Tang Soo Do Korean Martial Arts : Point Sparring in Tang Soo Do Martial Arts

Hi this is Kelly, Aaron and Adam from South
Florida Tang Soo Do coming to you from Muse Art in Hollywood, Florida. Sparring is a very
fun part of Tang Soo Do. We do point sparring and basically this is where you get to put
everything you’ve learned together, all of your different techniques, your stances,
your spinning, your jumping, your everything. And there’s not time to teach you how to
do it in a minute, but we can show you how it works. We’re going to use safety gear,
mouth guards, cups for men, head gear, hands and they’re going to use touch contact.
And what that means is if anything goes more than that that was too hard. Sometimes we
can use no contact and sometimes it will be touch contact, this will be touch contact.
So facing here, straight up, facing each other, fighting stance. Hopefully they’re keeping
their hands up and guard, nice high kicks and they’re going to try to practice everything
they know, including jumping, spinning and everything. And borrow. Face each other, face

14 thoughts on “Tang Soo Do Korean Martial Arts : Point Sparring in Tang Soo Do Martial Arts

  1. ya sure…i can see that everybody is a martial art expert in the front of the computer…a martial art practician would never say nuthin' bad …cuz nobody is perfect and neither of you fools didn't born a martial art expeart…beside of that peace respect and hope we meet some time in a competition…see ya'll at the dojo

  2. i can tell that i counted more penalties than points by the blackbelt guy. his edan dwi chagi is like dancing and his dollyo chagi is always kicking the air…

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