The BEST Way To PROPERLY Fold Men’s Boxer Briefs!

so I found this video on YouTube, but it was kind of a tailor-made for women and So what I did is I tweaked it a little bit and made it so that guys can fold their boxer briefs so you just take a regular pair of boxer briefs and you know lay them out like this what you want to do is take one leg and Kind of fold it up towards the middle like that take the next leg and fold it up so it kind of forms a V and you’re going to do is take the bottom and Bring it all the way up [like] that. So you just have a little bit of a waistband showing and The bottoms up here at the top and you’re going to take one half and fold it over halfway So here would be [halfway]. You want to fold it almost the full length and you’re going to take this little end that’s hanging off here fold it over once and Then fold it over a third time, so you’ve got this nice little patch hanging off And then you’ve got the waistband down here And then you’re going to take this end and [fold] it up to the waistband and then fold it Over and kind of hold it tight like that, and then flip it over And you’ll see the waistband here is facing forward you want to take the outer side [of] the waistband [or] the tag is showing So you’ll see the second part of the waistband here you want to just take the outer one and then hold the inside part With your other finger and grab the outside and pull it over And boom look at that got yourself a tight little [boxer-Brief] ball. Thanks for watching

32 thoughts on “The BEST Way To PROPERLY Fold Men’s Boxer Briefs!

  1. Thanks everyone who watched and enjoyed. I never thought a simple how to fold your underwear video would get me 20k hits but I appreciate it nonetheless.

  2. This only works if you are a fat cow…with normal boxer briefs you cant get a v …only,if boxers are as wide as they are long

  3. Do you happen to have any boxer-briefs with longer legs? I can't get this method to work with the longer leg ones. (Thank you for your help, regardless!)

  4. Thanks for your video. In my opinion, it is a bit complicated. When I do boxer briefs, I put them on a flat surface face down. I smooth them out then fold the legs up to the bottom of the wasitband (6 to 12 on the clock). Resmooth. Fold left side in. Smooth. Fold right side in (you guessed it, smooth). Then you have a small rectangle. Repeat first fold to make it stand.
    I think lots of ideas a great. I think your method is also great. Just a lot of steps for me.

  5. just shove them in the draw, you're ruining them doing that anyway plus who wants to do this everytime time you're putting away 10 pairs of scrundies.

  6. I'm amazed at how many are finding this helpful. Not only are the amount of steps involved, time consuming but the end result is a big ass ball which takes up more room in your drawer than if you simply (and more quickly, mind you) just flat-folded them. Like you said, though, to another poster, "to each his own", I guess. Unfortunately, this method will also wear out and stretch out your waist band faster. Just sayin'…

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