43 thoughts on “The Best Martial Arts Video Games for PC

  1. i'd have to say sleeping dogs is the best brawler i've played since the days of nes and TMNT and double dragon 😀

  2. el unico juego que merece la pena, es sleeping dogs, y solo de ver los pocos movimientos que hay, me e aburrido. Al final, la verdad es que el mejor juego de lucha que hay ahora es Toribash

  3. age of wushu? srsly bro, a WoW clone mmo, srsly? i would've believed you if jade empire was somewhere in that list

  4. Sleeping Dogs is a great game. The car chases and gunplay are top notch, but the Kung Fu skills you gain as you "level" makes for some awesome moments. And the game is replayable

  5. I hate multiplayer games. That makes the Age of Wushu an immediate hell no for me.
    Also, I would have mentioned Jade Empire, personally. That's really good. At least, I think so.

  6. to be fair.. there arent too many martial arts games, so kung fu panda? i can understand.. having said that, what game took the spot just below?

  7. um, what text to speech sofware was used for this video? that England voice is amazingly clear & dystopian,
    Im tired of reading of long articles, I want her to read to me so I'll retrain it better..

  8. some of this(sleeping dog) are not good ways to take out your enemies (non effective fighting style) age of wushu (false interpretation of ninja and martial arts) are bad

  9. 'I'm going to go record the voice overs for the best martial art youtube video we made….pass me my drain pipe"

  10. "best martial arts video games with pc" it starts with "kung fu panda" and i close the video..

  11. Do this is click bait . The thumb nail was talking about new Kung fu games . You went all the way back to 2004 Kung fu games . Sleeping dogs is legit though .

  12. There is only 1 real martial arts game out there! Taekwondo World Championship. No "throwing flames" or "freezing people to death" with some superpowers. Street Fighter, Tekken and all that was okay/good when we were kids, so I guess it's good for today's kids, but most of us with age prefer sims. I only play sims now. Flight, racing, war (arma, DCS World…). If only someone even took the style of Taekwondo World Championship, made better graphics and better fluidity, I am sure it would be a hit. Sleeping Dogs was the only good one here but (as far as I remember) it was basically just button mashing. Something even like Fight Night 3 would be okay on PC.

  13. Bourne Conspiracy on Xbox 360, Path of Neo, Def Jam Fight for NY, Ninja Turtles out the shadows had some good Kung Fu Mechanics.

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