TEBA Ultimate Fitness – The Edinburgh Boxing Academy

Hello my name is Sean Heron, I run TEBA (The Edinburgh Boxing Academy) here in this beautiful city of Edinburgh I have setup the academy to teach real boxing training I have been in the game for 36 years now TEBA stands for The Edinburgh Boxing Academy come down get a workout Boxing training is renowned the world over as an all over body workout come through, this is where we do the Ultimate Fitness Class The Ultimate Fitness Class consists of plyometric exercises, pad work shuttles, circuit class an allover body workout I enjoy this mainly as its alternative
training so as opposed to just jumping on a
treadmill or going for a run or whatever in a gym it’s totally different and you’re pushed on with Sean and also the team be together you know, It makes me work harder so I feel the results are through the roof compared to as i say going to a gym the all over workout, I have never been pushed to my limits as much as I have at this gym, it’s absolutely amazing you know what I mean everyone is really friendly and it’s just a good atmosphere as well, everyone is really nice it’s a really friendly environment to be honest with you it’s one of the main reasons I keep coming back Sean is a great trainer, pushes you on, makes you work a lot harder than you normally would there and the facilities as well, the facilities are cracking changes your body yeah I have changed, my body changed in four weeks since coming here, so total toned you feel so fit This is the beginners class of Boxing I have got a student here which is Maggie She will show you how to do the Pads On the Jab Come down, are you sick of the same workout I change it every night This is real boxing training give me 6 weeks to 7 weeks and you’ll be fitter, than anything the good feeling with when people come in when people come in and they do the Ultimate Fitness class and they shake my hand and say “Sean, what a workout” It’s like winning a belt It makes me really happy

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