The Boxer – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

Yeah. That’s right. Give it to him! Work the body. Yeah! Uppercut! Yeah yeah that’s right just like we practiced. Left Right! Left Right! You remember what I taught you? Remember what to do? Hey come on kid are listening to a word I’ve
been saying? (zipper) Yes, coach… Alright. Now let’s go throw this match. (Ding Ding) (Splatter) (Sniffles) Atta boy. [End Credits] Making cartoons is a dirty business! But with your help we can really clean up!

100 thoughts on “The Boxer – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

  1. cyanide and happines: sickness:
    ugh… i feel sick…
    Woah! thats so gross!
    i know. 😱🤧😪
    they go to the docters.
    looks inside microscope
    sees ebola virus 🦠
    get losts of medicine.
    seems like you have to drink the potion.
    but doctor mccoy, im allergic to poison!
    Doctor Mccoy: but you have to.
    all the ebola comes out
    drink lost of water, or you will end up sick!

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