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flogging we will go a vlogging we will go hey y’all I am driving to my kids school to pick them up I’m so sick right now for built graduation tonight which is where they graduate from one karate belt color to another um so they can’t miss it because I’m sick we’ll just try to film a little bit of a clip of that later but I just wanted to say hello in case I don’t make it no I’m just being a drama queen but oh my god um and then this is what I take for the kids when we’re like in a super rush just to kind of hold them over like a little cheese sticks um a little cheese stick a little bag the foam is then I just have like a little single water for that it’s finished at the karate studio and ava is now an official butt kicking machine right Ava ah she sounds fierce right um anyways guys what were we laughing about over there in the parking lot i cant rember we’re talking shop yeah yeah I don’t even know why we said that we were joking we’re all by my button call me Sally so we just walked in the door it’s 708 the kids still have to take a bath do their homework eat dinner story time yeah i see a pattern to see how your doll pairs like all crazy nine nineteen twenty nine it’s building on yeah Ellen will be 39 49 59 60 look at the big brain on this one smile big brain mmm famous doll her name is um Caroline but I just call her captain bad hair I mean seriously look at that hair I mean I’ve had a few bad hair days in my life but um oh no honey I don’t think your spit is gonna do that’s not the problem yeah whoa no nobody wants to see ya put your pants the pies I want to show you something or did I got a teammate i bet i’m a teenage major Charles Darnay destroyed turn it off everybody can see it does he do it you might sup right I’m gonna watch you like a hawk Haven hang on a second your brother’s trying to redecorate his hands with scissors cash oh dear God even the dinosaur doesn’t like that you like please don’t cut me yeah no Cuddy Oh sue you survived dinosaur today’s our lucky day extinction for you watching you called velociraptor Charlie huh Oh Charlie breathnach you little monster yeah oh he’s like well haven’t brushed my teeth and Julian cackles get off my bananas terrorists all right charlie Jesus you’re being ham khosh more Europe in the bag apart he couldn’t possibly be in the cache morrow i am going to wal don’t know if i’ll upload it tomorrow but i’m going to review these tomorrow this is the tech armor and why do i need this because I just had to spend $150 with Apple to replace the screen on my iPhone because Ava dropped it and when I dropped it and I dropped it I dropped it anyways then I broken so apparently this is supposed to safeguard against yourself I guess so that’s great in this which is like a little stand which you kind of prop it up I know I got one for you but this is mommy’s so I haven’t opened it yet i’m going to review it for them i already had this and i love this product but then Ava female managed to break it crazy it’s all review this for you guys tomorrow because these are two things that I really feel like everybody she just definitely have especially if you are a blogger of any current I well I’m translated in the kitchen though cash is under the impression that he had the cash go Sean what you think happens in your hook Cashman said his room has a magical floor monster where when he just throws toys in there don’t fall out of your seat when I translation yeah turn the light on so they can see how awesome your room look mind you this room was completely clean a day and a half ago Oh ready guys oh oh yeah here here’s blower keep peanut my room 00 in their own before that it’s just gonna clean itself up oh look at your beautiful jammies who is that on your Jamie turn every won’t let me cut her hair ok let’s see you name is digging for treasure over here what are you doing gross go wash your hands is the boot favorite all right we’re with a longer story is because I’ve been sick for the last couple days so I’m just making the leftover mushrooms and garlic that we had and then here are some grilled say tan that I am making speaking of say tan I mean never mind the kids are being pretty vicious right now what are you doing why are you guys being so looking so shoots us from the top down but gosh what did you just do tell them what you just tuned up and then it’s I’m down on my wiener pizza oh my god I know this is wrong to laugh about such a thing beaner yeah

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