The Boxer (1977) – Shuji Terayama

Before we start the competition, let’s mourn for Kaizawa Shimataka, former Japanese Lightweight Boxing Champion, who died a few days ago. My boxing colleagues,
let’s stand in silent to tribute him. THE BOXER Now let’s move on to the event. I hereby announce the All Japan Lightweight
Boxing Competition Final commences. Director: Shuji Terayama The dog is strolling again. Go. I told him dogs were not allowed here. Mr Hayato, Mr Hayato. I told you that you mustn’t have dogs here. He is undoubtedly inside, but always pretend not being there
when I want to talk to him. I have never seen him uttering a
single word since he moved here. Hey, I’m ready to shoot. Look here. Say “cheese”. Good. Brother, come and take a photo. Get up. Take a photo with us, will you? We will send it to Mina. Isn’t that nice? Please join us. Get up, brother. You two go ahead. Your brother is unhappy, isn’t he? Never mind, he’s just like that. “You two go ahead.” huh. Damn, you guys dare to post here! Were you OK last night? No problem. In the end,
just one punch and my opponent was down. Dude, you are good at it, aren’t you? It’s really tough. The situation wasn’t
to my advantage until Round 9. You have indeed decided to marry him? I’m sorry. So you were never serious with me? Tenma, help me operate the crane for a while. Flirting with girls early in the morning? Go back to work. Work! Dumped again? Damn. Go back to work. Work! It’s an accident, probably due to carelessness. No, that’s not an accident. It’s intended. (A running commentary
on a horse racing on TV) Kitahaya is the first.
He’s reached the end. He’s made it. He made it last time too, didn’t he? Banzai! It’s really a pity. Thank you. Thank you. Wait a moment. You haven’t paid for your meal. Wait. Let him go. He’ll be back and pay for it. Come back and pay for it, no way. He always eats on credit. How can it be so easy! OK, I’m wrong. These guys are used to having free meals. We couldn’t afford to
have this kind of customers. Mouth wide open.
What are you doing here? Beat it. Why don’t you eat? Stomach problem? I’m supposed to maintain weight. The chickens are running away. Catch them, help me catch them. Excuse me. Could you help to catch it? Then how could I read? What should we do, boss? The chickens are running out. Who are you? Is there a Tenma here? Tenma? You mean little Ten? I want to see him. He is probably in the
training place right now. Training place? I can take you there. Pay attention to your movement. Only 30 seconds more! Keep going. Good. Goto!
– Yes. Pay attention to your feet. Your feet. That guy with bad foot is Tenma, isn’t he? It’s you son-of-bitch
who killed my brother, huh. Your girl dumped you, so you… Let him go. The police have decided it’s an accident. You shut up. Don’t be so rude. It’s no longer the time
you could swagger about. Go away. Go away. Beat it. Go away. I’ll let you go this time
as my first match is drawing near. You mean, that guy is… Yes, former featherweight
boxing champion of Japan. Blood is all over it during his last
match. I still remember it vividly. Never been defeated, and sure to win that time,
he suddenly quit in the middle. Quit in the middle of a match
he was sure to win… Truly a strange man. It’s a mystery that
I couldn’t understand either. Hello. Is he in? No idea. Well, my father said he hadn’t
paid the rent for a long time. Please tell him the dog is really annoying,
smells rather bad. Not home? He’s in. Look, right? Who are you? How stubborn! Get up please! I’ll leave if you don’t get up. I bring your favorite, assorted
spiced vegetables specially for you. What, you again. “What, you again.” Why not me? I told you not to come here. Even if you told me not,
I will still keep coming. until you fully recover. Are you mad about my remarriage? It’s you who had abandoned me. Gossip is a fearful thing. You were not like this before. You didn’t care what others say. Mizue said she wanted to come here.
Has she come? Only once. No! We mustn’t destroy
the father image in her. The kid still believes her father
is a champion, a great man. Hey, hold me. What are you talking about! Just as before. Hey, hold me! Go home. You’re angry! You’re angry! You haven’t been angry for a long time. Go away. You’re angry, then hit me, hit me please. Leave here, don’t come back. I won’t leave. How could you be like this? Have you ever considered my feelings? Hey, hurry up. The match could begin anytime. OK, I’m done. Let’s go. Hoho. I don’t want to go. Tenma. Are you hungry? I hereby anounce the
commence of the match. The players: Tenma Tessho. Fight, fight! Good! Corner him! Hit! Take advantage of his bad feet. Move faster. And keep going. He couldn’t catch up with you
with his feet. Hit him, you fool. One blow and he’s down. Isn’t that good? Let’s enjoy some drink. I will be better next time. Next time? There is no next time. It’s pretty much hopeless
to box with your feet. In case you’re hurt, it can be a serious
problem. I’m afraid you have to quit. Then I refused it at once. I said “I won’t act in a
kiss scene I don’t accept.” which upset the whole crew. Even the director was worried. Takahashi Tenji, the actor who played
opposite me, was the poorest guy. His feelings were severely hurt. Last time, you said it was Keiji Sada
who played opposite you. Oh, that’s another film. I made totally 170 films after all. What happened after that? Of course I didn’t compromise. That’s for sure. I retained my pride. It’s a beautiful story, very beautiful. What was your stage name at that time? Well, you wouldn’t know even if I tell you. Hey, don’t take this away,
I need it to keep cool. I’m sorry. But, if I had agreed
to act in that scene, I would become the first Japanese
female star appearing in a kiss scene. How I want to know What’s your stage name then? Don’t intrude others’ past. Everyone has something in their past
they don’t wish others know. You must have a lot fans then. Of course. How much could you earn a day? Boxing is not for the handicapped. I suggest you choosing
another career path. Okabe Daizo, Eagle Boxing Society Damn. Sake, give me sake. Why can’t I box? I am handicapped. Handing flowers to the stars
had just become custom. Be quiet. And it’s a rose. I hate cheap flowers. If someone sent me carnation, I will return it at once. Bullshit! What, little brat. What did you say? Whatever you brag about, I know who you really are. I saw everything. What did you see? What you did in the street. You are a bar girl, aren’t you? When you can’t get customers
due to your age. You would offer a price as low as 3000 yen. I’m a bar girl, so what? I’m not someone’s wife.
Wives are not clean either. Where does this s.o.b. come from? Wanna hit me, do you think I fear you? Stop Shut up. Stop bullshiting. You’re no better than I. Stop, no more quarrels. I lied to you all. I was taken as a fool. Why couldn’t I box? Who are you? Never expected he had
such a pretty daughter. Emm, don’t tell mom
that I have been here. Why? My mother is rather jealous. Is this your school uniform? No, I don’t go to school. Why don’t you wear longer skirts. With this dress, people
could see your underpants. It’s intended to be seen. Uncle you are way too behind the time. Is it intended to be seen? Oops, it’s hot. No advertising here. Don’t move, huh. I’m catching the lice for you. I’m so exhausted. I’m not home. Be quiet, do you know
what time is it now? I have something important. Important or not, it’s no use, if
whoever you are looking for isn’t here. But I hear something inside. What? He said, “I’m not home.” Since he said so,
why don’t you believe so? Good night. What do you want? Here’s some money, for your brother. I don’t need it. I have a request. I have a request. Teach me boxing. I beg you. Teach me boxing please. I want to be champion, be seen on TV. I want to make a fortune,
to surprise everyone. Damn it. You killed my brother, yet you dare to ask me
to teach you boxing. NO. It was an accident. I want to be a boxer next to no one. Let me ask you again. Was it really an accident? Yes, it was. Even if it was an accident,
you still killed my brother. I know. Boxing is not for everyone. Do you hate people? I can hate people. Really? Sure. Who can you hate? My dad, my mom. My siblings. Yaeyama! Okinawa! Damn, I hate the whole world. Good morning. Huh, greetings to me today?
How unusual! Again. No arms used, just stomach. Keep it. Amateur Boxing Competititon.
Who will win the 300,000 yen reward? [poster] Fight! If you are man enough. [poster] Burn your forgotten anger. He is battering the opponent’s
cringing body. He wins! Another amateur boxer, 21 years old, looks young and energetic. Toshio, beat him. Arai, another amateur boxer. 19 years old, stout, fight fiercely with his topless body. Papa, will you try it too? Will you? Tsuchihara raises his arms in triumph. Who volunteers to challenge him? A new challenger appears. He is Yamamoto, a 49 year-old clerk. Can he beat Tsuchihara? Papa, good luck! Knock him down. What are you doing there? Go home! Go home! Have you ever tried this? Both sides have supporters. The match is a little bit boring,
but they are doing their best. Ah, Yamamoto is down! Imagine this is the boxing champion. Suppose he’s someone you hate.
Hit him, hit him hard. Then you’ll feel fine. Forward Stronger! Stronger! You can’t beat your opponent
with these blows. Hey, you two. What are you doing
in someone else’s place? Beat it. More force with your feet. Come up quickly. No fun in the water, you fool. Mizue always says
she wants to leave home, while I have to return home
from the bar rather late. The bar? Yes, a bar. I couldn’t
leave it until 11pm. Some customers would
even come to my house. Are you still working at those places? But, we have to earn some money. You could let your husband to earn it. I’m waiting for an opportunity
to talk to you about our remarriage. May be you will start working again. Hey, let’s rebuild our family, shall we? I won’t complain about our life any more. We have been separated
for such a long time. It isn’t right. Besides, I won’t talk about boxing any more. I will earn some money too, and smile for you as well. Tenma, Tenma. I’m coming in. Hey. It’s so dark. Turn the light on. The light is on. Get a brighter light then. Maybe it’s better to
take my name card there. Don’t worry. Here’s the schedule of the match. It’s so dark here. Emmm, a girl? She is my brother’s girlfriend, isn’t she? You really are in love with her, huh? With a girl’s photo in the room,
you won’t feel that lonely. OK. But change the girl next time. How is that girl now? I don’t know either. Any cigarettes here? Someone gave it to me. How about yourself? I don’t smoke. Match. Ashtray. How is your foot? No problem. Completely recovered. It’s said, that you quit your last match. even though you could win. Yeah. I could win it. Then why quit? Tenma Don’t ask. Anything I tell you now
would be mere excuses. I just suddenly wanted to quit. That’s it. What do you have after you quit? Hey, Dad. Why did you quit boxing? Tell me please. Why did you quit? Kumagawa Ichirou, former welterweight
boxing champion of Japan, in 1943 died of typhus in prison in Manchuria. Sato Toyo, former lightweight
boxing champion of Japan, in 1945 died of drowning after demobilization. Hashimoto Toshi, former featherweight
champion of Japan, ranked 16th in the world, in 1947 was found dead under a bridge. Piston Horiguchi, former featherweight
boxing champion of Japan, in 1950 was run over by a train on a steel bridge. Akimura Ryuzo, former featherweight
boxing champion of Japan, in 1950 killed the yakuza boss who had killed
his brother and then, killed himself. Takahashi O, former welterweight
champion of Japan, in 1961 when sleeping in his Shinjiku’s apartment was run over by an unlicensed
truck breaking in his house. Oba Masao, former World
flyweight boxing champion, in 1973 when driving his sports car crashed with a truck on a highway,
dead immediately. Gushiken Yoko, World J-Flyweight
Boxing champion 1962.10.10 World Flyweight Championship.
Champion vs Challenger. Fighting Harada wins by KO 11th Round,
2min 59sec. 1963.9.18 World Flyweight Championship.
Champion vs Ebihara Hiroyuki (Challenger). Ebihara Hiroyuki wins by KO 1st Round,
2min 7sec. Really? Are my palm prints so favorable? Yes, I haven’t seen any better ones. Then I should have some
dialogues this time. I have been extras for many years. This is not water. It’s real alcohol inside. No, it’s water. Why don’t you bet on it? water or alcohol. Whoever loses will have a cup of
bathing water. How is that? I can’t stand you pervert. Good palm. Really? What can you destroy with your fists? You can’t even destroy a car. Can you beat Piston the world champion? Boxing in the street is violence. But boxing in the ring is
competing for championship. How savage! Don’t you think so? Huh, don’t you maintain weight any more? I quit. Really? Well. Boxing is boring. Anyway, not for poor people at least. One more helping. Let’s go. Let’s go. Straight punch. Champion! Pork Chop and Rice Pork Chop and Rice, too? Pork Chop and Rice Pork Chop and Rice 2 Pork Chop and Rice. I want a Pork Chop and Rice too. No idea if we have enough pork. Pork Chop and Rice Pork Chop and Rice again? What happened? Little Ten will have
boxing match in a few days. I decide to have Pork Chop and Rice everyday.
(In Japanese, Pork Chop and Rice is katudon while victory is katu. So people have katudon before competitions for good luck.)Katudon every day, victory is at hand.
We have katudon, victory goes to Ten. Momo, move here. Hang this up. OK. Tenma Tessho won 5, lost 1. KO 5. Round 2 Don’t you go to the party? We are all waiting for you. Come on. Winning this match doesn’t mean
winning the championship. He could win, he definitely will. What happened? He’s so pitiful. He can’t last very long, too old now. No, he’s just unhappy. You always hang out with that boxer. So? He’s jealous. Oh, it’s him who’s ill. I heard someone is not well,
so I bring some medicine. It’s rare you are here.
Don’t you have training today? He claimed he had completely recovered.
Will all these be in vain? You guys don’t stop drinking.
I will drink too. Hey, you are still training. Yes, sort of. You opponent in the final is from
Shanghai, he’s rather strong. I see. The match will determine your future. Do you dare try? He’s a newbie, from Okinawa. Nice to meet you. Me too. Thanks. Let’s go. You are indeed here, just as I expected. Let’s send him to a doctor. Otherwise he will suffer for a week
for the dirt falling into his eye. Mizue is strange these days. Not a word after returning home. The kid has reached puberty. Oh, paper plane. We have been here, right. I still remember it. It’s when you quit the match. You always come here
when you have something in mind. Harumi, I haven’t seen you smiling
for a long time. I’m coming in. Where’s your father? Probably went to the doctor with the dog. Go preparing. Training. What happened? Get up! Where is he going? Looks drunk. The dog is
drinking beer these days. Beer. What happened? Dad, can I go to see the match on the 9th. That guy will win, right? Shirai Yoshio,
former World flyweight Champion. Gunji Nobuo, boxing critic. Fighting Harada, former World
flyweight & bantamweight Champion. Ebihara Hiroyuki,
former World flyweight Champion. Shibada Kuniaki,
former World featherweight Champion. Gattu Ishimatu,
former World lightweight Champion. Saijyo Syozo,
former World featherweight Champion. Wajima koichi,
former World middleweight Champion. Look. How is this? Is it too flashy? But do wear it. We spent a lot of time on it. Hey, will you win? Be sure to win, we all
come here to cheer you on. Mr Hayato, your phone. Hello. Papa, I couldn’t watch
the match today. I’m sorry. Oh, Mizue. Where are you now?
I’m worrying about you now. I’m at my friend’s home. He’s having a birthday party. We are having cakes
and having fun. Don’t worry. Be sure to win. Goodbye. OK. Let’s go. Be sure to win. We still need
some money for our wedding. Sure. Ten-Ma Now, the 6th competition of
World J-Flyweight Tournament. The red side is Haijian from Tenjin Gym. The black side is Tenma Tessho
from Niten Gym. The referee is Suzuki takeshi
and Nakada Akira. Wait a moment. Right. Defense. That’s right. Attack his right side, Tenma. Right. Damn. Straight punch. Defense. Be careful. Your opponent always attacks your left side. Weigh yourself on the right. Understand? Move in circle, then a straight punch. It’s OK. Don’t forget the right side, Tenma. Pay attention to defense. Be careful. Move it. Move it. Don’t hurry. See it clearly. Come on, Tenma. Come on, Tenma. I’m OK. Keep on fighting. I could kill him. Get up. Get up! Get up and show us. You loser, couldn’t even get up. Last Round Dodge, Tenma. Get up if you are a man. Get up and show us. What happened? Is it so hard to get up? What are you doing lying there. Damn. Get up if you refuse to be a loser. Tenma. Tenma.Subbed by [email protected]

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  1. 47歳、山本さんのボクシングで吹いたわ~。
    ところで寺山修司って根が暗かったのかな。 この人の映画、なんか暗い感じがするのばかりなんだよね。 でも、ところどころ見どころっていうか、興味を惹かれる描写とかがあって最後まで観賞してしまうんです。 つまり、寺山修司にはそれなりの才能や魅力があるってことなんでしょうね。

  2. Oh ! Extra, intéressant ! Connoisseur tu es, Maldoror, et grande ton oeuvre pour nous autres pauvres continentaux, tenus à l'écart des merveilles du Tokyo underground par l'injustice de ce monde.
    TKB, Tenjou… sont mes favoris mais… oh ! Je retiendrai ce titre de Terayama. A voir.

  3. The incredible boxing manga, "Ashita no Joe" (Tomorrow's Joe) ran from 1968 to 1973. When a boxer, central to the story, died in the ring in a 1970 issue, the director of this film, Shuji Terayama, staged a mock ceremony! "Held at Shonen Magazine publisher Kodansha’s Tokyo headquarters on March 24, 1970, roughly a month after the character passed away in the magazine. Some 700 fans managed to attend, somehow, though it was held on a Tuesday afternoon, when most of them presumably had school or work. Staged by avant-garde theater troupe Tenjo Sajiki (“Ceiling Gallery”), the service was complete with a picture of the deceased overlooking a boxing ring brought in from Korakuen Hall, and included the standard reading of sutras and lighting of incense, as well as a somewhat less conventional KO count to ten on a gong. The eulogy was read by troupe leader Shuji Terayama, who described Rikiishi as “an illusionary force of the Establishment dreamed up by slum guerilla Joe Yabuki”.

    There are some amazing similarities between this film and that manga yet Terayama is always an original poetic storyteller!

  4. Super-rare boxing movie, thank you for for sharing this. Unlike Terayama's other work in some ways, but in others this is classic style of this legendary filmmaker.

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