood? It is better I sleep a little away. Don’t disturb mummy till
I come back from school. Bye. Bye, mother. Bye. – Bye. Do you know to drive? The one who can’t
fire will not hold a gun. The one who can’t drive
will not take the wheel. Come on. Sit. A bald man will not keep a comb.
Don’t test my courage. You mind your work. – Okay, get in. Put on the belt.
– Already wearing it. I meant the seatbelt
and not the pant belt. Hello. Better you mind yourself. Reduce the speed. Stop. – Reduce the speed, go slow. Stop please. Pull me back! That’s why I told you
to put on the seatbelt. Who are you?
Did you find this car to die? I think I’ve seen him somewhere. Hello. The girl wants a lift.
She’s not here to die. Her name is Aiki,
she is baby’s friend. Is it a school bus or a city bus that
you can board it wherever you like? She’ll get in. This is my decision. If I refuse? – I’ll get down. Serious? – Why? Any doubt? You think I am kidding.
Look, I got down. – Bye, sir. What’s this new twist? It’s okay.
We will catch hold of someone else. I have to go to college too. Hi. I am Ji. Balaji. Master in psychology. May I give you a drop? He has already dropped us.
If possible give us a lift. Lift means raising, right? No, drop means throwing out,
lift means asking us to get in. First give us a lift. – Then get in. But I’ll drive the car. Okay. Sure. Come. Put on the belt, sir.
– I’m wearing it already. Same answer. I meant the seatbelt.
– No habit of using it. Make it a habit. It’s safe, sir. Please keep quiet. You carry on. What happened, dear? Are you
angry because I left them behind? Close your eyes and think of someone
you love. Your anger will vanish. I know it. – Oh my! Anjali! Hi. – Hi. Go! Sister Aiki, you came first. Yes. – I thought you’ll not come. Did I ever go to college
without giving you a chocolate? Here’s your chocolate.
– Thanks, sister. Do you think no one else
will give me a lift if you refuse? If she says yes.. ..then boys from all over the
country will form a queue for her. Yeah. Are you sad for losing to a girl? Close your eyes and think of someone
you love. Everything will be fine. Superb, sister! Here’s your chocolate, sister. Thank you. – Hi. Your chocolate. Come on, kids. Time for the class. What’s the girl’s psychology? The elder one or the little one?
– The little one. Giving chocolates to
everyone makes her happy. That’s friendship. Here. What’s this? Friendship. – Thank you. Friendship. – What is this? Do you want to be my friend
by giving me a chocolate? Psychology my foot!
– Abuse me but not my psychology. Psychology is the great
art where you can read.. ..faces and predict the character. Are you so great? – Yes. Then see his face and
tell me about his character. His psychology is idiotic.
It’s kick psychology. Didn’t get it? Even if you abuse him or beat him,
he’ll not think or give any reaction. He’ll fall at your feet and
say sorry. That’s his mentality. Really? – Yes. If you’ve guts, prove it. Yeah? – Yeah. Go ahead. Hey you! Come here! Come here. Did you call me? Yes, boy! – Yes. Tell me. Go. Go, man! I am sorry, sir. Sorry. Forgive me. I couldn’t judge him properly.
How will you know him? You’re so small. Come with me. No use. He came meekly
and turned into a hard nail. How do we throw him out of the house? Idea. – What? What if we three dress
up like ghosts and scare him? It’s fine if we both dress up like
ghost. Uncle anyway looks like one. Don’t underestimate Deva.
He’s ghost of ghosts. Frightening ghost. He’ll chase us out!
– What shall we do now? Must get him drunk. Why are
you staring at me? Not you both, me. Hey useless fellow!
Stop that work and make me a peg. Will you drink alone, sir?
– I don’t drink with fools. But I do. Only fools drink alone.
Gentlemen drink together. You are not less in countering. Make a peg. Come fast. Did you wash the glass properly?
– I washed it thoroughly. Okay. Is the peg okay, sir? Cheers. – Cheers. Sir. – Yes. What’s your opinion about me? Shall I tell the
truth or shall I lie? Neither this nor that.
Say something in between. How can one say like that? Never put such questions.
Ask some easy questions. Okay. You look like a cylinder and
an upright percussion instrument. Hey! How did you judge it perfectly? How did you get this job?
– Sports quota. Which sport? – Cricket. Do you play cricket? Asking me if I know cricket?
I’m the king of cricket. You watch or play? Are you crazy? I play, man! Fine, sir. You won’t mind if
I ask you a friendly question, right? We’re friends while drinking.
Ask me anything. Is it? – Yes. How many balls make an over? Are you asking how many balls
make an over in cricket? – Yes. Poor fellow, six balls!
– No. Only one. How come? They use one ball to bowl six times.
– Hit me! Are you a batsman or a bowler, sir?
– I’m a fielder. Do you take catches? – Yes. Oh my! You are a catcher! I will bring another peg. Catch this! Catch this! Sir, here. What’s in your hand? – Grape. Grape? That’s better! It’s a miracle, sir.
You take catches brilliantly. Would they offer
me a job just like that? Let’s have another peg. Wow! What a great talent!
Sir, cheers once more! Will you catch anything, sir?
– Yes. What is this? I’ll catch it with one finger! What’s that? – I’ll tell you. Why are you loading it? What’s that? Catch the bullet! Bullet? – Yes, sir. Is it a ball to catch? Catch it! – It may go off. Catch it. I beg of you. It may fire.
I beg of you. Please leave me. You are a superb catcher.
– I’m still a bachelor. Leave me. Catch it. – Leave me. Hello, sir. – Who is it? Where are you hiding? Tiger. Tiger. I am here. Please leave me. Shall I make another peg for you? I’ll never do it again.
I’ll make my own drink. No. You are the officer
and I’m your assistant. No. I am a fool. You’re the officer
and I’m your assistant. Will you act smart with me? – No. Don’t forget. – No. Let’s go and sleep. – Come on. Daddy, good morning. – Good morning. Daddy, I want to tell you something.
Shall I? – Yes, dear. I can sign blindfold. Can you do it? I’ll do it. – First, I’ll do it. Okay. Show me your hand. Very good. Now it’s your turn. Close your eyes. Sign now. – Where? Here. What are you doing?
She’s getting too smart. What happened, Sandhya?
– This is her progress report. I know. That’s why I’m signing it. Did you see her marks? All C grades. You’re supporting her. – Leave it,
sir. She is just a little girl. Listen, this is our family matter.
– Sandhya. Tell strangers to stay out of it. I don’t want any
outside interference. Sorry. No problem, sir. Sir, you told me to clean this car. Will you take that car? Go, sir. Listen. Have you seen the
girl in this photo? – No, sir. Sir. Hey, Deva! Get down! Get down I say! He has already got down. Shut up! I know that. – No. I’m not drunk. What? Will you kill him? How can I live if he dies? Devdas became a drunkard for Paro. And I had a few pegs for this Deva. Your name isn’t Paro. Shut up! If I beat you again,
you’ll swoon! Got it? Deva, some people drink in joy.
Some people drink in sorrow. If you drink in love.. Sorry. If you drink in love,
it’s to express your feelings. I love you. Oh my! – Take her away! Are you feeling bad
because he slapped you? Oh my! – Are you feeling
bad because I slapped you? You didn’t feel bad. So why will I feel
bad if Deva beats me? “O my beloved.
O my beloved. I am in love with you.” “O my beloved.
O my beloved. Be my darling.” “Take me in your arms and love me.” “Dwell me in your heart
and steal my beauty.” “Make me yours. Lock eyes with me.” “Embrace me and assuage
your restlessness.” “O my beloved.
O my beloved. Be my darling.” “O baby.” “Come. I will teach you love.
I will hide you in my heart.” “I will make you mine with my love.” “Come. Let me touch your body.
Let me kiss your lips.” “Let no desire remain unfulfilled.
Just support me.” “I have not stopped you.
I have not refused.” “Today is a good day.
Do whatever you want.” “Why to feel shy in love?
Why to be afraid in love?” “The weather is lovely.
Take me in your arms.” Hello. – Deva, you took money.
You settled there as a bodyguard. When are you delivering
the girl to me? It took me 15 days
to win the family’s trust. If I take up a job,
it is my habit to accomplish it. I’ll bring the girl to you by 5 p.m.
on Sunday. It’s Sunday.
Moksha has still not called. When he calls,
I’ll talk to my grandson first. He’s my heir. I’ll talk to him first. Father-in-law, I’m his mother, I have the right
to talk to him first. No. Talking to grannies
and mothers is not in fashion. He’ll talk to his girlfriend first.
So, I’ll talk to him first. I’m his little sister.
So he’ll talk to me first. Isn’t it, Leo? Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Hello, son. You know everything.
Why are you playing a drama? What happened, Sandhya? We were waiting for his
phone call since morning. You knew it.
But you didn’t tell us anything. You to tell you? What? It’s been a month since I saw him. Now he has gone on some excursion. He’ll not come back for 15 days. When will I see him?
When will I talk to him? You can’t understand
a mother’s feelings. Deva, you have done a
favor on us by saving my son. Likewise tell Shyam
and bring back our grandson. We are craving to meet him. We are very eager to meet him. We’re yearning to see him.
Please do something. Okay. I will do something. – Deva. Deva. – Sir. I want to tell you something. Come in, Deva. This is Moksha’s room. He is not alive anymore. But he has left
these memories for us. They’re feeling so sad
on not receiving his call. What will be their plight
if they know he’s no more? Family painting by him. But he’s missing from it. He was first in everything. I didn’t know he’ll
be first in death too. Sir. I’m now left with only Anjali. Excuse me, sir. Hello. Deva, you promised
to bring the girl by 5 p.m. The time now is 4 p.m. I told you the appointed time
and place. I’ll be there with her. Cut the line. Anjali. Anjali. Look, dear. Don’t be stubborn.
– No, grandma, I can’t eat anymore. Eat it quietly.
Dear, eat it. – Please, grandma. It’s last. – No, grandma. You spend more time with
him rather than studying. You’ve come down to C grades
from A grades. – Daughter-in-law. You’ll not study well until
I get this puppy thrown out. – Wait. Tiger. No, mummy,
please don’t send it away. – Yes? Give it to Blue Cross. Alright. – I mustn’t see it again. Please, mummy.
Mummy, don’t send Leo away. Sandhya. – Keep quiet. You sent brother also. – Listen to her. Mummy, please. Listen to me. We should not take
away what kids love. We must understand it. This is the limit. Today
the bodyguard is also teaching me. Tell him to stay within his limits.
Why are you still here, Tiger? Go quickly. – I am going. Tiger, where are you going? Sandhya ma’am has told me.
To Blue Cross. I’ll smash your bald head. If I don’t take it, Sandhya ma’am will
fire me. If I do, Deva will fire me. Where am I to keep it? Anjali, keep playing. I’ll
be back in minutes. – Okay, uncle. Who is he? Boss, he’s the man who
beat us with folded hands.. ..when we had attacked the ACP. But he’s not our man. ‘Hello. – Hi, Deva.’ ‘Your work will be done.’ Who are you? He wants my introduction.
Shall I give it? Leave it, boss.
He’ll beat us black and blue. No. I’ll not waste time
and come to the point directly. While I’m there,
you can’t touch that family. It is better you understand this. Hey! Tiger. Tiger. What? What? Give me a signal when Deva comes.
Okay? – Why? Just do what I say! – Why? Just go. Please listen to me. – Just go. Drink milk without barking.
Otherwise you’ll go to Blue cross. Don’t act smugly. Drink it. Mummy will find you. Don’t bark. Bye, Leo. What to do with the milk? I’ve come to your
house for the first time. Won’t you offer me tea? Why not? There’s milk to make tea. Milk is there. I’ll make tea for you. Seems like you drink a
lot of tea and coffee? – Yes. I can see it. It’s great! Have it. No. You have it.
– It’s okay. Have it. I’m allergic to tea.
– Please have it. You have it. Take it.
– You have it. I don’t want it. Wow! Tea is fantastic!
Wow! Your hands are magical, sir. Little more please. – Have it. You too have it.
– I don’t want it. You have it. Let it be. He doesn’t want it. Wow! What tea! – Wow! Amazing tea! Listen, Tiger has made amazing tea. Where did you get the milk from?
– It was here. I had kept it for the dog. I made tea. – I had it. I knew it was dog’s milk.
That’s why I refused to have tea. You’re very smart. Come. Come on. Come on. Thank you, doctor. Hi. – Hi, Balaji. Hi. – Hi. Come. You called me urgently here.
Want to tell me something? You are right, Balaji. So tell me. – Deva. A nosy man. Tell me? Actually, I’m confused whether
he is a good man or a bad man. Have you understood anything?
– I’m enlightened. I don’t understand, Balaji. You know psychology, don’t you? –
I am an expert. Suggest me an idea. Yes. Deva loves the little girl. Call him and tell him
that someone is kidnapping her. If he comes immediately, he’s
a good man. If not, he’s a crook. Simple idea, but super! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Hello. Deva, it’s me Aiki. – Yes, tell me. Actually,
someone is trying to kidnap Anjali. What? – Yes. I told him.
Let’s see if he comes or not. What a hot girl! Hello. – Hello, Tiger. Yes. Tell me, sir. – Where are you? I have come to pick up
Anjali from school. I’m here. Is everything fine there? Fantastic! Beautiful figure! Look carefully. All is fine. Do you see suspicious people around? I don’t see anyone suspicious here. Yes. There are some goon-like
people in black clothes. Fine. Do as I tell you. What sort of a school is this, boss? All are Sachin Tendulkars.
– How did Tendulkar come there? All are wearing Tendulkar masks. Keep quiet.
Remove the masks and search. I want the girl at any cost.
– Boys, search! Anjali. – Run, boys! Uncle Deva.
– Come, dear. Come on. Come. Your idea was superb. Aiki, thank you very much. You can join us in car from tomorrow. ‘My idea has turned against me.’ Hello, sir. – Bless you. Have you seen the girl in the photo?
– No, sir. – No? Anjali, go slow. You will fall down. Uncle Deva. Come, my dear. Let’s go. Sir, please bless me so
that my son recovers quickly. Worship God in your house
and distribute offering. Everything will be fine.
– As you say, sir. Tiger, you are so lucky.
Your luck always supports you. Sandhya madam has
sent it so lovingly. Before that idiot comes,
I must finish it. Tiger. – He has come. You have come at the right time. What are you doing? Nothing. I am thinking
of enlarging this dining table. Why do you want to do it? What’s that? – Nothing. Nothing. Sandhya madam has sent offering
for me since I am a bachelor. Will you eat it all by yourself? Yes. I can’t share it with anyone.
So I will have to eat it alone. Won’t you share it with me? – No. Eat! Thank you. Tamarind rice is great!
Fried snack too! Wow! Milk pudding! – Pudding? Oh my! Lick it! – He is already licking! I don’t know what you will do.
But I want pudding now! How will I get it?
From where will I get it? Do you want me to steal? You’re great, Tiger. How do
you get such ideas? – I don’t know. Steal it. – Steal? Yes. It’s difficult. – No. Okay. Then you too
must join me. – Why? To encourage me. You want me to steal pudding.
– Okay, come. You are a dog.
It’s your habit to catch thieves. I am not a thief.
Please leave me. I beg of you. Okay. He also had
to go to the kitchen now? Deva will kill me if
I don’t bring pudding for him. If I take it, he won’t spare me. Listen. If you get me caught, will
the police give you gold medal for it? No way! Shyam sir got fractures
for doing his duty honestly. Listen to me, move aside. What are you doing?
Search the fridge. Don’t bark loudly. Shut up. What have you done! Deva! Deva! What? What are you doing here at this hour? You see, I came here for the pudding. Why was the need to steal it?
I would’ve given if you had asked me. How come Leo is here? I don’t know how he came here. You didn’t hand him
over to Blue Cross. Liar! Moreover stealing! Are
you here to guard us or to rob us? My husband doesn’t
know your true color. That’s why I warned
you not to enter the house. But still you dared to enter. You should be ashamed.
Get out! Get out! Uncle, I’ve brought your pudding. I don’t want it. – Mom scolded you? Think of people you love.
You won’t feel sad. Come on, think. I did think.
I’m fine now. – Have this pudding. If you listen to me.
– I’ll do whatever you say. You’re getting bad grades in school.
You must top the class. I used to top the class
when brother was here. Now I don’t have any competition. What if he finds out when he returns
and he refuses to talk to you? He’ll never do that.
– What if he does that? Oh God! – Right. Isn’t it? Will you listen to me now?
Okay? – Okay. I will. First eat this. I’m waiting for it. How is it? – As sweet as you. Won’t you give it to me?
– Oh God! She has come again. Tiger! Tiger! Why are you screaming so loudly, sir? I won’t drink alone.
You also join me. Thank you. You also have a peg. Why? You will beat me.
– I’ll not do anything. No way. A small one. – Promise. I swear on you. – Then make it. Enough. – It’s small. Yes. Pour. As much as you want. You don’t get drunk no
matter how much you drink. Cheers. – Cheers. Listen, Tiger. – Yes. How come you’ve become
so smart suddenly? I’m born smart. – Is that so?
Shall we play a game for fun? Game? – Yes. What game? – Very funny game. Tell me what the game is. You ask me 4 questions.
I’ll ask you 4 questions. Questions? – Yes. Come on ask.
– How much is one plus one? How much is one plus one? – Yes. I have to answer it.
What kind of question is this! Please answer it. – Oh no!
It’s a very intelligent question. How much is one plus one?
One plus one is two. Yes. How much is this? – One. This? – One. If you add? – Two. Eleven! How can it be eleven?
How can it be eleven? You’ve started beating me again.
You’ve promised not to beat me. Okay. Okay.
I’ll not beat you. I’ll not beat you. Second question. I’ll not answer. – Why? You ask question and beat me to pulp. Fine. No questions.
I’ll not beat you. – No? Let’s play another game. Will you dance? – Dance? Can’t you? Can’t? I love to dance
since childhood. – Is that so? I am an amazing dancer.
Which dance do you want? Tell me. What is this?
You are alighting steps? I got it. I got it.
Amitabh Bachchan’s song. – Yes. Make a drink for me. That’s better. Amitabh’s song is not an ordinary
song. I must have a large peg. Yes. Dance! Just wait. Why are you standing on it? Amitabh Bachchan is tall, right? What are you doing in my courtyard? Tiger. What happened? – It’s slow. It’s slow? – Yes. What are you doing in my courtyard? Item. Item song. Item song. – Yes. Yeah! Alright? Amazing! Carefully. Carefully. – I would’ve
fallen down. Thanks for holding me. Come. Come. Come. Sit here.
You’re great! Sit on the sofa. You’re multitalented! You’re finished with your questions. Now it’s my turn to ask.
– Alright. Go ahead. May I? Ask. What’s that I’ve and you don’t?
Look, you’re confused. What’s that I’ve and you don’t?
Answer me. Heart! Yes. Heart.
That’s what you don’t have. A girl is after you like a puppy dog. But your heart didn’t understand it. You are not allowing
me to enter your heart. And you have entered my heart.
Now even God can’t separate us. Aiki loves you a lot.
Why are you avoiding her? Why have you come here? Why are you playing with all of us? How can you be happy with us when
there is so much sorrow in your heart? Don’t say this to anyone. You’re a police officer, son.
Everyone’s eyes will be on you, Be careful. Your wife used to be very afraid
whenever you would wear this uniform. I used to comfort her, Now I’m more scared than her. You too, father! Daddy. Daddy. Daddy. – What’s it, dear? Today is my school annual day.
You had promised. You will come, won’t you? Your dad is joining duty.
I’ll take you. Come. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on, Anjali. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Run. Run. Yeah! – Yes. Your mom is feeling bad.
Go to your mom. Mummy. Good morning, sir. Morning. – Sir. What’s it? Your security guard Deva’s file, sir.
Send it to Delhi immediately, sir. Is he Deva?
– Yes, sir. He’s Deva, sir. The one who is in my house? On the school’s annual day function.. ..the first prize in running race goes
to Baby Anjali from second standard. Thank you. The first prize in high jump
competition goes to Baby Anjali. The first prize in essay
competition goes to Baby Anjali. The first prize in jump goes to
master Bharat from seventh standard. The first prize in 100 meter race.. ..goes to master Gaurav
from seventh standard. Hello, Tiger. The man who came to our
house as security guard is not Deva, He’s a fraud. Take care of everyone.
I’m coming there. Dear, you sit here. – Okay. I am coming. Okay? Okay, uncle. – Please look after her. Hey listen. Hey! Hey! Stop! Stop! Stop! I want his complete details
on my table within 24 hours. Got it? – Sir. – Go. Daddy. – Yes. What’s it dear? Grandma, grandpa, mummy
and I are going to visit brother. Give the phone to mummy. Hello. Hello. ‘The number you are
dialing is switched off.’ Shouldn’t you inform
me before going there? How many times have I
asked you to take me to my son? I’m going to meet my son.
What is the need to tell you? Sandhya, I’m telling you. We asked you so many times.
You may stay away from your son. But Sandhya can’t
live without her son. That’s not so, father. You don’t even remember
that today is his birthday. Did Moksha ever celebrate
his birthday without us? She got tired of
asking you to take her. You don’t take us and you
are stopping us from going there. Listen to me, daddy.
You also join us. Let’s all go and wish
him on his birthday. He’ll not come and he
won’t take us there. Let’s go. Sandhya, listen to me.
– I must see him. Only if he’s alive! Sandhya. Sandhya. Sandhya. Shyam, why did you hide it from us? Sandhya, take care of Anjali. If you hurt my family,
none of you will survive. Stop. Stop! Or I will shoot you. Go away! You killed my own son in front of me. “He is our hero.” Time is up for you.
– My time has just begun. I got the entire family in one place. I killed his son. Now I will kill
his entire family in front of you. Look there! Moksha. – Moksha. Moksha. – Brother! Brother! Hey! I will kill my enemy
with my own hands. Who the hell are you to kill him? Veera. Veera. Brother! Veera. Brother. Nothing will happen to you.
We won’t let anything happen to you. Doctor. Come on. Doctor. Doctor! Make preparation
for the operation. Take him to the ICU. No. He needs immediate operation.
He is in a very critical position, His pulse rate is going down. It will take time for the
surgeon to reach the hospital. I’m also a surgeon. Take him to the operation
theatre immediately. It’s not possible, madam.
– Shift him immediately. Surya Pratap! – Long live! Surya Pratap! – Long live! Surya Pratap! – Long live! Thanks for the victory that you’ve
given me with your love and trust. Father! Come. Come. My sweet child. Shall we go to our house? Come here! – Sandhya. Parvati. Isn’t it enough that the villagers
and your children are with you? Why do you want to meet her?
Won’t you let her also stay with me? Do you want to take her
away and leave me alone? Come on. Let’s go. – Parvati! Parvati! Mother, I considered
my husband as my God.. ..and I killed my
desires by marrying him. I want to forget everything
and live peacefully.. ..but he insists on
living for the people. He’s God to the people,
but you see him as demon. He never let you feel any dearth.
It’s the game of destiny. If you go to your brothers again,
I’ll break your legs. Sandhya. Sandhya.
Come here. Come here. Come quickly. We distributed money,
saris and liquor too. Yet we lost again. Surya Pratap is God for the people. We can’t win till he’s alive. People love him too much.
– He loves his daughter. Today is his daughter’s birthday. They’re distributing
food in the village. We will also go.
Offer a garland and greet him. All of you must have food and go.
Goodbye. What should I do
to be like you, father? Feed the poor. You should assure
everyone that you are with them. In the election God gave
you victory and defeat to me. That’s why I’m here to
honor you in His presence. Father! Run. Run. Father! Run. Run. Veera! Father! Veera, the happiness you
get for living for the people.. get the same happiness.. dying for them. Take care of the
people and your sister. As you say, father. I’ll take care of
stepmom as my own mother. I’ll love Sandhya also a lot. I will always protect the poor. Veera! Father! Sandhya, come here. No. I’m scared. I’ll not come. Nothing will happen, Sandhya. Come. I am scared. I’ll not come. Why did you come here? I don’t have anyone besides both
of you. Please come home, stepmom. I left that home when he was alive.
I’ll never enter that place again. The kids don’t have anyone.
Please go, dear. What will I do there? He splurged all his
ancestral wealth on the poor. They’re left with
their mother’s property. It belongs to them. Do you want me to live
on the crumbs given by the kids? Go away! Stepmom. Stepmom..we’ve
brought the house documents. Take it. We don’t want anything. We only want you and
Sandhya to live with us. Come, stepmom. Say yes, dear.
They’ve come with high hopes. You shut up.
The villagers will accuse me.. ..of usurping my stepsons’
property deceitfully. Will you go away? Or do you want
Sandhya and me to die under the train? No, stepmom. We’ll go away. Brother! Sandhya, tell mother
not to leave us and go. Fine. But promise me that
you will never beat anyone. I promise you that I’ll come here
during vacations. – I promise you. I swear on you. I’ll not beat anyone
without a valid reason, sister. Your brother was with
us since so many days. But you treated him brutally. And today, to save him.. operated on him despite
giving up your practice. You fulfilled the duty of a doctor. The first duty of
a doctor is to save life. But you didn’t do the right
thing by lying to your husband, dear. At the time of the marriage
I had asked you about your parents. You said you don’t have anyone. Why did you hide from us
that you have an elder brother? And today you are crying for him. Mr. Shyam. – Sir. Deva, who came to your house for
Sandhya and her family’s security.. you know who he is? – Sir. There are many forms
of God in the world. In our country we worship
God in different ways. But there is only
one God in Sadashivpur. Not a God to grant boons, but a
God who will give his life for them. If required,
a God who will take lives too. Sir, he is.. Veera Pratap. The king of today’s world. A crownless Prince,
a King who never sits on a throne.. emperor in character. A coin has two sides. Head and tail. Similarly in Sadashivpur, if Veera represents goodness.. ..there are Kamlakar Rathore and Rudra
Mohan Rathore who represent evil. Rs. 50 crores? Why so much money to do a good thing? Because Veera will stop it. Veera will never stop anything
that’s good for the people. It’s useful to people,
but we’ve to vacate the village too. This is your Sadashivpur.
River Godavari runs by the side. If we set up the thermal project
here, half the village will go. The river will also get polluted. Moreover the harvest
will get destroyed. So Veera will stop the project. Veera loves the villagers
more than his parents. We want to see the village
without Veera. We accept the deal. Please eat, son. Hey! Can’t you see? Are you blind? Can’t you see? You’ll get ruined.
You’ll get destroyed. Shame on your life. What nonsense! Poor people have mouth only to eat.
Not to abuse. Go! Go. How dare you kick a woman! Our Veera is the voice
and the heart of us poor people! Go! You will have to confront Veera! Hey! You don’t know who I am? Vijay Shrivastav,
son of Laxmi Shrivastav! There’s no business
in which we’ve not entered. We have a factory in every village. You’ve made a mistake
by giving me your details. If I miss you here, I will
come to your house and beat you. Is that so? You will beat me? I had promised my sister not to
beat anyone without a valid reason. I had promised my father
to always protect the poor. I’ll have to protect them. – Is it? See how many people are behind me. If you want to fight with me,
you will need 100 people. If I want to fight with you,
you will need 100 people to save you. You think they are ordinary people?
They are all notorious goons. You don’t know the
value of mother and food. How can you know the value of people? Who told you to destroy homes and
agriculture lands to build factories? Who are you to ask me? Is
this village your father’s property? Is it your father’s property?
Take this. When I beat you,
it will be different, You will want to move,
but you won’t be able to. You will want to pick up the knife,
but you won’t be able to. You will be surprised that
you’re alive but unable to move. Then you’ll understand
that you’re a living dead man. If I repeat it, you’ll bleed!
Get lost! Stop. Stop.
Come. Please eat. Come. Caught you. Father! You say you won’t sign. Locking horns with me means
inviting trouble. Understood? I’ve asked you to sign these papers.
And you are acting smugly. This property is worth 15 crores. They want it for 15 lakhs.
It’s unfair. Are15 crores worth more
than your life? Tell me. It’s not so easy to take life. You back answer her. For me killing a goat and
killing a man mean the same thing. If you’d signed it earlier,
your pet goat wouldn’t have died. Glory to Goddess. My husband is a great man! Sister! – Did you do the
job for which you had gone? Sister, Veera.. Does he know you’re my brother?
– He knows, sister. Does he know you’re
his brother-in-law? Sister, if he is your brother,
then he’s his brother-in-law, right? I asked for confirmation.
Got his throat cut! Moron! He has showed me my brothers’ blood.
I want to see happiness in their eyes. Husband!
– There’s a time for everything. I’ll ensure the land
you want becomes yours. If anyone stops me,
I’ll crush him to death. I’m eyeing the lands of Sadashivpur. Veera. Sister Sandhya’s call.
– Call from sister! I’ll talk to her!
– No. I will talk first. First me. Give me the phone. – First me. I was kidding. You talk first
and then I will talk. – Talk. Tell me, sister. Did you entice Sejal?
– I couldn’t entice Sejal. She is playing games with me. It’s not easy to make
a woman fall for you. I defeat anyone in wrestling. Wrestling is different
and dating a woman is different. Okay. I’ll dictate a love letter.
Take it down. Give it to her with
a rose when she’s alone. Why a rose?
– It’s the symbol of love, brother. Listen. – I’m here. Sandhya is dictating a love letter.
Take it down. Sejal will come to me
running after reading it. Is it? Yes. – Give me. Talk to her. Tell me, sister. – Listen carefully.
There shouldn’t be any mistake. No way. I’ll do it perfectly.
– Listen. Tell me, sister. Ladies and gentlemen, today
is the final ‘Kabaddi’ (Indian game).. ..competition between
women and ladies. Hey, moron. Ladies and women
mean the same thing. Say it properly. Okay. The final match is between
Sadashivpur and Sitanagar teams. Our Veera is the chief guest! Bigmouth. It’s been three days since I saw her.
Where’s my lady player? Lady player? Who is she? Sejal. – Sejal. – Yes. Oh my God!
What a sensational entry! Look! Wow! She looks so beautiful! Listen, bigmouth. What is Sejal saying?
– Kabaddi. Kabaddi. Why am I hearing it as Veera? If the right thing
had happened on time.. wouldn’t have felt so bad. That’s why you should..- Shut up. Hey! – You are the chief guest.
Sit down. Out! Claps! – Move. Sejal! If you lose,
it means Sadashivpur will lose. Win and show us. It’s the question
of our village’s honor. I will keep the letter in this. Yeah! “My beloved, you dwell
in my heart like heartbeats.” “Like waves dwell at the shore.” “My beloved, you dwell
in my heart like heartbeats.” “Like waves dwell at the shore.” “I belong to you.” “I swear. My body and
heart belong to you, beloved.” “I belong to you.” “Beloved,
I lost myself in your talks of love.” “You dwell in my eyes.” “You dwell in my heart.” “You dwell in each fragment.” “I find you wherever I go.” “You are my earth and my sky.” “My beloved, you dwell
in my heart like heartbeats.” “Like waves dwell at the shore.” “I love you.” “Everything is for you.” “My life is for you.” “You are my life.” “You are my heartbeat.” “I think only about you.
I love only you.” “My heart says I will adhere
to this bond in every lifetime.” “I think only about you.
I love only you.” “My heart says I will adhere
to this bond in every lifetime.” “You are mine. You are mine.” “You are mine for seven lifetimes.” “Look, the scenarios say this.” “Only you dwell in my heart.” “You are mine. You are mine.” “You are mine for seven lifetimes.” “Love is calling you and me.
Don’t stay away from me.” “My beloved, you dwell
in my heart like heartbeats.” “Like waves dwell at the shore.” “My beloved, you dwell in my heart..” “ heartbeats.” “Like waves dwell at the shore.” Hello. Who is it? I’m Seeta from Sringarpur.
Please give the phone to Veera. Touch me? Hold on. Veera. Yes. – You’re yearning for Sejal. Some Seeta from Sringarpur
wants to talk to you. Handle the matter. Hello. Who is it? Day before yesterday,
at the ‘Kabaddi’ game.. ..I saw your strong
body and fell for it. Look, Geeta. – Seeta. Whoever you are,
I can’t give you the permission. Only Sejal has a right on my body. Why are you saying that? Sejal rejected you, right?
Why are you thinking about her? If Sejal comes to know about this.. ..she’ll find out your
address and play with your life. Cut the line. Some girl is proposing to me. I’m free. You should have told me.
I would have gone there. Get lost. Veera. Veera. We thought of her and here she is.
Come, Sejal. Come. I have brought a love letter.
Where is Veera? Sejal, it’s a love letter? Really? Yes. Would you like me
to read it for you? – Yes. My freest Sejal. I love you from the time
you started wearing small frocks. You have memorized it.
You are so clever. What’s this freest? It’s dearest! I heard free. So I wrote it. He says he wrote it.
Did he keep his finger on it? Not just finger, I’ve put my leg too. What else have you put? – A lot more! See for yourself. – Next line. I will keep the door
of my chest open for you. What is the door of chest? I think it is door of the heart. You are not even as smart as him.
Watch the next line. Holding a glass of milk..
– Like the nuptial night. When you will come
wearing a white sari.. ..I will disrobe you.
Is this what you think? Do you’ve such nasty wishes too? What did Sandhya tell
you and what have you written? Do you know what you have done? You see, I wrote it thinking
it will sound romantic. So it was Sandhya’s
idea and this fool wrote it. Why should I love you? Sejal, how was my love letter?
– Absolutely rubbish! Sejal. Sejal. Sejal. Learned man,
how did you become so knowledgeable? If I gulp a quarter,
poetry oozes out. How would it be if I slap you? What are you looking at?
Run away. – Run. He may beat again. Shower of flowers? Wait. Veera. Sejal. Sejal, I’m saying it from my heart,
without anyone’s idea or help. I love you. Did you call me here for this? Is it really your idea?
– I swear it’s mine. Amazing! Sejal, at least hug me! Gods and Goddesses took pity on our
love and they are showering flowers. You also have pity on me. Really? – I swear on your love. Is that so? Then hug me. Oh God! Sorry, Veera. I slipped. Sorry. I won’t hug you. You know how to grow moustache,
but not how to love. Sejal, listen to me. Sejal. Sejal. Shut up. – I am going. Hello. It’s me. Seeta from Sringarpur.
What have you decided about me? She’s rejecting you.
Why are you still after her? Glance at Seeta from Sringarpur once. Seeta, I beg of you.
Please leave me alone. I will get into a mess
if I talk to you everyday. I’m already married.
Sejal is my wife. Oh my! What kind
of love story is this? You beg your wife for love. What do I say? How do I say? It’s a strange and unusual story.
I will tell you. Sejal. I’m tense. – Why are you tense? This is my first nuptial night. On one hand there is happiness
and on the other hand you are there. It seems like a dream. I’ll give you whatever
you ask tonight. Come. Sit. Give me a kiss. What? A kiss? I’ll give it in tons.
Don’t waste time. Will you really give it?
– I swear on you. Come, let’s play a game. I’ll not come. I will marry the man I love. That’s all? We’re married.
From today we can start loving. Come. First arouse love in my
heart and after that honeymoon. How to arouse love here? How? To arouse love in my heart, first
pigeons must come down from the sky. There should be lightning in the sky.
There should be an earthquake. Earthquake? All this must happen
when you say I love you to me. It will never happen.
Our honeymoon will never happen. I’ll punch you. Till all that happens,
honeymoon is cancelled. This is injustice, Sejal. Promise me you won’t
tell anyone about this. Sejal. – First promise me. Tell me now. Will you call
me up again? Don’t call me up again. Everyone is getting ready in
the village. When will she get ready? He promised not to tell anyone,
but he tells everyone. I’ll take you to task. Drink it! – No. Veera, drink this and hug Sejal.
She’ll agree. She’s not agreeing. Listen to me. – What’s that? You didn’t understand? I’ll tell you. What’s this?
You want me to kill Sejal? You don’t drink this, right? – Yes. Make a hole in the coconut. Pour this liquor. Add a dash of lemon.
It will be great! Why do I have to do this? Otherwise you won’t be able to do it.
– Do what? Tell me clearly. Rape! – Rape? Oh God! It’s a sin. As such, it’s wrong. But in a drunken
stupor everything is pardoned. Drink it, brother. Have another! Give me another. Pour liquor. – I will do it. Pour liquor. – Here. I will drink it. – Here. Tonight I’ll surely do something.
I won’t spare her. You drank liquor today. Don’t rape
her tomorrow. Today. Rape her today. Okay. Give me another. – Why two? One for me and one
for my Sejal. – Okay. You’re one amongst us now!
Take these two and have a blast! I am going. – Take it. Sejal. Sejal. Look, bigmouth. She should cling to
me and sleep everyday. Look, how she’s sleeping alone. Alone and fully covered. It’s a good chance. – Yes. Shall I get into her bed?
– No. She’ll raise alarm. Take her to the farm.
Have a blast there. What do you mean by blast? It’s not necessary that
everything should have a meaning. Shall I make her drink it?
– Absolutely. That is what I want. Hold this. Hold this. – Okay. Not here. In the farm. She appears thin like Aishwarya Rai,
but she is heavy to carry. Talk softly. She will wake up. How will I do my work
if she doesn’t wake up? Everything will be fine. Keep watch. No one should come. Here. Here. Oh God! I forgot this. It should’ve happened
on a soft bed of flowers. But I have to do it
secretly in the farm. Tonight I’ll have my nuptial night. You want love? Isn’t this love? By now Sejal would’ve drunk it. Sejal. Here! Have it! It’s me. Sejal’s grandma. Bigmouth. What is this?
The situation is reverse? I will have to go. What happened? You moron! If you’d shown the
same courage with Sejal.. ..I would have been playing
with 3-4 grandchildren by now. It’s not good to keep your
husband away for so long, Sejal. So what if he is my husband? How do I hand over myself
to him if I don’t love him? Love will awaken and I will win. What if you lose? – Impossible. There will surely be love between us. Otherwise I’ll wither
like an old tree. If you keep him yearning like that,
some other girl will take him away. Then you’ll lose him. I’ll kill her. I’ve a knife.
See this. – No. I don’t accept it. There’s no one on earth
to defeat Sejal in ‘Kabaddi’. He’ll win. Is ‘Kabaddi’ a big deal? Who said that? – Brother Veera! You always pinch and win by cheating.
You can’t do that this time. Did he say that? He said if you’ve guts,
play with him. He will surely win. I accept the challenge. Will he
decide the place or shall I decide? Will he decide the time or shall
I decide? Be it ground or sand dune.. ..I’ll defeat him with my courage. Will you start the attack or shall I? You’re junior, first you.
– Toss will decide it. Head or tail? – Always head. Head! You come first. – No. You come first. Why did the flowers
turn in her direction? So what? Sun is on that side, right?
– Sejal is here. Shall I go there? Hello. Will you come? Don’t push me, Sejal.
I’m new in the game. Don’t talk like a kid.
You have called me here. If you don’t cross this lifeline..’ll remain a bachelor all
your life and I will remain single. Oh God! She again engrossed
me in talks. Okay, I am coming. Go! Go! Go! She’s playing on his weakness.
How can he win? You fool! Nobody loses in this game. Both will be winners. Why are
we here like nosy people? Let’s go. This game is not for children. Only for lovers. Flowers are blossoming. Sejal, don’t do haste.
I am new in this game. “Beloved. My beloved.” “I have got the ailment of love,
beloved.” “Beloved. My beloved.” “I have got the ailment of love,
beloved.” “It harasses and troubles me.” “What ailment is this!
Oh Lord! Someone give me medication.” “What ailment is this!” “Oh Lord!
Someone give me medication.” “Your ailment of love is lovely.” “Every youth gets inflicted with it.” “Your ailment of love is lovely.” “Every youth gets inflicted with it.” “My plight is the same as yours.” “Come in my arms, beloved.” “Take the medication
of love from me.” “Come in my arms, beloved.” “Take the medication
of love from me.” “Love. Love. – Love. Love.” “Love. Love. – Love. Love.” “Come in my arms, beloved.” “I am yearning for you.” “I will love you lovingly.” “You are my sweetheart.” “In the name of love
you will do some insolence.” “Beloved, under this pretext
you will take everything from me.” “You will make it
difficult for me to live.” “You will cast a spell on me.” “You will make it
difficult for me to live.” “You will cast a spell on me.” “My plight is the same as yours.” “Come in my arms, beloved.” “Take the medication
of love from me.” “Come in my arms, beloved.” “Take the medication
of love from me.” “Love. Love. – Love. Love.” “Love. Love. – Love. Love.” “Love. Love. – Love. Love.” “Love. Love. – Love. Love.” Hello. – Hello. Hello. – Hello. I’m Praveen Rathore.
I’m here to talk to you. Yes. Tell me. – I’m a businessman. Buying and selling
lands is my profession. It’s my habit to take what
I want and give what others want. I want the lands in your village. The villagers listen to you. Tell them to sell their land to me. I’ll throw a handsome
price on their faces. You heard that the
villagers listen to me. I’m sure you must’ve heard
the first two letters of my name too. Veera! The first
half stands for modesty. You’ve come to me.
So I am being modest. The second half stands for evil.
Don’t make me become one. Before I get angry
on hearing your nonsense..’s safe for you to
leave the place immediately. If anyone refuses me after I ask.. ..I snatch and take it by force. I have this bad habit. If I want,
I can drive you out of your village. There will be a contest. 500 acres
of mango farms, my house of 6 acres.. ..the trust of millions of people. I am ready.
You can wager whatever you want. Either I will go away from
my village because of you.. ..or you and your henchmen
will be destroyed because of me. Do you accept it? Think once again.
Enmity with me is dangerous. God gives everyone a lot
of endurance and some anger. But He has given
me anger in abundance. If you play with endurance,
you will survive. If you make me angry, you will
be the cause of everyone’s death. Veera! Get lost! Get lost! I am enjoying it.
Veera has harassed us a lot. Now they’re on the run. Catch him. For so long I was
waiting for this day. Don’t do that. I beg of you. Bring them. Put your thumbprint. Come. Brother, he’s Veera’s man.
He’s refusing to sign. Brother-in-law,
he is refusing to sign. It’s not an autograph. It’s his property. Veera. Veera. What happened? Pratap Rathore’s men are
forcing the villagers to sign. Stop! Brother-in-law, Veera’s wife. Oh! – Pratap Rathore,
go away before Veera comes here. Otherwise there will be
a massacre when he will come here. So much daring? You will die if you challenge him. Excellent! You’re Veera’s wife, aren’t
you? I heard he’s mad for people. Today I found out
that you too are mad. I’ll go after getting the
signatures of everyone here. Boys, get their signatures. Veera tied this nuptial chain on me.
I swear on it. if anyone dares to step forward,
I’ll hack them. Hack them? Will you hack me? Hack me! Why are you laughing?
– Hit me as much as you want. My husband will take revenge for it. I laughed on imagining that scene. Veera! Veera! Without knowing my history,
you beat my people. If you’ve guts, beat me. With the same history as witness,
I am saying. I will beat you so hard that
you will repent all your life. I told you that day. If you
come to me, you’ll see my humility. And if I come to you,
you’ll see the evil side of me. Kill him! How dare you come to face me! You would always walk
in majestically like a man! Today you have hung
your head in shame. Aren’t you ashamed? If you kill yourself with it.. ..I’ll wipe my vermillion. If you kill me,
I’ll die as a married woman. I underestimated his strength. I thought my husband
is brave and valorous. Go wear my sari and put on bangles. I will think I am the
wife of an impotent man. I’ll not step in.. ..till I prove that I’m a man. Stop! Kill Veera and hang
his body in Sadashivpur.. ..and bring his head to me, I’ll cut it into pieces
and feed our dogs. Go! Hello, SP sir!
What are you searching for? The police don’t come without any
reason. – First call your brother. SP sir, you seem serious. Ramu,
bring juice. Please sit, SP sir. I’m not here to have juice.
Call your brother. Yes. I’ll call him.
First you..- Hello. What is this?
Why did you come? Where is the juice? Why should I bring it? The one who should
bring it will come with it. Take it, sir. Sir? Take it. What else will the daughter-in-law
of my family call you then? She can call me father. How can she call you that?
You only tell me. My brother loves your daughter. You should say it’s
better to get them married. I found out just
now that she loves him. You’ve accepted the proposal.
I will get them married. Marriage? How is it possible?
– He has accepted it, right? Who is he to accept?
First she must agree. – Who is she? His doting sister. You’ve heard everything, haven’t you?
I’m giving the phone to Veera. Ramu! I would’ve
given her the good news. What if she says how can
her brother marry before her? Nonsense.
You tell me, sister. – Slap him hard. Would I say that? – I know. I’ll fix their marriage
whenever you say. Sister, come with stepmom.
– We’re leaving tomorrow. I’m very happy. Sejal. Sejal. Sejal. On this joyous occasion
I feel like lifting you. But..- I’ll punch you. This love is not for me. But it’s for the baby.
You are going to be a father. Listen, Ramu. – Yes, brother. Verma. – Yes, brother. Sandhya is coming tomorrow.
Hide all the weapons. – Yes. She shouldn’t even see a
blade in the house. – Yes brother. Why are you sporting beards?
Shave it. Go. It is okay to remove the beard,
but please don’t touch the moustache. I had heard that in olden days
people would hide weapons in trees. Why are you hiding it in a tree? Forgive me. I trouble all
of you every time Sandhya comes here. You’ve done so much
for this village and us. Can’t we do anything for you? Brother, will stepmom
also come with sister? Stepmom left this place
with Sandhya when she was a kid. Sandhya at least came here,
but stepmom never came back. I don’t think she’ll
come this time too. Brother! Sister! Brother! How are you, sister?
How is stepmom doing? She is here! Come, stepmom. I’m very happy that you’ve also come. Great, brother! You should
have waited till my marriage. You are getting married so quickly. Not like that. You’re a doctor
and we’ve to find a doctor for you, It will take time. – Okay, brother. You have become so thin. I’m on diet. – Come on. My childhood memories
are back on entering this home. You will remember more things if you
see that’s hidden in the coconut tree. Why are you stamping on my feet?
– Come silently. Why did you stop? Come in. I’ll not come.
– What happened, Sandhya? Will I enter without
getting proper welcome? Absolutely right. – Sister-in-law! I’ll give you a proper welcome. It seems you rule this place now,
sister-in-law. Brother listens
to everything you say. Brother always concurs with you. I am nothing. You are the most
important person for your brother. Brother! – Yes, sister. Father is coming back to our home. What do you mean? Brother, you didn’t understand.
He is coming as your son. Don’t just say this. You will have to
handle everything as you’re a doctor. Okay, sister-in-law. I’ll take care. Wow! Superb, sister-in-law!
You have decorated it so beautifully! It’s your brother’s choice. Why did you keep the sword here?
– Brother, how come this is here? Yes. Your sister-in-law
is pregnant. – Yes. She keeps it so that
I don’t touch her in my sleep. Meaning? It’s a kind of fasting.
If we keep this in between.. ..we’ll have a sharp child. That is fine! First throw the sword out. – Okay. Okay. Are you happy now? I’ve thrown it. Where are you going? How did it come here?
– I’ll punch you. You hid all the weapons. If there’s an attack,
we must have at least one. Isn’t my hand enough. We must get the tender this time too. Brother-in-law, Veera is going
to the temple along with his sister. He can’t do anything
in his sister’s presence. This is the right time to finish him. Get down. Hello. – Hello. Hello, dear. – Hello. – Keep it here. How are you, Sandhya? – I’m fine. Priest. Yes. – Offer special
prayers by offering this sari.. ..and present it
to my sister. – Okay. Priest. Yes, son. – How much
time will the prayers take? 4-5 minutes. – What happened?
Did you see something? Look there!
– I too know. Take care of them. Spared anyone?
– How is that possible? Please take the offering, son. Traitor! Why did you inform Pratap Rathore’s
men that we have gone to the temple? Tell me. Forgive me. – How dare
you stay with us and betray us? Tell me.
Why did you tell them? Tell me. Brother! Come here. Brother! What’s it, sister?
– Come down quickly. Sandhya, what happened?
– Do you know what brother did? What I don’t want to see
in this house is happening. He was beating a man black and blue. He too has become like father. Look at brother.
He lives so peacefully. You are not.
I won’t stay here anymore. I’m leaving. – Sister,
he’ll not beat anyone hereafter. I’m telling you.
– Okay. Tell him to swear on me. I promised you in childhood. You promised, but he didn’t. You give the guarantee
that he’ll never fight again. Tell him to swear it on you. Why are you thinking? Swear on him. What are you looking at? Swear on me. Sandhya, don’t worry.
He has sworn on me. I’ll ensure he stays out of troubles. Give me a smile now. Smile. What is this?
Why did you make him swear on you? I don’t mind if
anything happened to me. If anything happens to you,
I won’t be able to bear it. I am really so lucky. I thought you will bring
the news of his death. But you have come to
tell me that he thrashed you. Husband! It’s just water if
you pour it in a glass. It’s holy water if
you pour it in a conch. You’re a man if you kill Veera. If you get him killed by others,
I’ll not say anything. People will speak. I won’t
be able to hear it. That’s why. Nimmi! Nimmi! Nimmi! Husband! Don’t think
I’m dying as a married woman. But I’m dying for enmity.
– Yes Nimmi.. Kill Veera and let my
soul rest in peace. – Yes. At least now show
your manliness. – Yes. Nimmi! Veera! When we went to invite people,
everyone was asking. How much property
Veera’s brother has? What’s his status? There’s no property
in my brother’s name. Is that so?
Is everything in your name? There is nothing in my name too.
Not even this home. What’s this?
Who owns the entire property then? Sejal. As soon as we became adults.. ..we transferred all the
properties in my sister’s name. Veera. Stepmom. You said people will think
you have snatched our wealth. Now, there’s no problem. I thought I will give these
documents on an auspicious day. I can’t get a better
day than this. Take it. All villagers consider you as God. I thought God dwells only
in temples and not amongst people. I was mad. God can be in every human being. I have realized this
today after seeing you. I regret that I didn’t give birth
to you. The property belongs to you. If you give everything to
my daughter, what about you then? Mother-in-law, my husband
and his moustache is my property. Did you see? That’s Veera! We’re lucky to send our daughter to
your house as your daughter-in-law. Please forgive me. Bigmouth, what’s the trouble? What? You have changed completely. You used to be so valorous.
You have changed so much. Why to hide all this?
Let’s tell Sandhya everything. Bigmouth..where are you? Sandhya, I want to tell you something.
– Hide him away. Take him away. Stay like this till
the marriage is not over. What happened, Sandhya? What is it? I can’t find bigmouth. I’ve sent him on some errand.
You tell me. I’ll bat first. – Then, I’ll bowl. There’s just one wicket here.
– Let’s use this sack as a wicket. Help me carry this. Don’t have a rubber ball? I’ve got only a cork ball.
Let’s play with it. Come on. Look, the sack fell down. Out! Out! Out! Will you come at the dais? I’m coming. I’m coming. Why are you leaving so soon, sister? I would have liked it if
you had stayed for a few more days. I too don’t want to go.
It’s the final semester exams. Otherwise I would
have troubled brother.. ..on the first night
and made him cry. What first night? We pity them and tolerate
them for five minutes. And we have to tolerate
it for nine months. Don’t you feel ashamed? – Do you? I’ll punch you. You should have stayed
for another week, sister. Son, she has to come
back here after the exams. You mean you are not coming? I won’t leave my son and go anywhere. Now I will live and die here.
I will stay with my son. Henceforth I’ll call you mother. Bye. Listen. He left? Dear, you must welcome
a person when he comes. If you do that while they are going,
they’ll take all luck with them. No. I came to venerate
my husband, mother. I always send him
off by venerating him. Brother,
keep an eye on younger brother. I don’t know why I am scared for him. Don’t worry. I’ll take care. Go carefully, sister.
Write your exams well. Okay? Come on. Brother! Veera! Rekha! Carefully. No! Leave him! Please leave him! Leave by the backdoor. Leave by the backdoor. – Come on. Come on, dear.
– Where are you running? Mother. – Go. Hey! Now come! Shashi! Shashi! Rekha! Rekha! Grandma. Grandma. Brother. Brother. Brother.
Brother, look at me. Look at me. Bigmouth! Bigmouth! What is happening? Sejal. Sejal. – Sejal. Veera! Veera! Mother. – Sejal! Veera! Sejal! – Mother. Go and save her. She is pregnant. Save Sejal. Mother. Mother. Mother. Rajesh! Rajesh! Get up! Get up! Rekha, get up! Rekha! Mother! Mother! “Veera. Veera.” Veera! Sejal, let’s go to the hospital.
Come on. Does Seeta from
Sringarpur still love you? Will you marry her?
Veera, we will love again. I don’t mind anything
happening to me. But I can’t bear anything
happening to you. Nothing will happen to you, Sejal.
Nothing will happen to you. I would grace your forehead
whenever you would go out. I am gracing your forehead
for the last time. Sejal. Sejal. Sejal. Sejal. Sejal. Sejal. Sejal. Sejal. Sandhya saw her family die brutally. Sandhya, who hates violence,
went away from Veera. To fulfill his promise
to his father.. ..Veera broke Sandhya’s promise.
Sandhya couldn’t understand that. Once upon a time everyone
used to wait for Veera. After spending seven years in prison.. ..Veera’s sister Sandhya
didn’t even talk to him. ‘He’s not alone. I’m there for him.’ ‘I’ll wait all my life
for such a good man.’ Veera, the security
officer saved him.. ..and Shyam’s wife Dr. Sandhya.. ..saved him from death
after a three-hour operation. And now he is out of danger. His sister saved his life? He survived without knowing
that I’m still alive. Veera! Hello. Who are you?
– Where is Veera? Where is Veera? – I don’t know. Tell me. Where is Veera? Where is Veera? – Who are you? Where are you? Veera! Hello. Have you come? – Have you escaped? I’m not a coward to escape.
I’m a brave man. Where are you? Had I turned back
to check the other day.. wouldn’t have been alive today. I’m in the place where
you killed my people. Come. Come here!
– I’m coming! I’m coming! Veera! See this. This same weapon
was used to kill your family. This weapon killed your
child in your wife’s womb. This weapon has waited
for seven years to kill you. You still didn’t gain
sense after nearly dying once. You trust the weapon
and I trust this soil. This is the land where
my father did justice. If I let evil men like you live.. ..people will stop
installing God’s idols. You might have survived
if you had fled from the hospital. You have invited death
by calling me here. I didn’t invite you to die,
but to kill you. Come! You have come to kill me, right?
Kill me. Come. Come. Come. Brother! – Uncle! Uncle! Uncle! Uncle! – Veera! Don’t think. Kill him. Father was right. If you spare evil, then
good people won’t be able to live. Kill him, brother! Kill him! Where are you going away, Veera? I’m waiting for you. “Veera. Veera. Veera. Veera.” “My Veera.” “Once more. Once more dance merrily.” “You are a gorgeous girl.
I have locked eyes with you.” “Come and dance with me.” “Veera. Veera. Veera. Veera.” “You have won my heart.” “I am ready. My beloved.” “Come and love me wholeheartedly.” “I am beautiful. You are young.” “You are destined
for this insolence.” “Do you want to come
and dance with me right now?” “Veera. Veera. Veera. Veera.” “You have won my heart.” “Veera. Veera. Veera. Veera.” “My Veera.”

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