The Art of Striking: Unorthodox Kicks (Kicks Part 6)

We are gonna start this off with the
switch kicks done Buakaw. He’s the dark guy by the way. So I want you to get
a few looks at it and then I’m going to explain it and make something a switch
kick is the footwork before the kick. Switch kick is really just an umbrella
term for any kick that does the following first. The front leg is gonna
move backwards the rear leg is gonna move up but that happens at the same
time. Now after I perform the movement you will see that my right leg has
become my new rear leg. My former lead leg is now in the rear side position
which is the more powerful position because you can get more torque and go
through more distance on the technique. if your opponent is not used to the
power shots coming from this side switching here allows you a whole new
world of opportunities. Now after the switch technique I either like to throw a
roundhouse kick as I discussed in my fundamentals video. A snap kick also in
that fundamentals video, and finally a push kick is number 3 check it out the
fundamentals. This is an axe kick it’s like bring your leg up as high as
you can and then smashing it down onto your opponent, Check out Andy hug here
you don’t see this kick very often but damn did it work. Now the axe kick is a
12 to 6 drop of the leg that’s really known from Taekwondo. What you do is you
bring the leg up to its highest position then you drop it straight down and hope
to hit something on the way down. Andy here you can see he hits the side of the
head. Now I want to talk about the path of the kick a little bit, it goes to the
side first watch it goes over a little bit to the left then I redirect it on
top of the target that I’m going for. Now I’m gonna break that down a little bit
more the leg is going a little bit to the side first. When it gets to the peak
of its height it’s then gonna wrap around back on target and slam down onto
what the intended path was. Next up we’re gonna talk about one of my
all-time favorite kicks the oblique kick which hits with a foot that has turned
out away from you as you can see here. Now that gives it a really nice wide
surface area and makes it more likely that you’ll hit the knee. Notice the
chamber here from the chamber position it’s a little unorthodox my hip is
turned out from that position I’m gonna push forward and hopefully a hyperextend
the knee. So a guy that does this oblique kick a ton is John Jones it’s scary I
mean this is a really big athletic dude trying to really hyper extend your knees
super effective technique if you can get it down. Now the last kick I’ll describe
in the end Orthodox is something I called the reverse roundhouse kick, a
funky kick that goes outwards to the side hit with the shin and then you
bring it back. I don’t have any other video footage on this besides this
little clip so look out for that kick as it is out there.

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