10 thoughts on “The Beginning of Wisdom

  1. That 1st quote sounds like it came from the writings of Kahlil Gibran. The rest are either direct quotes from, or inspired, by the Tao Te Ching / Dao De Jing. Wisdom knows no one single society or philosophy.

    I loved this series back in the 70's.

  2. the blind man already knows the light an though he cant see,he does see cause he has mastered the real light.

  3. by Matt Slick

    One of the objections raised by critics of biblical inspiration is that the Bible is not the word of God but that it contains the word of God. Is this accurate? No. First of all, this doesn't fit what the Bible says about itself. The collection of 66 books that the Christian Church recognized as being inspired speaks as the very words of God in many places.

  4. 1."Thus says the Lord" occurs over 400 times in the Old Testament.
    2."God said" occurs 42 times in the Old Testament and four times in the New Testament.
    3."God spoke" occurs 9 times in the Old Testament and 3 times in the New Testament.
    4."The Spirit of the Lord spoke" through people in 2 Sam. 23:2; 1 Kings 22:24; 2 Chron. 20:14

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