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CARTAGENA, COLOMBIA) (THAIS HENRIQUEZ) We are going to a shanty town called Nelson Mandela, and all the people living here had to escape the war
OF SPORT FOR THE DISPLACED) (CARTAGENA, COLOMBIA) Now I am going to meet a lady called Monica,
who is a community worker. – Hello, how are you?
– Hello, how are you? – Very good.
– It’s a pleasure. We’re happy to have you here. – Thank you.
THAN 80,000 PEOPLE) To understand the community,
you have to realise where they came from here
at the beginning. They came from interior,
from interior of the country and the years of violence,
you know, the guerrillas? Yeah. They had to leave there
in the middle of the night because the guerrillas
were killing people and so they came to this
side of the city and they came with
absolutely nothing. So they have to find,
you know, a place to stay and they have to start
everything again. And they are used to working
the land, you know, farmers
and everything. And we don’t grow anything
here. You know, we live from
the industry or the hotels and the tourists, so they have
to capacitate themselves to working here,
so it’s difficult. It’s difficult for them. – Their lives totally changed.
– Yes. So most of them practise sport? Yeah, actually,
my daughter Camila, it would be nice
if you get to meet her. She sponsors a boxing club. We are helping them
to get there. – Hello, how are you?
– Very good. Pleasure to meet you. Thanks
for coming to the foundation, the Golden Kids Boxing Club. – Welcome, come see.
– It’s a pleasure. My name is Camila Martelo. Golden Kids Boxing club is a project I started in late 2014, and since then I just started looking for donations and for people who wanted to contribute
and support us. Right now we have
around 50-65 kids that can box safely
in a nice environment. This has been beneficial
because they are not fighting in
schools, they are not fighting on the streets, they do it as a sport
and they respect that. Right now, let’s go
quickly, quickly. My name is Dylan.
I’m ten years old. In Nelson Mandela
there are a lot of kids who try to take advantage
of the younger ones because they don’t know
how to defend themselves. So it’s good that they can
learn to defend themselves to stop others from hitting
them. He got it. The champion! My name is Joe Roya.
I’m 16 years old. They teach us a lot of things. Punctuality, comradeship and
knowing how to defend myself. I want to succeed so I can
take my mother out of here. (TODAY, FOR THE FIRST TIME,
THE GOLDEN KIDS (ARE FIGHTING IN A TOURNAMENT) Come on, let’s go. My dream is to be
world champion. I will leave Nelson Mandela
and then return to change this neighbourhood. Aquinnas vs Mandela, box! It teaches us a lot of things,
you learn a lot of things and you better yourself. By working and studying
really hard, we can achieve our dreams. I know the value of this sport
and I enjoy it so much and I know how much discipline
it can teach, how much respect. I think it’s very encouraging
for them to have an Olympic athlete
here because normally these events are so
far away from their reality and they only see them on TV, and I think it’s very
encouraging to have that person here talking
to them and it made it real for them. Now that Colombia is working
towards peace I think it’s great for all
the children, not only here in Cartagena but
in the whole country, because the government can now focus on spending money on education
and sport programmes and not focus on,
well, the war. I grew up in the war and now I am an adult,
but I think these kids should have a chance to just
continue growing up and having a childhood where
there’s no war any more.

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  1. Nice work ! But why in some parts when the kids are speaking their mother tongue there are not subtitles?

  2. I love when people around the world can see that my country Colombia is a mix of cultures, races and dreams.

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