Tang Soo Do Korean Martial Arts : Front Kick in Tang Soo Do Martial Arts

Hi this is Kelly and Adam from South Florida
Tang Soo Do coming to you from Muse Art in Hollywood, Florida. On behalf of ExpertVillage.com
we would like to welcome you. Tang Soo Do is a traditional Korean art, we may blend
a lot of traditional techniques and more modern techniques and what we’re going to demonstrate
today is a basic front kick, which most martial arts have. In this technique, we’re going
to start with just in a normal hu kul ja seh, which is a fighting stance in Korean, he’s
going to chamber, then kick, and then re-chamber. All the kicks have 3 parts. In the chamber,
the knee comes up to the center line using the ball of his foot with his toes pointed
back and then he’s going to pull back in. and you’re going to noticed that his hips
are when the chamber should be square and then this is a thrusting front kick, so the
hips will thrust out and then will come back square. So again, starting from our fighting
stance, this is a rear leg front kick, he goes chamber – kick – chamber and then
back down. As you go, you can go higher and higher and get faster and faster. If I demonstrate,
you can make that go high, middle, low. You’re going to practice this on a pad and then eventually
to show yourself how much power you’ve learned to generate, you can do it against a board.

7 thoughts on “Tang Soo Do Korean Martial Arts : Front Kick in Tang Soo Do Martial Arts

  1. i dont like it…i dont know it just doesnt seem practical…he is leaving his leg out too long…i dont think i like tang soo do…i think taekkyeon is a better practical form of self defense…this just seems like show..what does break a board do, really? ok power yeah…but there is no reason to waste a tree…if you practice the form right you should feel the power being generated through your body from the earth…

  2. Tang Soo Do is older…also that kick is designed to be powerful but also fast. he does leave his leg out to long…if you see a master perform that kick it is devistating

  3. Gumsahamida! (as we say ,is the formal thank you in korean) "tang soo" is more casual. and i know i spelled the first one wrong.

  4. This is a good video and is helpful for learning attacks, it covers the chamber, the kick, and the re-chamber. However, I recommend going to a school to learn not only because they can correct you on kicks, but also because you learn respect (Or at least in my school). Real respect is something the world could use a lot more of and though many people think they know what it is, few actually do.

  5. @MrBetteranimationguy
    I would hope to not have to "kill a fat guy", but while "humility courage and an indomitable spirit" may be good things, skill, power, and will to end the fight play more of a role in fighting should you HAVE to actually fight in a life or death situation. I'm not trying to argue, I just want to state that good personality traits, while good, are not going to keep you alive should you be in a life and death struggle.

  6. My son is just starting Tang Soo Do. I have never practiced the art but I am no stranger to martial arts. Tang Soo Do has some devastating blocks that are designed to do damage as well….plus Chuck Norris was a Tang Soo Do practitioner. Tae Kwon Do is a sport (I know). Tang Soo Do is more of a serious martial art.

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