So it seems to be a new trend Apparently YouTube is a fighting people on each other now, so I wanted to get it on it kind of that’s right wait These are the wrong way rounds that’s right today. We’re playing a game called knockout league The music cut out perfectly then that’s amazing welcome to Doug’s Gym, I have not set foot in this game at all yet I saw it on Steam and I was like this looks perfect it has amazing reviews so far So let’s press new game and let’s see what this game is about we’re gonna go high of course And this is the man there is Doug. How’s it going buddy set your Heights? Yeah, yeah they put me short in there it of course Name big rebel I am MR….PRINCESS Mister princess you really think about what it takes to be a champion like me. Yeah, you know Doug Johnson He’s fighting the history that knockout leave jiggle-jiggle-jiggle jiggle-jiggle-jiggle DOO DO DOO DOO DOO wiggle wiggle wiggle When an opponent throws an attack you need to move your head out the way to dodge. Okay? We go whoa it’s like the matrix Yes Make sure you get down though you’re good. Okay, okay? This is gonna. Be hard isn’t it? Got him This is actually difficult, Oh Facing to punch up a face, what are you? What are you doing? What are you doing to me hmm continue to advanced concepts or skips or fights? Hmm, I think I’m gonna be okay time to see what you really got Oh, I think I know the perfect person for your first fight great Who is it? All right? I’ve got your first fight all set up and it’s nothing class Joe Brooke what you’ll be fighting the infamous Brazilian proves what racket? Um he looks terrifying I’m gonna die here. Uh oh… This got intense really intense so I have to fight these three people and start with this guy look at his pecs look at Look at mine fine. I’m gonna try and take him down. This could be where I die of virtual reality. I’m in the green zone Let’s do this. I’m ready. I’m ready oh My goodness oh Oh, wait that’s you Nooooo, You want? That’s all you enjoy your tattoos on Come at me, bro Come at me. I’m ready. I’m ready Yeah, I told you I was ready that’s what I’m talking about you come at me you come at me, Huh? Get out of here Punk. Oh yes, you don’t need them pecs, I don’t need those pecs. I can just destroy you anyway Hahahahah I’m getting you buddy. You’re going straight onto the floor Get out of here bro, Oh Going for the Halloween huh you have landed a punch. I thought you were trying Oh my goodness this feels great coming in going in let me try poking you and POW. Oh you brought me. Okay? Ah How much health you go that he’s running low guys So low Snarl oh, oh what you gonna. Do he’s gonna smack you in the face. That’s what I’m talking about see these gloves? the guy’s strange your eyeballs This is amazing oh, it’s getting faster there we go and Yeah, I was scared of you, but not scared no longer buddy. I’m gonna take you out Yeah Get out of here Stay down stay down. You know what’s good for you. Oh, oh you want some more you want some more coming that buddy whoa oh What’s that go anybody throw a punch out my eye. What are you doing? What are you doing out that really hard? What was that move you’re doing you guys just doing special moves buddy. That’s not fair Okay, try it buddy. Can you slow down please? I’m Really tired whoa oh Uh, oh, I’m just gonna duck out the way of that cuz I don’t know what you’re doing. Okay come on Let’s finish this buddy. Let’s finish this I may have missed you that time, but it’s okay. I’ll just finish you up now I Annnnnnd Bam! Don’t know what this is I’m just gonna go on the floor because I don’t want to get hurt, okay Probably you should listen to the special techniques to be honest. It’s so long. He’s getting low. I’m gonna knock you out. Oh Is this the end but a big champ almost? What oh oh? Oh? Yeah Come at me again Bro come at me again. You stay down. What stay down. Ai, right do a one minute left this ain’t gonna. End nicely for you, bro. What is that? You cut it out? How could you hit me with flames? What is this? What is this? I blocked it. I’m taking out so much health of mine No, how do I block this? How do I block this this? Oh? I think I’m dying am I dying am I good oh Okay, I’m not good. I knocked you twice remember. Don’t get too cocky. Okay. I’m coming for you. Yes. Yes, oh This game is amazing like actually amazing That’s how you do it. Oh? I’m teaching you a lesson buster Okay, this is just a lesson and how to get knocked the grounds I could do that too, huh I could do that too. Yeah you ever won. Oh WHAT?! hold on a second hold on a Second look at my face…………………………( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Look how red it is. I don’t need to see it. I can feel it. It’s red as anything. I punched that guy 3,000 times square in the nose, and it says I lose Nah, I’m going back in, Ow my eye rematch Let’s go I got knocked out once Once in this guy tries to destroy me, I’m upset Oh Be quiet, sir. I’m gonna get you you’re over you’re done. Can I fit more punches in maybe let me see Yes, I can you’re going down buddy you can’t catch these hands the only place you’re the catch is hands is in your face Ha ha I’m getting quite aggressive, but it’s because he beat me and it wasn’t fair okay He’s down already oh This is a beating. It’s an absolute beating look at these gloves they golden, and I want you to get a closer look Nine times more higher look at these things Look at them. Ha ha ha bro. You’re going down you’re going down. You can get like five hit in It’s in when he does a normal jab like this So many, maybe I need to knock him down like three times, maybe that’s it he’s so close to being knocked out again I’ve got this I’ve so got this OW! Oh, maybe not I’m gonna block this. This get out of here punk one more shot, and this guy’s out of here we go Oh? Get out, punk? Yeah Their cheering for me their cheering for me. I’m gonna stand a little bit closer to you, buddy Ow no no no this might happen don’t knock me down don’t knock me down. I’ve got this there we go Oh, yes, you think you can to knock me out. I don’t think so buddy. I don’t think so I got you I got you get on the floor. You lost this fight. You’ve lost this fight You’ve lost where you going huh? He’s
going this way. Okay. I’m gonna. Go this way and get you in the face oh My god you are so annoying Yes Yes I did it I’m the champion of you I Think I’m gonna pass out That was absolutely insane this game is the best game I’ve ever played in VR like ever This is incredible. I already took me three minutes and 40 seconds to knock you out. I was scared of you, but no longer I’m out of here oh My goodness okay Barrage. How’s it going nice to meet you you see these mitts you see them They’re gonna meet your face real quick, but Give me give me two seconds. I’m thirsty okay this virtual reality it might be virtual, but still need fluids ah I’m ready there. We go. Where is she? There she is Good skid, I like it. I like it all right Are you all ready, I don’t think you’re ready, I don’t think you’re ready Wow Oh my goodness that was a flurry are you okay? I don’t care. I’m gonna take you down even more Ow Oh my goodness how does it feel? I’m not getting touched it, so well. I maybe I’m good. I’m gonna take you down, bro Where will you go next? What is that? What was that? Oh, my gosh? I’m gonna destroy it again absolutely destroy its oh Oh all the weak spot I saw it. I saw it what we are about equal right now. I know, come on then Come on then I’m gonna knock you out first. Don’t worry. This is big. This is big. Ow ow ow ow, What What was that? Are you kidding me oh my goodness She is absolutely unreal. How do I block that – I just straight-up block? I think I do. I just need to straight a block She’s so close to getting knocked out. I’ve got this I’ve got this IM BEAUTIFAL……………………………… DSJAKFKDSJKF;ADJKFJDSKFDSFSAFSD 4 okay, it’s on this is so difficult guys. She is insane absolutely insane. Oh I’m out, I’m out She smacked me real hard. Oh, my goodness. How do I beat you your fists are too quick? They’re even quicker than mine Ah no oh It’s okay. I’m sorry oh No No, no your’e powerful That was hard towards each punch in a combo before you fall over the punch Good to know Good to know so guys. You know what this is honestly the best VR game. I’ve ever played is so much fun I hope you enjoyed it if you did it would make me like see some more Please leave a big fat like that’d be great appreciate it and if it happens to be the first video you see me Please do consider subscribing to join team TDM today for daily videos popping that guys Thank you so much watching have an amazing day, and I’ll see you all next time Goodbye

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  1. Anyone remember when Dr Trayaurus became a leader of a tribe? Or when you guys went to the arcade? Or when you visited the Candy Creeper? Or when you went to the moon? Only true fans remember that
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