100 thoughts on “The Best Boxer Briefs – Men’s Essential Accessories – Ex-Officio, Tommy John, H&M, Uniqlo, Kirkland

  1. Great video, love the boxers and most comfortable for me. Your use of words adds new words to my vocabulary in Twig, berries, apple bag is just hilarious. Your a Stylist who looks every bit the part and totally Glam in every video.

  2. I picked up a few pair of the Ex-Officio, they were a bit pricy, but I was gonna invest in a few good pairs and protect my twigs and berries. I got the 9" set. I tried they on when I got home and OMG OMG these were super soft, light and fitted and looked so good. They were comfortable all day and on a hot day. I started thinking why didn't I know about these underwear sooner. Thanks Ashley.

  3. Have you checked out Buck Naked boxer briefs from Duluth Trading Company? I have a friend who tried them, then threw out all of his underwear and bought four more pairs, they were so good. http://www.duluthtrading.com/store/mens/mens-underwear/76015.aspx

    I realize this may read like a spambot comment, but I'm genuinely interested in your take on them.

  4. No white?? What is this discrimimation? I knew we were fucked up letting gays and blacks serve in the military, but blocking the superior race hug my sweaty little balls? Outrageous.

  5. I find a lot of fault with your video and I will try to point out the issues I have.

    First, never, never, never wear black underwear. Why? Because in many countries around the world, black is considered bad luck. So ix nay on the black.

    Second, go bold. For the first time in history, mens underwear is no longer an after thought. We have some amazing brands like Tani, Pump, Wood, Marco Marco, and others. Most of them have colors. I love some of the bold, crazy colors that Marco Marco offers and i try to mix up my collection. After all, this is the 21st century. Why should i be confined to wearing the same old boring black, blue, or white boxers that everyone else wears? I'll take those briefs in a neon/fuschia thanks.

    Third, and this is a big one. You focused on the crappy brands that people can find in the stores. These are big name brands that offer little selection and thin fabric. Tani, for example, offer premium underwear. Their cheapest brief starts at $40 and can run you up to $85 depending on what you're looking for.

    Finally, and I consider this one the biggest one. Sorry Ashley, but this one is directed at you. Guys, do not take your underwear advice from a woman. Why? She's not going to know much about men's boxers beyond what she reads. After all, she's not wearing them is she? So why would I go to a woman and allow her to tell me what kind of underwear I should buy?

    And, of course, burn this list or recommendations.

    Here's a list of quality companies to choose from. Many have U.S. websites even though they are based elsewhere.

    Tani USA
    Marco Marco
    The 8th
    Ken Wroy
    Mojo Downunder
    Much Underwear
    Sheath Underwear

    And this list above will give you a nice selection of boxer, briefs, or boxer briefs to choose from. I tell friends often that I will often go with briefs if there isn't a boxer brief option. The briefs of today is not the brief that your daddy wore. Today's briefs are fun, colorful and look pretty darn hip. They are a cross between a boxer brief and a boxer. You could almost call them a boxer brief with the legs cut off.

  6. Apple bag! Plums! 😂
    I love it. Thanks Ashley, the Tommy Johns are so comfy
    The first brand you mentioned I'll have to try…the only thing about tommy johns is they are not good for spin class or working out

  7. Hi Ashley, I just subscribed to your channel after watching a bunch of your videos and have found them really useful. However on this particular video, there is one brand I feel that you should check out and that would be SAXX. They have a few different types of boxer briefs but the best part is the mesh lining inside that keeps the boys contained and adds a bit of support. I highly recommend them to all my friends.

  8. Ash West sure has a biased opinion on mens' underwear. She is only concerned about selling men on boxer briefs and their colors (and length!) …geeeze! If a woman gets that particular about a mans underwear and starts probing him to wear undies of her choice then it might be a fetish that must be satisfied before a serious relationship can occur. If it's just a bedroom demand, fine. But not as a total demand. Wear what makes you comfortable and gives you a good feeling about yourself throughout the day, even if it's womens undies. These things are usually made with the same materials for both sexes and the final product is what designers dictate. Hardly anyone knows what you're wearing down there anyway. Be yourself and wear what turns YOU on, and to hell with what designers and brainwashers want you to wear what they consider appropriate. I'll bet AshWest doesn't wear boxer briefs.

  9. Honorable mention for Under Armour? I will never go back to anything else. The comfort is one of a kind, and they last FOREVER.

  10. Try Lacoste… I've worn Polo, CK, Under Armour, etc… nothing feels and fits as good as Lacoste. I was amazed how much better it was than all the others

  11. I would always go for the 6. Of course it helps if you are a man in shape and have defined legs and visible abs.

  12. The issue with black, and other dark colours, is that it is a bit "slimming". I agree that you shouldn't wear white, but I don't think there's anything wrong with wearing lighter colours. Light blue for example.

  13. Maybe this is fashion, but it doesn't work with everyone. Longer is better because it won't ride up as much. This is not an option for everyone. If you have large quads and lift weights it won't work. This is why a high end brief and thong are becoming more popular.

  14. H&M's were too short and therefore bunched up. Calvin Klein (has to be CLASSIC style) are longer in the leg and don't loosen and/or bunch up. Body Glove and Champion make some good ones but Champion lately has gone to all very sporty ones with polyester/microfiber type blends which I don't like for day-to-day. New Balance made some awesome ones but I can't find any like their older ones. Ex Officio and Tommy Johns are just too expensive – the Ex Officio are a lot like the sporty Champions but a lot more expensive.

  15. How can you not mention SAXX underwear. One they have a nice pouch to hold you in place. Two they are made out of a super soft Viscose material. Three if you have bigger thighs and have a problem with stretch, these won't ever stretch!

  16. This is funny. Women use to wear girdles. Now there underwear is shrinking to thongs and crochless. While mens underwear went from briefs to girdles.

  17. Bought a pair of BBs for a try. They ride up my bum crack so I look like Nadal constantly relieving a wedgie. Do your recommendations alleviate this sticky problem?

  18. I don't want my package crowded which is why I have always done boxers over boxer briefs. May have to look into the first suggestion.

  19. I think I'll keep my batman boxer briefs… And my pattern ones… 'Silly' hm… Oh well, better than plain… Fundamentally, you got really good tips and all, but I'd like to keep my personal lifestyle lmao.

  20. I bought a pair of Tommy John. They are awesome but so darn expensive $32. Now I am hearing that they aren't all that durable. That stinks because not only do they feel great with plenty of support but the front flap is ingenious!

  21. sorry, for the first time I disagree: dark shades are TOXIC. White is the most hygienic and healthy color. Black and dark colors are TOXIC (nichel compounds to tint them). Women go under the illusion they prefer black because it seems more ADULT and ROMANTIC (equals, sexy) but this is just an ILLUSION. If women were more aware and they would regard DARK as TOXIC and WHITE as a sign of STRONG-HEALTHY man, they would find white a lot better. WHITE WAS THE TRADITIONAL COLOR OF UNDERWEAR FOR A REASON!

  22. Hilarious how a woman is telling a man what is best and most comfortable for them to wear. Can you imagine if it was the other way around! Not going to wear something that the waistband is the same height or higher than my pants. I work in hot conditions and having a pair of shorts under my pants does not seem comfortable. comfortable.

  23. Exofficio is the best, bought the the really bright one when it's on sale and it's the best underwear that I ever weard. Although it's a little pricey comparing to the sport underwear that I got from Costco.

  24. Gotta beware on certain Champion briefs. I dunno who modeled it, but he had no Butt. Had plumber's crack syndrome on the briefs while wearing it, constantly pulling it up. Wasting 25 dollars on a set of 3, threw them in the trash

  25. Quality men's underwear is made from modal or tencel, not cotton. Such materials don't ware out easily and don't lead to bad odors + comfy af for your boys down there = less to no itches or pinches 🙂 And ofc, ditch logos and brandings, YOU want to be remembered, NOT Calvin Klein 😉

  26. Boxer briefs can cause visible lines, the stitching on the butt can show through some shorts. Especially thin shorts and pants.

  27. Uniqlo 100% cotton is where it's at. Best softness, quality and value. Because it's so soft, it's not as durable just like Tommy

  28. You really need to look into Tani. Tani is flawless and renders this video irrelevant. Also, no one should ever wear 9” boxer briefs unless they are workout short foundations.

  29. I enjoy your advice, since it's intuitive and up to date on the things I am not very eager to spend big time on.. Though I would recommend and appreciate if you go deeper into the slavery footprint of the brands you recommend.. everything related to inditex is not the right way to go i.e. H&M, Zara and so on. It's hard for me to reject Zara on this matter since their shirts fit me very well, but I prefer to contribute to a better society and a beautiful world as many of the guys following you channel .. Cheers

  30. What, no jockeys on the list? They are a great brand n priced right. Also, rule # 3 in regards to underwears, change daily. Haa! Just sayin.

  31. That is no bad if a woman has several husbands or a man has several wifes. The only thing is all of them must love it. 😉

  32. You're definitely wrong about boxer briefs not showing through clothing. The leg bands on boxer briefs are the MOST visible underwear lines.

  33. What is the difference between men boxer gym and female boxer brief what I find is very similar then why is not unisex under wear

  34. Women talking about men’s underwear is about intelligent as men talking about women’s underwear.. just don’t do it. Men can wear lighter colors, unless they never wash themselves. C’mon.

  35. Tommy Johns second skin are very expensive compared to how long the last. Just look what happens to them in a short period of time on my review at my channel. But the top unloading of the Johnson bar is a feature I wish every brand would adapt, if fantastic. BTW are you a Thai lady? Be Well.

  36. yeah I cannot take advice from a woman on men's underwear. She does not know what it actually feels like to be a guy and wear men's underwear.

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