The Art of Striking: Grand Master Kicks (Kicks Part 10 )

The first thing we’ll be discussing in
the grandmaster kicks are the jumping spinning misdirection kicks. A very rare
category of kick that I’ve really only seen one guy do consistently and that’s
Raymond Daniel. This is an example of this type of kick in action lethal if
you can hit it such a showstopper, but they’re tricky and I want to show you
how to land those I want to show you how to set those up a little bit. Alright so
here’s how this works that first kick there is a feint so
Raymond here he threw a fake side kick, he’s trying at the opponent to react. While
the opponent’s reacting he spins as he jumps. He has a jumping spinning he’s
gonna look over his back shoulder once he gets there he has a fully loaded
kick chamber on the right side ready to go right off of the spin. if you look
down into your right you will see the white glove of the opponent is reacting
to the first kick trying to block that low side kick.
Now what Raymond does is he delivers the kick off of that chamber he developed
ill he was spinning and he takes home just such a sick knockout. Alright so
let’s break those kicks down a little bit more technically I do mine a little
bit different than Raymond did in the video I start off with a fake roundhouse
kick. I like the roundhouse kick because it adds momentum to my spin so that rear
leg is gonna fake a roundhouse kick here. I’m gonna continue to look over my back
shoulder and jump off of my supporting leg. I now enter a flying chamber
position and I’m going to throw my real kick at the target. Which is in this case
a back kick. So there’s a 360 back kick here a misdirection jumping spinning
back kick and a hook kick. so what the hook kick everything is the same but I
really challenge you can you land right back in your stance after throwing the
kick. That’s how you know you’ve got a true Grand Master. So Raymond Daniels
here throws his differently. He throws it with a side kick first then he does his
jumping spinning kick which is in this case
back kick. same principle you’ll even notice he’s right back in his stance
afterwards no problem, Grandmaster. all right so the next kick that we’re
talking about is the cartwheel kick, and I think there’s undoubtably only one
person that is associated with the kart wheel kick and that is Saen Chai I believe
Sancho is the finest striker that has ever walked the face of the planet.
He everyone knows he’s gonna try this and he lands it so many times so
consistently it’s just insane so let’s break the kick down. The kick is I don’t
think it’s harder I mean I’ve never been formally taught it by Saen Chai, but I
really don’t think it’s harder than it looks
you put the hand down so in this case my right hand is gonna come down. I’m on one
leg here and my left leg is gonna do the kicking. That’s gonna be the leg I
throwing over you’ll notice I landed on the kicking leg, so when you hit the
target you just kind of skim it and land on the kicking leg and then I’m just
back to standing up again. So it comes full circle and I end up standing up
after the kick. It’s just his timing his timing is insane with it but that’s
why it’s a grandmaster kick that’s why I put it in this category just something
to know about. The one thing I have seen him do consistently though is he grabs
the leg first and then he pulls it in but he didn’t even need to do that, he
does it without that I just wanted you to know about that setup. Ok so the next
thing I want to talk about is a Capoiera style up kick. I don’t know what the
official name is this is just what I call it. What I do is I kick and come up
in one movement so I get a really powerful kick from off of my butt, and I
get to stand back up to my feet. A lot of times in MMA they do throw an up kick
but it’s not this one. I want to give this one to you so you can hopefully
incorporate it as a grandmaster kick. First step the right leg is gonna swing
up to make some momentum. Second step you’ll see that I’m on my right hand I’m
gonna jump off of my left leg and put all of that weight onto my hand. So you
can see I’m all in the air. My left leg in this case is gonna do the kicking. I
hit the target and when I hit the targets going down. Okay that’s very
important going down I then swing it back around right to my stance and I am
now standing back up again. The idea is that even if you miss this kick which
you will probably often do. You will end up back on your feet and I want to show
you what that looks like here. So I swing the kick and now I’m back up standing
ready to go again it actually looks pretty sick too I
think. So there you have it my friends the final kick in my kick series I hope
you are now grandmasters, peace!

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