Taryn Manning of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Knows Karate?

It’s hang time, punk. Yo, BDot, you think you got what it takes to beat Taryn Manning? Peyton Manning? Eli Manning? Nobody beats the Mannings! When you going to take away this ladder? This is Hang Time. The rules is simple. The interview lasts as long as you can hang. We’re here in sunny Santa Monica, California, where I’ve managed to steal some time from a very special guest; our favorite cast member of “Orange is the New Black” is taking a break from shooting to come hang with me. It’s the tough, the fierce, the fiery, Taryn Manning. I don’t know if you know this about me, but I’m a martial arts champion through and through. I was number one two years in a row, coed, Tucson, Arizona, age range 8 to 10. You really think you have a shot? You’re like half my size. Well, I’m going to win. It’s just guaranteed. I’m sorry, Taryn, but your karate skills won’t help you hanging with me. Ready? Let’s do this. I’m ready. Three, two one, hang time. You’re in the middle of shooting a very popular Netflix series. What the hell are you doing hanging from this goal post with me? They flew me in, probably because I’m going to beat you. Huh? I said probably because I’m going to beat you. So, who’s the funniest cast member in real life? Probably Natasha Leone. Why? She just jokes for days. We always know when she arrives to set because she’s so loud, saying, like, “Natasha’s here!” What do you think people are most surprised to learn about you? Probably that, like, that I actually, like, have a vocabulary and I speak. Okay, I like that. How do you feel about putting pineapples on pizza? Forget about it. Tell me about this whole karate kid spiel that you have. “Karate Kid!” That’s exactly why I started doing martial arts. “You’re the best around, nothing’s ever going to bring you down!” So, will there be any future acting karate roles? I hope so. Hey, this is a good plug. I want to do action films. What’s the weirdest fan interaction you’ve ever had? One time I was sent a life size unicorn. Wait, what? Do you still have that unicorn? Yes. Unicorn’s are, like, half my Instagram photos. Ah, fish-sticks. What did you say? Was that to distract me? No, no, no. Like, “Hey, batter, batter, swing!” I’m trying not to curse. We’re you a bat in a past life? You’re a lady of multiple talents. Talk about your music career. Yeah, I actually have a song called “Drop” coming out. That should be my theme song. Slipping, bra? Yeah, just a little bit. Can you sing one of your songs for us right now? Really? Yeah, I’m falling. I’m going down. Are you really? Yeah, I’m going down. For real? Yes. Can you pull this…ah! See, ya! So, I thought this was like for show, BDot, and I was about to, like, sing a song and you dropped. Did you not want to hear me sing? I was holding and a bird flew, pooped right on my hands and it just slipped. That’s good luck when get sh*t on. By a bird, yeah. So, hey, I think you’re the winner then, huh? I am. I think I met my match, folks. I don’t think there’s going to be a season three. That’s it, dude? I’m 0 for 2. Fish-sticks. I feel like there’s a strategy, you know. I wasn’t really listening to you at all, when you asked me questions. That was how I got through high school. There you go. Just raised my hand on cue and nodded. If the kids are listening, on Hang Time, we do not listen. Mind over matter.

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