The Grandmaster: The Art of Kung Fu – Tutorial 1 of 3 (Wing Chun)

Welcome to the Grandmaster’s
art of kung fu tutorial. Wing Chun is a Southern Chinese
kung fu system which is adaptable for close in as
well as long range fighting. Wing Chun’s defense flows from
its offense, which can intercept an opponent’s attack,
while simultaneously delivering one of its own. One may need this against
multiple opponents. Lap sau is a cover where the
Wing Chun stylist grabs and pulls the opponent’s striking
appendage for manipulation. Pak sau can be described as a clapping or slapping technique. Legs are also used in Wing
Chun, in a non-flashy but effective manner. The Wing Chun stylist stays
away from most spinning or leaping kicks. He or she is content in the
eight kicks of Wing Chun. One may intercept an opponent’s
techniques while simultaneously striking. Until next time.

100 thoughts on “The Grandmaster: The Art of Kung Fu – Tutorial 1 of 3 (Wing Chun)

  1. thankyou that's the exact same point i just made, the stances are so fragile. It's nice to watch but by no means effective.

  2. Well firstly endurance is everything,So that's a strange point.But anyway,It's a means of body conditioning.Fighting in a ring doesn't make you a good martial artist.You'd be surprised how many unknowns could brawl with the best.Like I said to the other guy…It depends on the fighter's agility,etc.You could be a big bulky guy trained in arm snapping Jiu Jitsu and crap out quickly because you have no stamina or can't take a hit.The UFC is a joke.The best MMA fights you'll see aren't televised.

  3. You do know there's different weight classes right? you wouldn't question a featherweights agility would you? secondly physical endurance is gained by conditioning. Mental endurance might be gained by swinging a weight from your nutsack but its more of a party trick. thirdly, BJJ was made for the smaller man as Royce Gracie showed choking ken shamrock a man twice his size. and finally if the best MMA fights i'll see aren't televised i wouldn't see them would i? but ill take your word for it.

  4. We just aren't going to agree. The UFC is a franchise and is most likely rigged, as Ken Shamrock is an actor. He used to "wrestle" on WWE when I was a kid. I've seen Tito Ortiz "knock him out" in mere seconds as well. Yeah, I guess you wouldn't see them as the notion of buying a ticket and visiting an arena is completely preposterous 😛 Also you do realize this conversation was not solely about ring fighting, but about whether Kung Fu was efficient as a means of self defense.

  5. yh I'm sure all those broken limbs are rigged. BJJ is a self defense they didn't develop it for a ring.most competitive martial arts takes place in a ring thats why im referriing to them. Bruce Lee the greatest pioneer of martial arts trained in wing chun all his childhood realized its limits and left behind. its an ancient beautiful art but thats where it stops you want a martial art that isn't used in competitive sport due to its brutality and would render kung fu useless? look up Krav Maga.

  6. Yeah, cuz it's not like fights are thrown in boxing either…if the price is right, Ya feel me 😛 Ironically Krav Maga has some roots in Wing Chun, so…

  7. Yeah but he came from an acting family and was acting since his youth. Also towards the end of his career he decided he wanted to focus on making movies and less on teaching martial arts so he had many of his kwoons closed. Maybe youtube isnt the best resource to use to do research…

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  9. Krav Maga is a modern system developed by Israeli special forces, There's alot of ground work holds chokes etc it has no similarities to Wing Chun. don't chat shit.

  10. I know what Krav Maga is. I know people who have served in the Israeli army. I'm sorry to inform you that you're wrong. Here, I googled it for you..-.wikipedia(dot)org/wiki/Krav_Maga
    " Krav Maga is a tactical martial system developed in Israel that consists of a wide combination of techniques sourced from boxing, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, Judo, jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and grappling."
    I personally prefer Sambo to Krav Maga 🙂

  11. The only similarity to Wing Chun is you counter simualtanously as illustrated in the video above. I'm sure you do know people who served in the israeli army, i'm sure you trained MMA aswell without seeming to have any idea what BJJ was. I'm sure you have a private jet aswell.

  12. watched the movie last week, absolutely terrible, no one will play ip man better than donnie yen. the grandmaster didn't make any god damn sense, sure some of the fight scenes were ehhhh ok. other wise very terrible movie, if you could find it at a redbox for a dollar sure, otherwise absolutely not.

  13. 20 people can't fist fight you all at once at most 5 can surround a person witout it getting to crowded so it would be 5 on 1 with the 5 constently taping out for new people.

  14. Bruce Lee was a well disciplined martial artist, so he wouldn't be kicking anyone's ass for trash talk. Martial artists know when someone is full of shit, and when they're someone who needs to be fight. I am Iron Tarkus, and I approve this message.

  15. Yea, the popularity of muay tai and Brazilian jujitsu. On top of that, Kung Fu exists in a world without move restrictions, MMA restricts numerous moves.

  16. Are you retarded? Bruce Lee was a badass, and trained fighers are dangerous as fuck, but when you get to groups of 5+ you can only run. Maybe if you're fighting five 13-year-olds you can win, but five "fighters?" It's possible, but difficult to defend yourself from 2 attackers, let alone 3 or more. Bruce Lee wasn't fucking Neji Hyuga with the 360 degree defense.

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  18. much training as he did!. Would not surprise me. Super powerful kicks and punches, and with an unnatural style with a quickness that was out of this world. Yeah, would not surprise me.

  19. Oh yeah? Ma mate has the deadliest form of fighting forealz. He call it… Crane meets Crohn's style. One release of energy (from the sphincter muscles) can clear an entire room of men & women.

  20. He was spreading his knowledge for martial arts, yes he is acting, but the stuff he is doing in the movies he can do in real life, just look it up.

  21. Bruce Lee was a martial artist.. He didn't think martial arts was something that should be kept to one group exclusively, like many other chinese thought, he wanted to spread his knowledge, and acting allowed him to do that.

  22. It's nice to think there are some people who think highly of the grandmasters and not stereotype this stuff as Ip Man by Donnie Yen. Wong War Kai's movies are very profound which means if you don't think about the lines carefully you don't enjoy the movie making it boring. Which is why I'm guessing over half of the American audience thinks a movie who was directed by a person that was awarded the France Minister of Culture, Order of Arts and Letters award is a horrible movie.

  23. you kind of jumped to conclusions there, he could have been saying that its just a marketing thing that chinese were even upset

  24. Everyone gets too caught up in the movie aspect of Wing Chun when in reality it is extremely difficult to make effective. If you're fighting against your average guy of course the move are more likely to be effective, but what happens when you come across someone who's very strong and studies Muay Thai, Boxing, and various other VERY effective arts? People need to quit getting caught up in hollywood BS.

  25. No, in fact, I'm not entirely sure what you are trying to say here at all. Kind of feel like you went of on a tangent that has no point. Are you saying that Bruce Lee wasn't a martial artist but just an actor and it was all pretend? If that's the case, you are sorely mistaken. Ip Man was Bruce Lee's teacher in fact. There is a real difference between an argument and random babel. I just can't stand people that can't tell the difference.

  26. A couple documentaries about him and in jkd they train you to fight 2-3 persons at the same time.. So he at least took care of 3 persons and being bruce lee and not me it is not hard to believe the documentaries albeit some of them exagerate everything.

  27. No, you are not making any valid arguments. No, taking 5 classes of akido does not make you a martial artist, or even a martial practitioner. It makes you a quitter. Bruce Lee participated in tournaments as well as being in movies, perhaps you do not understand this. Your reading on what a "real martial artist" does is bigoted and racist in fact. There are other martial arts besides eastern ones, and they have zero focus on meditation. Face it, you just spout words from your ass.

  28. Hay Did you know there is a 3 I have them all and dont see Grandmaster In theater because in some places already have movie in a official copy except its the first version the one in the theatre is th American version

  29. Then we use our wing chun skills to DEFLECT the incoming attack, using sensitivity to sense his next move, trap his hand, and DEMOLISH THEM!

  30. Yeah, something that I have yet to see any Wing Chun fighter accomplish against a half decent opponent. The only person I could have seen with enough speed and strength to possibly pull off such moves was Bruce Lee, we know for a fact that he was fast and strong, you can't deny that. He just doesnt have much of a fight record because a guy as humble as him only fought on the off chance that someone confronted him, and camera phones didn't exist so no one was catching film of these fights

  31. You do understand the meaning of Kung Fu right?
    Kung is Chinese for Energy and Fu is Chinese for Time. Energy + Time = excellence. So pretty much every MMA fighter is a Kung Fu Expert. Some more than others of course. HAHA!

  32. There's way too many bull shiters posting on here. About style superiority and all that other bull. In its essence all martial art are a body building and muscle memory exercise system developed to help a person be more efficient and effective in combat. Also there's no such thing as an ultimate martial art style, there's only ultimate martial artists.

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  34. @mightymeatmonsta 

    This is a typical Wing Chun propaganda! There's no evidence to support the claim of the video according to the narrator that WC is good for multiple attackers. The chunners can barely beat, let alone defend, against just ONE unarmed opponent in a controlled setting. None of the blocks, intercepts, and strikes are proven to be effective, real, or strong. Please don't buy into this bullshit! 

  35. i have limited experience wit wing chin, i reckon if trained right, and that is stress drills and lots of lots of lots of hard sparring, as littl gear as possible, you might get a decent close quarters system out of it for a limited set of scenarios. best you throw some kickboxing and grappling in. i met a chunner once i thailand who regularly sparrd with the muay thai guys and wasn't that bad. i met a lot more helpless chunners here in europe though. so hard sparring likely isn't a priority among most groups here.

  36. be awesome if was animated movie..even doe it a real movie..mean the style of animation..

  37. These are cool and all ,but for real. You lazy! This shit is way too short. If your going to do it. Do it right. Pottus est melius quam satts bene. You can do better. And we deserve it.
    Keep your practice.
    Overcome the darkness. Return the Light.
    Laoshr/Ching Yi Kung Fu Association

  38. Watch more video on wing chun 🙂

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